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Try Our Double AA Rosette Awarded Tudor Restaurant Today!

the chef cooking

A genius at work in the Tudor Restaurant

The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant is known throughout Essex for it’s quality accommodation and fantastic food. To be specific, our Tudor restaurant is known for it’s exquisite cuisine thanks to our fantastic chefs. It’s of such quality in fact, that we’ve been awarded the title of Winner by the Best Hotel Restaurant in Essex Awards as well as 2 AA Rosettes but what exactly does this mean?

Well, it’s worth knowing that AA Rosettes aren’t given out to just anyone. They’re only awarded to hotels producing the very finest cuisine. The whole aim of the Rosette scheme is so that the AA Members, along with guide readers as well as the general public have some reliable information when it comes to finding somewhere to eat. The Rosettes are awarded via a 5-tier scale and have been given out since 1955 so as you can imagine, it’s quite a well-established awards scheme. What’s more, the AA Rosettes and the scheme as a whole are internationally recognised which is no doubt why we happen to play host to a number of guests each and every year from all over the world!

 Now we realise that we could be awarded every accolade there was but if you hadn’t tried it for yourself, quite simply, how would you know? Well, perhaps our many outstanding and excellent reviews received over on TripAdvisor may help. From our flawless services to our awarded menus, our customers have been only too happy to share their happy experiences and we’d like you to do the same. So what are you waiting for?

To book yourself a table (and accommodation if you really want to go the whole hog), all you need to do is call 01277 225 252 and we’ll be happy to help you. We not only look forward to your company but look forward to you experiencing the very reason we received our latest AA Rosette awards.


Valentines At The Marygreen Manor

Valentines weekend roses

Valentines Weekend at the Marygreen Manor

With exactly one month to go, it’s time to start getting your Valentines Day plans in order and as always we’ve got the perfect event for all those wanting to enjoy a romantic evening with the ones they hold dear. Now, as everyone knows only too well these days, it’s not always possible with work and family commitments, to guarantee yourself the time to whip up the perfectly prepared romantic meal at home…but there’s another option. Here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant we’re holding a Valentines Weekend, which means Sunday 14th February you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a luxury evening in the beautiful surroundings of our manor house. What could possibly be more romantic?

While the rest of those around you will be enjoying the likes of high street restaurants and perhaps the odd country pub, you’ll be enjoying an environment like no other. One with an award winning wine list, a restaurant that serves some of the county’s finest food and accommodation so luxury, you’ll find yourself tempted to stay for as long as you can afford to keep skipping work entirely.

Not only do you get to enjoy the wonderful décor and ambience of such a place but you’ll also be treated to live entertainment and a delicious 4 course meal too. With special treats such as lobster, caviar, duck pastrami and even champagne sorbet on the menu, the evening is guaranteed to be an exquisite one. Finish the evening off perfectly with tea and coffee, along with a selection of petit fours gazing into your lover’s eyes while sat beside a roaring open fire…it truly is an exceptional evening and at just £75 per person, it’s exceptional value too.

While a month may sound like plenty of time to get booking, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Here at the Marygreen Manor, we get booked up fast so to avoid disappointment call 01277 225252 or email

Celebrate Real Bread Week Here At The Marygreen

Bread tin

Real Bread Week 9th-15th May

The 9th-15th May marks the annual event known as Real Bread Week. Launched back in 2009, this campaign was introduced to help celebrate and support local and independent bread bakers as well as those baking at home in their own kitchens. Considered to be the annual celebration, its main aim is simply to raise awareness and encourage people to get baking. If you aren’t the apron and flour type of person however then fear not, the next best step is to buy or try it locally. Part of the food and farming charity “Sustain”, the Real Bread Campaign looks to raise money through promoting events and enterprises. The money raised goes towards benefiting those living with mental illness through therapeutic, social and employment opportunities as well as celebrating local bakeries, campaigning the Honest Crust Act in which people are supported in their right to make better informed decisions and even offering guidance and networking opportunities for those setting up micro bakeries; but what does this mean for you?


Well, aside from doing your bit and donating via the Sustain website, it’s also the perfect excuse to enjoy some delicious breads yourself and where better to indulge in such delicacies than here at the Marygreen Manor’s award winning kitchen?


Here in our Tudor Restaurant you’ll find our lounge menu to be the perfect option if you’re looking to try some local and freshly made offerings. Each meal begins with a delicious basket of breads that allow you to sample a selection of exquisite flavours. Our lounge menu, which is proving to be hugely popular with our regular guests here at the Marygreen Manor, is available daily and offers a selection of light meals and snacks making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for something light to follow your pursuit of the perfect loaf. If you’d like to enjoy this years Real Bread Week then call us today on 01277 225 252 and book your table here our Tudor Restaurant.

Could Fine Dining Be Healthier For You?

Rib Eye Steak and tomatoes

Simply sublime

Here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant we have a theory about fine dining; we believe that it’s not only the best way to dine out but the healthiest too. It’s actually not that far fetched an idea either considering you eat slower and have smaller portions too. When you eat at your local Indian restaurant or maybe even a fast food chain we bet you leave feeling like you need to be rolled to your car. People often indulge themselves to the point of feeling hugely uncomfortable even though the quality of food was perhaps substandard. When you choose fine dining such from somewhere like our Tudor Restaurant however, you leave feeling comfortably full. Ironic considering it often consists of three completely different courses. The trick here is in the portion sizes and the fact that there is always a small pause between courses. This gives your digestive system a chance to work and your brain a chance to tell you that you’re full up.


Another benefit of fine dining is the variety of food groups you’ll consume within one evening. Eating a variety of food groups including fruit and vegetables is extremely important in helping you maintain a healthy diet as well as obtain all of the essential nutrients your body is crying out for. At The Marygreen you’ll find that not only will you enjoy a variety of fruit and vegetables within your meal, but it’ll change seasonally too as our Head Chef regularly changes the menu. You’ll also find a few different or rare choices of food here that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.


Lastly, where would any good meal be without a quality wine list? But we don’t just offer quality wine we offer award-winning wine. Our excellent list offers you the chance to relax and indulge with the very best wine to accompany the fabulous food and this is certainly not something you’ll find just anywhere. If you’d like to treat your taste buds to excellence and know you’re giving your body only the very best then contact us today.

Dine In The Privacy Of Your Own…Restaurant?

Dine in privacy here at The Marygreen Manor

Dine in privacy here at The Marygreen Manor

The cries of a new born baby, the public declaration of “I do” or even a milestone birthday all need to be celebrated personally as well as publicly. Mass gatherings with family, friends and long lost loved ones are a must but what about those moments when a little more privacy is required? Or those extra special times when only real closeness will do? Usually a desire for privacy means becoming somewhat house bound, settling for a regular home made feast or the inevitable greasy take away. On this occasion however, it just doesn’t quite cut it so what can you do?


For most the thought of holding a private celebration in a restaurant seems an impossibility with the thought of sharing special moments with a hundred other diners but here at Marygreen Manor we can offer you something a little better. Just as our accommodation, gardens and dining experience borders on the luxury side, so too does our offering when it comes to celebrations. In the beautiful surroundings of the Tudor Restaurant we allow diners to celebrate in style whilst still keeping it completely private.


This Essex based private dining experience allows for parties ranging in size to be accommodated within the bright and airy conservatory to the grand Henry VIII suite. So no matter what number you consider to be intimate, your party will be housed in style allowing you to celebrate your latest addition or even your latest promotion in a discreet yet loving manner. Couple this with the added bonus of an a la carte menu and award winning wine list and it begins to sound quite unbeatable.


Make a toast, give speeches and scream with laughter and joy all away from the prying eyes of nosey neighbouring diners.


If you’re looking for a private dining experience in Essex like no other, then look no further than here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. With the luxury and service we offer, you’ll need nothing else.

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