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Check Out Our Brampton Lodge Suites

Here at Marygreen Manor we’ve become known for our fabulous accommodation. From deluxe rooms to luxury suites, we have a fantastic selection here at our manor house. Today however, we’re focusing on our Brampton Lodge Suites.

Brampton Lodge, here at Marygreen Manor, comprises of 6 luxurious bedrooms, 2 junior suites and 2 suites with each individually designed in a country house style. Despite the fact that summer has well and truly left us, each room is fully air conditioned however, they’re just as equally prepared for the winter months with full central heating and the added luxury of bath robes, slippers and some rather fabulous toiletries for the ultimate bubble bath (the perfect winter warmer).

On top of these luxuries, you’ll also find complimentary fresh fruit and mineral water, as well as tea and coffee making facilities and of course the all-important wireless Internet. You’ll also be pleased to hear that our Brampton Lodge Suites benefit from additional room space too, along with Jacuzzi baths for that much-needed relaxation and separate showers (particularly good for a busy couple on the move).

At Marygreen Manor, we’re super proud of our accommodation and our Brampton Lodge Suites in particular. Not only do they represent the level of luxury and attention to detail you can expect during your stay at Marygreen Manor, but they really do provide you with the perfect accommodation during your stay. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s business or pleasure, here at the Marygreen Manor, our Brampton Lodge Suites really are on another level.

To book your stay, simply contact us today on 01277 225252. We’ll be only too happy to book you one of our suites and show you the level of service received every single day at our countryside manor house.


Fun Festive Things To Do In London This Weekend

One of the many Christmas attractions in London, just short journey from Marygreen Manor

One of the many Christmas attractions in London, just a short journey from Marygreen Manor

As you well know, here at the Marygreen Manor, we aren’t just perfectly situated for all those wanting to explore the wonderful county of Essex. We also happen to be perfectly located for those wanting the fun and frolics of London without having to endure the rat race 24/7. With just one simple train journey from Brentwood Station you can be at Liverpool Street in around 30 minutes or better still, jump straight on to the M25 for access to the A13 or A12, both of which take you to different areas of our beloved city. With such easy access into the capital we thought we’d offer you a great guide on some of the perfect Christmas themed activities to get up to in the city this weekend. Let’s face it, with Christmas shopping well and truly done (if it isn’t take a peek at our fabulously indulgent Marygreen Manor gift vouchers) and the Christmas and Boxing Day dinners sorted (thanks to our ever popular Christmas Day and Boxing Day lunches) this weekend should be all about fun, games and enjoyment. So in true Christmas spirit, let’s make sure everyone has a smile on their face this weekend with a festive trip to the city.

Winterville in Victoria Park – take a short drive along the A12 and find yourself immersed in a frosty town that’s brimming with festive adventures. East London’s finest park will be packed with a full on programme of attractions and entertainment as well as great food and drink. Everything centres around the Winterville clock tower offering seasonal classics along with a myriad of dazzling alternatives, catering perfectly to all ages. Entry into the Winterville attraction is completely free too which makes it even more attractive, especially when you consider the money you’ve no doubt spent on family and friends this Christmas. Events you can expect to see inside of Winterville include the Moscow State Circus, the Backyard Cinema’s magic forest and even the Winter Night Garden that will be showcasing a series of family favourites and Christmas Classics. They’ll also be a somewhat reimagined Santa’s Grotto along with a Winterville pub aptly named Bar Humbug serving mulled wine and some rather delicious food.

Eyeskate at the London Eye – for some, a Christmas day out just isn’t complete without an ice skating adventure in the middle of the concrete jungle that is our city. There’s just something super magical about an ice filled arena in the middle of skyscrapers. The fact that there are now mutliple ice rinks scattered throughout the city is just testament to their popularity but there’s now one ice rink that stands out from the rest and we’re not talking about the world famous Somerset House ice rink. This time we’re focusing all of our attention on Eyeskate, the spectacular ice rink along the South Bank at the London Eye. Returning for it’s sixth year, it’s offering plenty of festive fun and wintery activities. To top off your 45-minute spin on the ice, you could always book a flight on the London Eye too for a winter cocktail experience or share a private Mistletoe Cupid’s Capsule for a little added romance.

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland – last but most certainly not least, we have quite possibly the ultimate Christmas experience in London, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Here in the middle of the city’s most famous park, it’s Christmas Day every single day. Here at Winter Wonderland you’ll find over 100 amazing rides and attractions along with Christmas markets, bars, restaurants, street food and even live music and what’s more, it’s all free. On top of all of that, you’ll also find ice-skating, the Magical Ice Kingdom, Zippos Christmas circus and even Bar Ice.

With so much to choose from we know it’s going to be a touch decision but if you’re staying here at the Marygreen Manor, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy all three attractions over the course of a few days or a weekend. Just a short journey in to the city is all it takes and then when you’re done, enjoy the peaceful, calming surroundings of our wonderful manor house complete with log fires and luxury accommodation. We can’t think of a more perfect way to start your Christmas holidays.

Take The Stress Out Of Gift Giving This Year With Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers


Be extra popular under the mistletoe this year

It’s that time of year again when it can be easy to get caught up in the search for the ideal gift. Your mind is in a whirl as to whether your mother will love the cashmere sweater or whether your brother really will love the video game you bought him. What many don’t understand is the fact that your search isn’t just about buying a present, it’s about buying a present that not only makes the person receiving it happy but avoids any serious dents in the bank at the same time.


Would you believe a number of studies actually support the notion that spending money on people makes you happy, so if you’re planning on buying a few presents (for others) this year then you’re well on your way to a happy Christmas. The best thing you could therefore do is ensure the stress of gift giving is completely removed and for that, we have a few suggestions.


Create memories and buy experiences as opposed to things – one of the greatest gifts in life can be receiving a truly meaningful experience. The reason for this is actually down to the fact that people adapt to things. Yes, that new iPhone was so amazing when you first got it last year but now it’s just slipped into every day life. What was an amazing gift is now looking past its sell by date and about to get thrown in the trash to make room for the next model. This gift will be forgotten however an experience is a different thing entirely. An experience can be absolutely anything such as a gift voucher for a wonderful meal in our stunning Tudor Restaurant to a night in one of our luxury suites. A gift like this not only strengthens your relationship through the simple act of spending time with one another and doing things together but it will also create some wonderful memories too. These experiences can be shared and savoured. You’ll enjoy these memories and relive them for years to come.


Gift cards aren’t the enemy – for one reason or another, people fear the gift voucher. For some, a wash of guilt rides over them the moment they purchase a gift card. The fear of being perceived as impersonal can become too much but oh how times have changed. One study concludes that by enjoying the experience with the person in question, you’re not only making the gift super personal but you also get to see them enjoy it. You also get to completely eliminate any stress usually associated with gift giving which, let’s face it, is worth its weight in gold.

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas here at the Marygreen Manor

Here at the Marygreen Manor, we offer a range of different gift vouchers that’ll not only help eliminate any possible chance of stress but will also offer some rather luxurious experiences for you and your loved ones. If you’d like to sweep that special someone off of their feet and whisk them away for a luxury stay in our deluxe suites then you could always opt for our Deluxe Accommodation For 2 Guests gift voucher. This offers an overnight stay and a full English breakfast the very next day. If you’re looking for something a little extra special then why not opt for our Gourmet Get-Away for 2 Guests. This offers accommodation, a 3 course a la carte dinner with wine as well as a breakfast the following morning. Our range of gift vouchers also include options to enjoy our world famous Afternoon and Celebration Teas so no matter who you’re buying for, we’ll have something that’s guaranteed to make them smile like a Cheshire cat this Christmas morning.

A Traveller’s Rest: A Slice Of Marygreen Manor History

Marygreen Manor Hotel

In 1967 the Moat house, as it was known back then, began its journey to become the Marygreen Manor as we know and love it today. It was during this year that a man named John Bairstow founded the Moat House Hotel Company along with a subsidiary company known as the Moat House Restaurants. Work on creating the “small, luxuriously appointed hotel” began towards the end of 1967. The building work carried out by Brentwood building company A.D Seager Ltd saw the largest amount of construction works and the largest building timber consignment in the area for some years.

The extensions built were essential for the transformation into the Moat House Hotel as the new building comprised the restaurant and the kitchen. This new addition was added to the west end of the old house with the help of a newly constructed reception, lounge and bar area in between. The new building was essentially a conversion of the original coach house and stables and although the standards of construction work and materials were of the day, they didn’t miss a beat when it came to utilising the Abridge barn timbers in a decorative fashion that was in keeping with the style of the old house. Its history most certainly wasn’t forgotten.

Soon after construction work came to a head, it was decided that an emblem would be needed. A man named Ken Kimberly stepped up to the challenge and designed one based on the Tudor rose. It was set amid a scroll that bore the date 1512. Legend would have it that 1512 was the year that the house was appointed a hunting lodge by Henry VIII while under the ownership of Henry Roper.

The Moat House emblem was later erected in plaster on an inside wall of the hotel close to the restaurant’s entrance. This was embellished further with ribboned vine patterns giving it real emphasis.

This was just one of the beginning stages in the transformation to the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. If you’d like to find out more you could always delve into the book, “The Place At Brook Street” or better yet, pay the Marygreen Manor a visit and see the history unfold before your eyes in all its original glory.

Are Gift Cards The Best Gift All Round?

Marygreen Manor Hotel Brentwood Essex Wedding Venue

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Are The Gift Of Choice

We all love our own birthday that’s for sure. We wake to a myriad of phone calls, text messages and even messages across our social media channels wishing us an amazing day. We’re then showered with gifts and generally spoilt rotten for the day. As a gift receiver, the day couldn’t be better but as the gift giver…well that’s an entirely different story. For the vast majority, it means a day of walking from one shop to another in a desperate attempt to find something that won’t only make them smile with joy on their special day but screams, “I know you so well”. Is that really the best thing to do though?

Let’s just all put our hands up and admit it: Gift vouchers are quite possibly the best gift you can get someone. Now before you begin to choke on your very British tea wondering who, other than a distant relative would you purchase a gift voucher for, we’re here to tell you that gift vouchers are the way forward. According to some of the most recent
statistics, 84% of people have received a gift voucher or a gift card and 72% have given one. By the end of last year alone, billions of dollars had been loaded onto gift vouchers making the case against them weakening by the day. Statistics have even shown that well over a third of consumers would choose a gift card as their present showing that the so-called novelty of a gift hasn’t worn off and shows no signs of doing so.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter just how much time we spend shopping for the special present, the vast majority of us (a whopping three out of four) will get it wrong. Faced with these sorts of statistics, it makes perfect sense to opt for a gift voucher. That’s before we even discuss the benefits of giving someone an experience rather than a materialistic object that remotely represents their likes for instance, “Here, I bought you a Minions ice cube tray that you’ll never use simply because I know you love the Minions.” How does buying an inanimate object that they’ll never use say, “I value our friendship so much”.

Considering the lack of enjoyment they’ll receive, the amount of stress you’ll inevitably go through and of course the environmental impact all those discarded gifts will have, it makes perfect sense to give the gift of an experience with a gift voucher. Not only do they abolish all gift-giving anxieties and any pretentions declaring you’re so confident in your relationship with that person that you have nothing to prove, but it also gives you both the chance to experience something together and create memories that will last a lifetime. For all those that consider giving a gift voucher to be anything but thoughtful, in a day where people often work two jobs just to get by, giving the gift of your time is the best gift of all.

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Create Memories

With that special someone’s birthday getting closer by the day, give yourself a break from the stress and anxiety and opt for a Marygreen Manor Gift Voucher. You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many different options to choose from including Afternoon Tea for one, two or four guests, Celebration Tea experiences and even a Champagne Afternoon Tea. You can also treat your loved ones to a Gourmet Get Away or A Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Experience for two. If you’re still struggling to decide just what it is you’d like to get them then you could always opt for the safe option and purchase gift vouchers in a domination of your choosing for any of our hotel and restaurant services here at the Marygreen Manor. That way, they decide just how they’d like to spend them and whom they’d like to take too. Give the gift of time and memories with Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers.

May You Enjoy This Bank Holiday Weekend All The More Here At The Marygreen

a spooky image of Marygreen late at night

The Marygreen Manor at dusk

The bank holiday weekend might only be a few zzz’s away but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make it one to remember.


Brentwood, Essex is most certainly a town of excitement. With a bustling high street just a two minute cab ride away that’s filled to the brim with bars and restaurants, not to mention its famous countryside views and hidden gems in the form of real country pubs, it’s fast become a place to be “ticked off the list”. So why not make this bank holiday weekend the time to do it? But if Brentwood isn’t somewhere you’re looking to explore then why not jump on a train from Brentwood Station and head straight into the city for some real adventure and fun? The possibilities truly are endless when you’re exploring the wonders of the concrete jungle that is London.


It’s worth remembering however that the bank holiday weekend isn’t called a holiday for no reason. It’s not just time away from the grind, away from the nine to five that stops you doing so many things. It’s also a holiday from the chores that take up so much precious family time; time that could be better spent getting to know that special someone again or perhaps just enjoying some real quality family time and there really is no better place to do it than here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant.


This bank holiday weekend, we’re offering you the chance to enjoy the luxury of our ‘country house’ style deluxe rooms and suites along with the most exquisite fine dining experience in Essex here in our very own award winning Tudor Restaurant. For just £99 you could enjoy dinner, bed and breakfast here in the beautifully landscaped heaven that is Marygreen Manor.


So what are you waiting for? Call now to book the last few spaces left available on the 22nd and 24th May and make this bank holiday weekend exactly what it should be…fun, free and full of frolics.

The Best Father’s Day In Essex By Far

Father and child

Enjoy a stunning Father’s Day Lunch this June at The Marygreen Manor

We all know that children, more than ever before need a father in their lives, be it by blood or simply love. This has only been emphasised further according to a recent study, which highlighted the vital role that a father figure plays in the formative years of a child’s life. Every single year, our Mothers are focused on and spoilt rotten, as they should be because lets face it, they carried us for those nine pivotal months however all too often our Fathers go unnoticed.


Our Mothers may have carried us but times have certainly changed and the role of our wonderful Dad has moved on from the mere financial provider. Dads, more and more now give us that burly shoulder to cry on, they share the midnight feeds, the tears and tantrums and even the special moments of first words and first steps too. Well in to our teens and beyond, although you might not know it, our Fathers are there watching from afar ensuring we’re safe and are hearts remain in one piece. It’s for these reasons and a million more that we here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, think it’s time for a change. This year we think it should be the Fathers turn for glory and spoils which is why we’re offering you the opportunity to treat your Father like the King he is with our delicious Father’s Day Lunch.


On Sunday 21st June we’re offering you the opportunity to treat your Father to a sumptuous three-course lunch here in our exquisite Tudor Restaurant. At just £39 per person, the most important man in your life can sample the delights created by our expert head chef Majid. With offerings such as Prawn and Saffron Risotto, Confit Duck Leg and expertly prepared Vanilla Panna Cotta, the taste buds of all around you will be spoilt for choice.


It may seem like a while away but we suggest booking early as each and every year our Father’s Day Lunch becomes even more popular. Put the date in your diary and give Daddy dearest something extra special to look forward to this year.

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