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Celebrate National Parks Week Here At The Marygreen Manor

The countryside views

It’s National Park Week!

Right now we’re slap bang in the middle of National Park Week, the annual celebration of all things wonderful and unique about Britain’s countryside. This year, from Monday 27th July through to this coming Sunday 2nd August it’s the annual celebration of our national parks and breathtaking countryside and let’s face it, here in Essex we’ve got a generous amount of what a lot of people deem breathing space amongst the otherwise concrete jungles that surround us.
National Parks are so much more than just places to play; they’re places of inspiration. They’re also home to productive landscapes that offer us some of the best produce in the world. Here in our very own Tudors Restaurant, we enjoy a lot of local produce that’s grown from some of the most beautiful countryside’s in Essex.

Enjoy walks through the countryside during National Parks Week

So for those who might not be so “outdoorsy” should we say, what can the countryside offer? Well, how about walking? Walking happens to be one of the most popular activities in all of the National Parks in the country and when you think about it, is it really that surprising? People pay huge subscriptions and membership fees every month to jump on top of a treadmill in a dark, cold gym. Often faced with four walls and the odd TV to keep them entertained, they find exercise hard but why bother doing that when you could exercise for free in the great outdoors? Throw in a local pub for that much needed light refreshment along with the breathtaking views and you have your perfect location for some cardiovascular exercise. Public footpaths and open access land can be found on all good maps, not to mention the number of walking guides and books offering routes to follow. If the thought of jumping headfirst into an exploration sounds a little too much for you then why don’t you take a look at some of the guided walks and events? Not only is this a great way to explore somewhere you don’t know but it can also be a great way to meet people too. By enjoying the company of a guide you’ll also be privy to a lot of information such as highlight points and local history. Walking along the quiet footpaths in some of our countryside can also allow you to get a little closer to nature and some of the more wild residents. Take some binoculars and see how many creatures you spot.

Just because you prefer a higher-octane lifestyle however doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer. Cycling is a fab way to get out and enjoy Britain’s breathing spaces. Whether it’s a family bike ride along the woodland routes or perhaps a quiet country road, cycling can often allow you to get off the beaten track and explore more in one day than if you were on foot.

Landscaped gardens are the next best thing here at Marygreen Manor

a hanging basket in the marygreens manicured gardens

The perfect views

The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant is often chosen for the fact that it’s super easy to get to via road or rail but it’s also located perfectly for those who might want to explore the beautiful countryside here in Essex. One of the most popular locations for exploring the countryside for our guests is Thorndon Park. Whether it’s Thorndon North or Thorndon South, you’re guaranteed to find something to do from finding the famous Gruffalo Trail to taking in the views as far as Canary Wharf. Weald Country Park is just another example of some of the beautiful woodlands and open spaces we have just a stones throw from the hotel. Offering over 500 acres of lakes, hay and meadow, Weald Country Park offers unspoilt countryside as well as the chance to feed the deer with vegetable cuttings from the local shop.

For some however, even a walk through the woods can feel like too much effort, especially when you’re looking to relax and recharge from the everyday stresses of life but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors and stunning views. Right here in our very own space we have beautiful landscaped gardens that offer the perfect surroundings for rest and relaxation so whether you’re looking to get out and explore or simply want to remain within the walls of Marygreen Manor, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer during National Parks Week.


2015 Has Finally Arrived!

Marygreen Manor Hotel Brentwood Essex Wedding Venue

A luxury Tudor style wedding venue located in Brentwood, Essex minutes from the M25 Junction 28

2015 has finally arrived here at the Marygreen Manor in true British style with typical winter weather and a calm air across Brentwood. The festive period for us has been nothing short of phenomenal and to see our guests and staff enjoying themselves more than ever has been fantastic.


Our Christmas lunches in particular proved hugely popular with families spending their time celebrating with each other here in our Tudor Restaurant. Majid, our head chef did an amazing job creating the traditional Turkey Christmas Dinner in his usual exquisite fashion, much to the delight of our guests. New Years Eve was even better than expected too with a rather full hotel saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015 in with open arms. This past year was amazing but we’re even more delighted to be starting the New Year with excitement and anticipation of some amazing things to come.


We’re currently planning some spectacular new events for the start of the year ready to get you all back into the swing of things and start the year as you mean to go on. We have weddings, private parties and countless corporate events already booked in too so if you’re looking to host a function of your own here then get in quick. Let’s not forget what we’re famous for though and that’s our magical afternoon teas and the finest dining in Essex. If it’s special moments you’re looking for in 2015 then look no further.


If you want to get in early and book tickets for any of our upcoming events then make sure you keep an eye on our events page. Here you’ll find every single one of our events advertised as and when we create them so you’ll be the first to know, equally for the inside scoop just sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about everything that happens here. You’ll find a bar on our website at the top of the screen where you can enter your email address and join us.


Here’s to the year ahead and the excitement it brings, 2015 is going to be fantastic.

Get set for Father’s Day 2013 at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, Brentwood

Have you planned for Father’s Day?

We’ve just helped you celebrate Mother’s Day with the sort of themed lunch to make any mum feel extra special (thanks to those of you who booked lunch with us yesterday) but what about dad?

Although Father’s Day is on the calendar (Sunday 16th June 2013), Mother’s Day seems to get the lion’s share of the publicity and we dads can end up feeling a bit neglected. A jokey mug, a quick pint somewhere? It’s not good enough! Especially when you can gain brownie (or ‘scout’?) points by making another booking at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, this time for our Father’s Day lunch, on Sunday 16 June. It may seem far ahead, but it’s never too early to raise your game by organising his treat in advance. We’ve carefully devised our Father’s Day menu to reflect man’s desire for meat! But for dads with different palates, there are other equally interesting options to choose from. For details of our tempting Father’s Day menu, click here (Father’s Day 2013 Event Menu).

The History of Father’s Day

So, how did Father’s Day originate, and do other countries celebrate in the same way?

Bizarrely, bereavement and death were thought to be the catalyst for what we know as the sock-and-beer-fest of Father’s Day. Unsurprisingly, it originates in America, but there are two different versions of how it came about. Some say it dates back to 1910 and a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, who had long pondered the unfairness of there being a Mother’s Day celebration but nothing for dads. She wanted to hail her own papa – who’d brought up his children single-handed after being widowed when his wife died giving birth to the sixth one – and all the other unsung ‘heroes’. Others say the celebration started in West Virginia, two years earlier, when one Grace Golden Clayton suggested to her local minister that they hold services to celebrate fathers after a local mine explosion killed 361 men.

Whichever version is true, the idea of Father’s Day has stuck, although the nature of the celebration varies around the world – not least, in Germany. Here, it’s traditional for groups of men to do a hiking tour with one or more small wagons, which they pull along themselves. Happily, the wagons usually contain wine and/or beer and some traditional regional grub. This tradition is believed to go back to the Ascension Day processions to the farmlands (some of which became simple drinking sprees) back in the 17th century. And never let it be said the Germans have allowed a good idea go to waste: similar ‘gentlemen’s parties’ have taken place in urban areas – especially Berlin – since the 19th century… Gesundheit!

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A Fete Worse Then Death

On Friday 29th June 2012 we hosted another of our successful Murder Mystery Nights with entertainment provided by The Company Upfront. The event was based on a village fete that goes horribly wrong when a murder is discovered. After questioning all the suspects, guests at the event had the chance to play detective and piece together the clues to solve who committed the crime. Take a look at the photographs below:

Photographs taken by Steve from BPA Photography:

To find out about our next murder mystery event call 01277 225252 or email:

Take a look at our future events here:

Murder at the Marygreen Manor!

On Friday 13th April we hosted another of our successful Murder Mystery Nights hosted by The Company Upfront.

Set in St. Vernon’s Boarding School for Young Ladies in 1949 the cast of characters including Headmaster – Mr Granville Stickler, Matron – Miss Beatrice Dose and Gardner/Handyman – Wally Fermantle set the scene for the murder in the Henry VIII Suite as our guests were busily taking down notes that they could use later in the evening to uncover the murderous culprit! Knowing who committed the murder is a good start but it’s not enough; you also need to discover the murder weapon and the six reasons why the murder was committed!

After a delicious starter and main course, served in Tudors Restaurant, guests were given the chance to question the characters in the oak lounge before returning to the restaurant for dessert.  During dessert characters move from table to table giving the opportunity for four, and only four, final questions!

After dessert our guests moved back into the Henry VIII Suite for the final scene and the dramatic reveal of the guilty party.  At Friday’s event the murderer turned out to be the English teacher – Miss Vita Prout; or was it the Art Teacher – Mr Nigel Rogers – oh I can’t remember now!

Don’t miss your change to enjoy one of these fantastic shows.  We are now taking booking for “A Fete Worse than Death” on Friday 29th June 2012 and “39 Steps to Murder” on Friday 28th September 2012.

For information on our forthcoming shows in June and September click here:

For information on our Christmas shows click here:

Photographs taken by Steve from BPA Photography:

Watch The Company Upfronts promotional video here:

Vegetarian Delight

Our new vegetarian menu was introduced today. Combining delicious textures and flavours to bring a vegetarian fine dining experience not to be missed.  It can often be difficult for vegetarians to find something tempting on restaurant menus but not anymore!

Choose from delicious starters including Kohlrabi & Bean Sprout Salad With Wasabi Cucumber Granita or Corn Cakes with Oregano Mojo and Avocado Lime Salsa.  For your main course you’ll be spoilt for choice; will it be the delicious Apple & Cheddar Potato Latkes with Baby Beetroot, Spring Slow and Horseradish Cream or the beautifully presented Onion Bhaji wrapped in Aubergine with Cherry Tomato & Tabouli Salad?

Our Vegetarian A la Carte menu is available for dinner and lunch Monday – Saturday.

Of course you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this menu so next time you visit Tudors Restaurant at Marygreen Manor dare to be different and go vegetarian!

Vegetarian Menu


Kohlrabi & Bean Sprout Salad

Wasabi Cucumber Granita

Corn Cakes

Oregano Mojo, Avocado Lime Salsa

Warm Tomato Consommé

Thyme Jelly, Basil Fritters

Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto

Sage, Pine Nuts, Saffron

Main Course

Apple & Cheddar Potato Latkes

Baby Beetroot, Spring Slow, Horseradish Cream

Onion Bhaji wrapped in Aubergine

Cherry Tomato & Tabouli Salad

Chickpea Pancake

Warm Caponata, Marmora Tapenade, Vegetable Thyme & Saffron Dressing 

Goats Cheese Cannelloni

Salsa Verde & Courgette Noodles

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