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Our Chosen Charity Of 2017 Needs Your Support!

Saint Francis Hospice

Saint Francis Hospice

If you’ve followed Marygreen Manor for the last few years, aside from our fabulous Afternoon Teas and amazing events, you’ll know that we’re also known for our philanthropic activities. Each and every year, we have a “chosen charity” that we dedicate ourselves to. One criteria that each and every charity has to have is that it’s local. Supporting local businesses and charities is incredibly important to us, which is why this year; we chose to support the wonderful Saint Francis Hospice.

What you may not be aware of is that Saint Francis Hospice is actually an independent charity. It runs with almost 75% of it’s finances based on voluntary donations from a supporting public which of course, isn’t always guaranteed. In spite of uncertainty in terms of finances, Saint Francis Hospice go out of their way to provide outstanding care to over 4,000 people with a life-limiting illness each and every single year. The hospice itself is local to Marygreen Manor, sat in Havering-atte-bower yet provides the vast majority of care to the communities of Brentwood, Havering, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham and the rest of West Essex. Combine this with their willingness to provide home care for patients too and it’s easy to see, the amount of work that goes into each and every day.

As you’re no doubt aware, these life-limiting illnesses are often without a cure however with the expert care and help from the wonderful guys and girls at Saint Francis Hospice, those suffering will often enjoy a life they never thought possible. From neurodegenerative diseases to motor neurone disease and even heart failures and cancer, the Saint Francis Team are there every step of the way.

Providing such specialists in their field and such in-depth care however obviously mounts up a lot in terms of finances. From doctors to nurses, physiotherapists and counsellors, every aspect of treatment is catered for and subsequently a great deal of people are employed by the hospice. It’s for this reason that we chose to support this fantastic charity by selecting them as our charity of the year.

From charity Afternoon Tea events to auction and raffle prizes and even corporate donations, we’re doing all we can to raise funds for such a great cause. We really couldn’t be more proud to support such a great cause that in turn, supports over four thousand of our local people each and every year.

To find out more about St Francis Hospice and how you can help, jump online to today. Not only will you find a super easy avenue to donate to this fantastic bunch, but you’ll also find a wealth of information on the hard work they carry out on a daily basis. From the care at the hospice itself to their crisis support and even their care at home. You’ll also find a link to some fantastic ways that you can get involved and fundraise on behalf of Saint Francis Hospice yourself with amazing events from sports to pamper programs and even their famous Jam Jar Army.


Saint Francis Hospice Are This Years Marygreen Manor Charity Of Choice!


If you’ve been following our charitable connections over the last few years, you’ll know that we enjoy dedicating ourselves to a different charity each and every year and this year’s no different. 2016’s charity of choice happens to be Saint Francis Hospice, a local and independent adult charity and one of the largest adult hospices in the UK. They have a team of specialist consultants, doctors, nurses and a range of other health care professionals who all provide support and care to those individuals suffering from life-limiting illnesses, along with their family members and carers. This service is all completely free of charge too so you can only imagine just how much help this charity needs.

As you’ll no doubt know, with every charity we support, we always do our utmost to raise funds and that’s been no different with St Francis Hospice. The hospice itself does a huge amount for the people in our community so it’s important for us to do everything that we can to help them. We’ve grown very close to the hospice in the short space of time that we’ve worked with them and that’s thanks to the fantastic relationship we’ve developed with Mike Allen, their corporate partnerships manager. The hospice themselves, as we mentioned above, doesn’t just help the individual suffering from life-limiting illnesses, they also help the families and carers around them too. To do this, the hospice is often providing the families and carers with rooms in which they can stay and be close to that person. To help them financially, we provide rooms for family members for the hospice at a corporate rate. This meant the hospice were able to provide for the families a greatly reduced rate, lessening the financial burden on them. When it comes to hotel rates, we also recently provided rooms at a specialist rate for Mike and his team, which meant they only had to pay for the cleaning. As you can imagine this was a huge relief for the team in terms of finances and meant the money they would have been spending on accommodation could instead go toward those more in need of it, such as the patients themselves.

It’s not just special room rates we offer however. We’ve also provided some much sought after prizes for raffles which included a delicious cream tea for two and a dinner for two right here in our famous Tudor Restaurant. We were very pleased to hear that this raised a great sum of cash for the hospice itself, all thanks to our wonderful kitchen staff. That’s not all; you may remember we held a cream tea for the Queen’s 90th birthday. This was a hugely popular event and one at which we held for the hospice once again to raise funds. We’ve also held what we like to call, “bill round-up nights”. During a “bill round-up night” we give all guests the opportunity to round their bill up to the nearest £10. So for instance, if their bill came to £56, we’d offer them the opportunity to round-up their bill to £60, with the extra going straight to the hospice. The response on these particular nights has been nothing short of fantastic and has been an enjoyable way of raising the money, particularly as we not only get to chat with our guests but we also get to explain the wonderful work that Mike and the Hospice actually do.

While money helps a great deal, we know that we can also offer our help in other ways too. One such way in which we offer our help is to provide parking for their mini buses and other hospice vehicles. While this may not sound like much, it allows them the time and money to focus on a more important aspect of the charity rather than parking of their vehicles and as you’ll no doubt agree, this is much more important!

If you’d like to donate to the hospice, please feel free to contact the hospice direct via their website or better yet, inquire here at the Marygreen Manor about our next money raising night and how you can help!

Fundraising for Saint Francis Hospice

Great news from Saint Francis Hospice today; at a recent fundraising event, held in memory of his mother, Daniel Moss managed to raise £2,468.65 for the charity.

Saint Francis Hospice is based in Romford and serves Brentwood, Havering, Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge – an area containing around a million residents!

The hospice is a registered independent charity, receiving only a third of its funding from the NHS.  This leaves a short fall of around two-thirds which is made up solely by donations.  When you consider running costs are around 7.2 million pounds a year you begin to realise what a huge achievement this is.

The charity has been helping people suffering from life limiting illnesses for the last 25 years

Members of the public, like Daniel, put a huge amount of effort into their fundraising activities and we were only to happy to help by donating a raffle prize of an Afternoon tea for Two; we hope the lucky prize winner enjoys their treat!!

Click the link to find out more about Saint Francis Hospice, including current fundraising activities and other ways to help:

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