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How to Survive Your First Music Festival

Festival season is well and truly upon us. With the WeAre Festival having just taken place and Brentwood Festival almost upon us, it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a music filled summer. Glastonbury, V Festival, you name it, there’s a festival somewhere guaranteed to call out to your inner music fan and as Essex’s number one go-to hotel for festival goers, we thought we’d share our guide to surviving your first festival! Here goes…

Stuff to take – first and foremost, it pays to know the essentials you’ll want with you so let’s get to it. You’ll need wellies of course. These are a festival staple unless of course the weather is guaranteed to be a scorcher, in which case, a cool pair of flip flops (or sandals for the ladies) will be the perfect back up in your bag. Talking of weather, it’s worth taking a hoodie with you too. We are in Great Britain after-all, king of the surprise downfall. You’ll also want hand sanitiser, a waterproof jacket, a purse/wallet, sun cream and of course, a back up charger for your phone. Throw this all into a back pack and you’re good to go.

Music – we totally get that researching music may not be your “thang” but no matter how laid back a person you are, it pays to know a little about the festival you’re going to and the sort of music you’re going to listen to. Not only may you stumble upon a band you’ve loved for years, but it’ll also give you a good idea of the sort of festival you’ll be attending. Is it a house festival? Mainstream? Hard rock? It all makes a huge difference. It’ll also help you create a loose schedule, which may sound dull, but works wonders when you inevitably find yourself a little lost, in need of meeting up with your friends who forgot to bring that all-important back-up charger for their phone.

Snacks – it always pays to take a few snacks with you or better still, ensure you eat while you’re there. Let’s face it, festivals are the place to not only listen to music, but also sample some of your favourite ciders, beers and in some areas, fizz. When you’re drinking all day, especially in the sun, it’s important that you make sure you eat and enjoy the odd glass of water. This will stop you finding yourself in A&E or worse still, feeling too ill to enjoy the second day of the festival. Just remember, you don’t want to be THAT guy.

Accommodation – while festivals are all about the camping (for some) we know so many festival goers who much prefer the warm and clean environment of a hotel room, especially one that’s fairly close to the venue itself. Not only can you escape the muddy fields (a hideous scenario for those wearing flip flops – especially around the portable toilets) but you also get the opportunity to enjoy a fresh shower, change of outfit, and a full English breakfast before hitting the festival the next day. What could be better? We find this really appeals to families attending, along with those wanting to look their best each day of the festival.

For all those with festivals in their summer schedules, we hope you have a fabulous time and remember; if you’re looking for accommodation, look no further than our fabulous manor house right here in Brentwood, Essex.


Festival Season Has Just Begun In Our Wonderful County Of Essex

Musical note

Festival Season Has Just Begun

If you didn’t get to the annual Brentwood Festival this past weekend then don’t worry your pretty little head because festival season is in full swing and showing absolutely no signs of stopping just yet. Arguably, the biggest festival in Essex every year, V Festival, is happening in a mere matter of weeks running on the 22nd and 23rd of August just a few minutes drive away in the picturesque surroundings of Hylands Park. Headlining will be music giants such as Kasabian, Tom Jones, Calvin Harris and even Ellie Goulding but the fun doesn’t stop there, not only will they be offering magical moments on their plethora of stages but they’ll also boast a comedy stage to keep you laughing from dusk until dawn.

Festivals in Essex have everything to offer

Elsewhere in our rather fabulous county however we’ve got a number of other festivals that are guaranteed to appeal, especially if you love your food. Running from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th August, the Clacton on Sea Food and Drink Festival will be held at the Marine Parade West. This festival promises a wide variety of stalls offering a scrumptious selection of foods. Whether you take a picnic or choose to sample the local produce on offer is entirely up to you.

Sophisticated times at the Roman River Music Festival in Essex

If you’re looking for something a little more music based however, then the Roman River Music Festival in September is guaranteed to give you your monies worth. Running at various locations in and around Essex from 18th September until 4th October it boasts philharmonic tones and the more contemporary sounds of Fiona Bevan.

Make this festival season the best yet with great accommodation in Essex

What we have discovered over the years however is that nothing is guaranteed to spoil an awesome festival weekend like a long and disjointed journey home and that’s exactly where we can help. The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant offers not only incredibly luxurious accommodation guaranteed to make you feel better after a day spent in the muddy fields of a festival, but it also offers great transport links for everything that’s happening this festival season. So grab those wellingtons and don’t forget the sunscreen to beat the heat and live it up in what looks to be one of the biggest festival seasons we’ve seen in Essex for years.
For information on accommodation and our great rates this summer, simply contact us today.

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