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Funeral Gatherings At Marygreen Manor

When you think of Marygreen Manor, what do you think of? A hotel offering luxury accommodation? A fantastic venue offering corporate meeting rooms for hire? A wedding venue perhaps? Last but not least, a wonderful fine dining restaurant? Well, while all this is of course true, there also happens to be another use to our venue that may be a slightly harder subject to discuss but one that needs addressing all the same. Funeral gatherings, while a difficult subject to address are a necessity in life. For not only mourning the loss of a loved one but celebrating their life. While a wake is often held at home, this isn’t always possible and for some can be too difficult which is why Marygreen Manor is of course the perfect choice. As with all functions, the utmost care and attention to detail will be given at what we truly understand will be a difficult time.

As well as providing the space, we’ll also provide an option of a Marygreen Tea, a Light Lunch Buffet ‘A’ or ‘B’. Our Marygreen Tea consists of a selection of freshly made sandwiches, freshly baked scones complimented beautifully with strawberry preserve and cream along with an assortment of homemade cakes and pastries. We’ll also provide tea and coffee, offering all of this for just £16.50 per person. Our Light Lunch Options include baby jacket potatoes, savoury fan slices and even mushroom and brie parcels. Still not enough? Then you’ll also have the option of adding 10 or 15 rounds of mixed sandwiches for £30 or £35, depending on how many you choose.

For more information on our Funeral Gathering packages and how we can help you, please do contact us today. We’ll be only too happy to help you with the utmost respect at such a difficult time.


Have You Tried Our Two Night Weekend Package Deal?

Two Night Weekend Package

Two Night Weekend Package

If you’re familiar with us here at the Marygreen Manor, you’ll know only too well that we like to offer a few promotions and special deals every now and then. We know life can be tough and what’s more, to escape it, even for just a couple of nights can feel all too expensive. With our latest deal however, we’ve made it so much more affordable, it’ll be almost impossible to turn it down.

At our Tudor manor house, we’re offering a fabulous two night weekend package deal in which you get to enjoy a two night stay here with us, the well deserved break you’ve been waiting for. The two nights will be spent in our Deluxe Garden Room beginning on the Saturday evening. Not only will be you be lucky enough to enjoy the high-end feel of our deluxe garden rooms but you’ll also get to enjoy a three course meal in our Tudor restaurant, from our Du Jour Menu. Whilst most hotels would stop at just the one meal, we’ve decided to offer another fabulous meal to enjoy on the Sunday evening, only this time you’ll get to sample the delights of our Lounge Menu, with a food allowance of £45. Yet again, you’d be forgiven for thinking that was it. Saturday and Sunday nights in our deluxe garden rooms with a meal on both nights in our fabulous restaurant but it doesn’t end there. To finish it off perfectly, we’re also offering you our Late Lazy Check-Out which means you don’t have to leave your room until 12:30pm on Monday afternoon.

Quite simply, what could be better? Well, not the price that’s for sure as all of this is now available for just £213. We think you’ll agree when we say this is just too good an offer to pass up. For more information, call 01277 225252 or jump online today.

Check Out Our Brand New Website!

Marygreen Manor New Website

Marygreen Manor New Website

As we fully transition into spring, with April showers on their way and flowers in bloom, we know that a great deal of you will be packing away your winter wardrobe, and replacing it with your spring/summer favourites. Add to this the fact that menus throughout the country, including our own, will be adding in a few spring selections and it’s no wonder that everyone will want to be looking to enjoy a makeover, including our very own website!

Let’s face it, everyone who’s anyone enjoys keeping up with the Jones’s and it’s no different in the digital world, which is why we thought it was about time we created a brand new website.

Here at Marygreen Manor, we want to ensure that every aspect of your experience here reflects the time we’re in and that includes your digital experience. Now not only do we possess one of the most popular wedding venues in Essex, along with one of the most popular fine dining restaurants in Essex, but we also have a fabulous website to match too.

With brand new pictures, exciting new content and of course, our blog coming along for the ride, we guarantee you’ll love it. As with every thing we do, you our client are always considered first and foremost, so not only have we ensured our website looks great, but we’ve ensured it’s easy and most-importantly, enjoyable to use.

Whether you’re looking to browse our accommodation or our latest menu, you’ll find everything easy to find and displayed for your benefit. So what are you waiting for? Head over to today and check out our updated website for yourself. Better still; tell us exactly what you think of it in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Here’s To A Fabulous 2017!


Here’s to a fab 2017!

It’s safe to say, 2016 has been a bit of a mixed bag. While there have indeed been some real highs to the year, so many of them have been overshadowed by some real hard blows. From total devastation as a result of war to so many household names passing away unexpectedly. From Prince to Ronnie Corbett, and more recently Carrie Fisher to the great philanthropist George Michael. Add on to that the world famous Brexit (a result which we’re yet to decide is a positive or negative thing – only time will tell) and the fact that America’s biggest billionaire Donald Trump won the presidential election, 2016 has certainly made quite a name for itself.

Never one to dwindle on the side of the “glass is half empty”, we thought we’d finish the year rounding up some of the best moments in 2016 across the globe. From the sensational to the down right silly, here’s 2016 in a glimpse:

Andy Murray won Wimbledon – Wimbledon is without doubt one of the most uplifting events of the year, even when we don’t actually win on our home turf. We watch as more often than not, the sun shines and we celebrate (regardless of the outcome) with strawberries, cream and the famous Pimm’s. What makes it even more exciting is when someone from our own nation wins and that’s exactly what happened this year when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. Even greater to see was his friendship with Benedict Cumberbatch and his meet and greet with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A truly British day was had by all.

The Queen turned 90 – There’s always one person that likes to really go to town on their birthday and this year that person was the Queen; but let’s face it, you don’t turn 90 every day of the year, do you? Quite rightly too, we were all invited to celebrate with her and the United Kingdom turned out in full force. People even dressed up their dogs for the occasion, coupled with truly British snacks and celebrated with the Trooping The Colour on their TVs. Thousands of others could be seen heading to Buckingham Palace to actually catch a glimpse of the parade for themselves with the wonderful George and Charlotte in view too.

Tiger numbers rose for the first time in 100 years – With all of the negative news that filled our TV screens, phones and radios of course taking all the attention, it should come as no surprise that this massive step in conservation flew under the radar. Tigers have taken a dramatic fall with many once again landing on the list for concern however, conservation efforts in India, Russia and even Nepal have seen tiger numbers on the rise for the first time in a century. That’s huge news. The WWF even went so far as to give figures with tiger numbers having risen from 3,200 in 2010 to 3,890 in 2016. If things carry on the way they are too, these numbers could double by 2022 so we may even hit our target.

A British couple cloned their dog – We all love the family dog. It doesn’t seem to matter how many shoes they chew, how many times they ransack your home, the family dog will always have an extra special place in your heart. And when it comes time to say goodbye, it can always prove a little too much but for one British couple, Laura Jacques and Richard Remde, their devastation proved just too much. To help them grieve however, they chose to clone their beloved pet dog from his DNA in South Korea. Dylan, the boxer, now lives on in two puppies which set them back a whopping £67,000. That’s one small step for Laura and Richard and one giant leap for man-kind.

Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit – Nasa’a £830m spacecraft managed to enter Jupiter’s orbit earlier on in the year while on a mission to probe the origin of the actual solar system itself. Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California filled with cheers as it successfully entered it’s aimed-for orbit around the biggest planet in what could be considered our cosmic neighrbourhood.

Now of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There have indeed been a million and one other wonderful things that have happened this year, Leicester City winning the Premier League and Pokemon Go actually getting people out of the house and exercising to name a few. While we can’t deny 2016 had its downsides (and there were many) we think it’s important to remember that it also had some absolutely amazing moments. Moments that will never be forgotten.

So to all our past, present and future guests, we hope you had a fantastic time celebrating New Years Eve and we hope the first day of January offers a wonderful start to your 2017.

From all of us here at Marygreen Manor, here’s to 2017.

The Reviews Say It All!

Marygreen Manor

Essex has well and truly been placed on the map, all thanks to the rather infamous reality TV series, “The Only Way Is Essex”. Love it or hate it, it’s known across the globe, even played in the United States and now as a result, Essex is known far and wide. Along with our love of bling and drama, we’re also now known for our wonderful scenery thanks to the many dog walking scenes as well as our high-class establishments. As a result, so many restaurants and bars in Essex are doing their hardest to keep up with the Jones’. Here at Marygreen Manor however, we’re the original high-class restaurant. Offering fine dining and an award winning wine list, along with luxury accommodation, leaves little in the way of “keeping up” but don’t just take our word for it.

Now-a-days, to find out what a restaurant’s really like, all you need do is head on over to TripAdvisor where you’ll find past and present guests of any venue leaving reviews, good and bad. Smart devices with instant access to the internet, allow so many to access a much wider audience and in doing so, people now feel much freer to give their opinions. For an establishment such as ours, this has only been a good thing as so many people now get to see just how fantastic our service really is. From our luxury apartments and deluxe suites to our fine dining experiences and afternoon teas, we’d thought we’d share just what people are saying, so here goes:

“Marygreen Manor Stands Out Above All! – I visited the Marygreen Manor for the tasting menu with wine pairing recently with my girlfriend and can honestly say everything about this night was spectacular. The food, the service provided, the history of the building, you won’t find many places like this one. We like to have a lot of “date nights”, but this place completely tops everywhere locally. We was greeted by the Bar Manager Peter with a home made cocktail which started off the night perfectly. And the scallops were to die for!! A big thank you to David & Michael for organising such a perfect night, and of course a thank you to our waiter Pepe, this guy is one of a kind. We will be returning, and we will be looking at booking a room next time!” – Seeing this review really bowled us over. It showed that not only was our food on point but we were also providing the service we’ve worked so hard toward. When all of our staff work together as a team, it shows that absolutely anything is possible.

“Perfect Wedding! – Our wedding ceremony and whole day took place at the Marygreen Manor, with afternoon tea for 17 the day before. Annette had been our contact throughout and she excels at her role in leading a first rate team. The attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile ensured that all 67 guests had a wonderful time eg the barman was very obliging and allowed nervous guests who were going to speak to see the venue rooms the day before; the night porter provided sandwiches for hungry guests around midnight, the toastmaster, Chris, was clearly well used to the hotel and really facilitated the day. The food was excellent, once again Annette is an outstanding duty manager and events organiser. We would definitely think of the Marygreen Manor for future special occasions.” – While we’re famous for our fabulous food and afternoon tea, we’re also becoming well known as one of the best wedding venues in Essex. This review only emphasises that point more so. When hosting weddings, our intention is to not only provide the most beautiful day for the happy couple, but to facilitate their day as much as possible. If we can make things easier and stress-free, then we’ll do our utmost to ensure that.

While these reviews have been left completely independently, we do advise you take a good look for yourself, so why not book in to try our delicious tasting menu or even a sweet afternoon tea perhaps? We guarantee you’ll be just as bowled over as these guys!

There’s So Much To See And Do In Essex!


With V Festival arriving at Hylands Park this coming weekend, we know that a great deal of you will be enjoying a lot of live music along with a few cold ones. If however, you were one of the few who weren’t lucky enough to grab some tickets, we’re here to tell you all is not lost. Yes you may have to deal with the inevitable flood of sunshine filled photos of your friends who may be in the park enjoying the likes of Justin Bieber and Rihanna but there’s still plenty for you to enjoy! There may even be ample opportunity to hit back with a few fun Facebook selfies too!

We understand that not everyone may be footloose and fancy-free which means a family friendly event could be just what you need. This makes the annual Carnival Procession at Southend Sea Front the perfect event to enjoy. What’s more, it’s just a short drive from the Marygreen Manor, making it the perfect event for not only Essex residents, but our guests too. This annual event attracts a whopping 20,000 people and boasts well over 60 floats and acts so there really is something for everyone in the family, even the really young ones. The carnival will consist of colourful floats, drummers, live music, big costumes and dancers. You can also expect plenty of flag waving, bright lights and a brilliant atmosphere. What more could you want?

Not really your thing? Want something a little quieter and perhaps not so extravagant? Then why don’t you take a peek at the Classic and Vintage Car Show at Hedingham Castle? Not only will you be privy to some pretty stunning sights thanks to the stunning castle, but you’ll also get to enjoy a range of classic cars not often seen on the roads today. It’s the perfect day for those wanting to enjoy the views through the countryside on the way too. Head over to and you can grab 2-4-1 tickets to boot!

There’s always something to do when you’re staying at the Marygreen Manor that’s for sure!

Happy New Year From Everyone Here At Marygreen Manor

Happy New Year From The Marygreen Manor

Happy New Year From The Marygreen Manor

Part and parcel of celebrating a fresh new year is looking back over the year that’s past and while we may have already discussed some of the wonderful things that have happened here at the Marygreen Manor, we haven’t taken the time to look at just what’s been going on in the rest of the world. Outside the bubble of the Marygreen Manor, there have been a great number of events taken place across the world, not just here in the UK that have not only made us smile but made us cry too.

Sadly the year seemed to encompass an unprecedented amount of natural disasters. With a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April for the population of Nepal, more than 8,000 people died. 1000’s more were injured and left homeless. April also saw what was a previously dormant volcano in southern Chile erupt 3 times in 8 days which forced 2,500 people to be evacuated. The eruptions also led to lava and ash being sent for miles into the air.

In the US, California to be precise, one of the largest blazes named Rocky Fire took hold of the forests and spread like…well wild fire. Twenty one wild fires took hold in California this year posing a huge challenge for fire fighters, spreading at super speeds and burning for nearly an entire week in August. Here in the UK we’ve also more recently suffered with severe flooding leaving thousands homeless and in some truly terrible circumstances over the festive season and undoubtedly into the new year too.

On top of this, we also sadly had some man made disasters in the form of the attacks in Paris. After the three days of terror in the French capital, which saw gunmen attack the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, millions gathered in the city in protest. Sadly, the city suffered once again as people were killed in further terrorist attacks in bars and restaurants along with a concert hall and the famous Stade de France.

On top of this, we watched as thousands upon thousands of Syrian migrants begged for refuge in neighbouring countries, including our own, after suffering through four years of civil war.

Thankfully it wasn’t all doom and gloom. For some this year has been a year of amazing achievements and great steps.

People around the world were, this year, lucky enough to witness a very rare celestial event in the form of a lunar eclipse coinciding with a “supermoon”. The eclipse made the moon appear red. It was visible from North America and Western Europe and my goodness, what a sight to see. The last time such a phenomenon was witnessed was in 1982 and is likely not to occur again until 2033.

Our own monarchy also had a rather celebratory year in the form of anniversaries and births. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary while Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their second child, daughter Charlotte.

2015 was also the year for equal rights as the Republic of Ireland made history by becoming the first in the world to vote for same-sex marriage. It may have been introduced in other countries by court decision and parliamentary vote but the Republic of Ireland voted for same-sex marriage by voting in a referendum. The joys within Dublin Castle were unconfined as gay and straight, parents and children, friends and activists gathered to cheer each and every single constituency result.

While the world may have seen a lot of heartache and sadness in 2015, it also saw some amazingly beautiful moments filled with love and a true sense of togetherness. Yes there were some terribly frightening times, but even in the darkest moments, we stood together strong and it’s this strength that we should take with us into 2016.

From all of us here at the Marygreen Manor, we’d like to offer our well wishes for those who might be a little more enthusiastic about leaving 2015 behind them and wish them all the love and luck in the world for a much better 2016. May 2016 bring you joy, love and laughter.

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