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Marygreen Gift Vouchers Are The Perfect Choice!

Marygreen Gift Vouchers

Marygreen Gift Vouchers

As anyone knows, gift buying can be tricky for even the closest of people, which is why we decided to offer you not only a helping hand, but also the perfect solution. Here at Marygreen Manor, we want people to stop buying material gifts and instead, give the gift of memories.

While a new tablet or phone may offer initial excitement upon unwrapping, and a new dress excite her senses for the night she wears it, we guarantee that within days, the excitement will wear thin and the memories with fade.

With a Marygreen Manor Gift Voucher however, not only are you telling that special someone just how much you adore them (so much so in fact that you’re quite literally buying time with them) but you’re also offering them wonderful memories they’ll cherish forever.

Afternoon Tea Gift Vouchers

Afternoon Tea Gift Vouchers

Let’s not forget that in this fast paced world, too few of us take the time to sit down, relax and really smell the roses. With a gift voucher from Marygreen Manor however, they’ll quite literally be forced to take some time out and indulge in the more pleasant things in life, in the very least, step away from the office, kitchen, nursery or wherever else causes them stress from day to day.

Gourmet Get-Away Gift Vouchers

Gourmet Get-Away Gift Vouchers

We have a range of gift vouchers available too so no matter whom you’re buying for, we’re guaranteed to have something to send them into a frenzy. From afternoon tea gift vouchers to a delicious gourmet get-away for two, we’ve got it all. Hop online now and take a glimpse at just what you could be surprising that special someone with today. All safe payments are handled online via PayPal to make things as easy and secure as possible and what’s more, you don’t even have to leave the sofa to pick the perfect gift…but we’ll keep that little secret just between us.


Start And Finish Your Christmas Shopping Today With Marygreen Manor Vouchers

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas here at the Marygreen Manor

We’ve got just 21 more days of Christmas shopping opportunities left. Now although that does sound like a fair amount of time, when you work out how many of those days will be crossed off the list with work, that whittles it down to just 6 days left. Again, this could be misconstrued as more than enough time but that’s not taking into consideration any weekend hobbies, socialising or even relaxation time that we’ll inevitably take on the run up to the big day. So really, all in all, we probably have maybe 1 or 2 good days. The question is, do you know what you’re getting and where from because if not, you’re in for a tough ride. Equally, even if you know what’s on your shopping list, it’s still very much a guessing game as to whether or not the shops will still have it in stock. The short and sweet of it is, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping by now, you’re going to come a little unstuck.

Now before you pass out in fear, overwhelmed by images of tantrum throwing spouses, we’re hear to tell you we have the answer and it comes in the form of a rather small and rather innocent looking gift voucher. At the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, a gift voucher doesn’t just buy you food; it buys you a tantalising, mouth-watering explosion in each bite you take. It doesn’t just buy you a hotel room; it buys you a luxurious escape from the rat race and daily grind in the comfort of exquisite furnishings. It doesn’t just buy you afternoon tea; it buys you a trip back to 1840 when Anna the Duchess of Bedford first discovered a craving for such delights.

Gift a loved one the true gift of time and memories this year with a gift voucher for the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

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