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How to Survive Your First Music Festival

Festival season is well and truly upon us. With the WeAre Festival having just taken place and Brentwood Festival almost upon us, it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a music filled summer. Glastonbury, V Festival, you name it, there’s a festival somewhere guaranteed to call out to your inner music fan and as Essex’s number one go-to hotel for festival goers, we thought we’d share our guide to surviving your first festival! Here goes…

Stuff to take – first and foremost, it pays to know the essentials you’ll want with you so let’s get to it. You’ll need wellies of course. These are a festival staple unless of course the weather is guaranteed to be a scorcher, in which case, a cool pair of flip flops (or sandals for the ladies) will be the perfect back up in your bag. Talking of weather, it’s worth taking a hoodie with you too. We are in Great Britain after-all, king of the surprise downfall. You’ll also want hand sanitiser, a waterproof jacket, a purse/wallet, sun cream and of course, a back up charger for your phone. Throw this all into a back pack and you’re good to go.

Music – we totally get that researching music may not be your “thang” but no matter how laid back a person you are, it pays to know a little about the festival you’re going to and the sort of music you’re going to listen to. Not only may you stumble upon a band you’ve loved for years, but it’ll also give you a good idea of the sort of festival you’ll be attending. Is it a house festival? Mainstream? Hard rock? It all makes a huge difference. It’ll also help you create a loose schedule, which may sound dull, but works wonders when you inevitably find yourself a little lost, in need of meeting up with your friends who forgot to bring that all-important back-up charger for their phone.

Snacks – it always pays to take a few snacks with you or better still, ensure you eat while you’re there. Let’s face it, festivals are the place to not only listen to music, but also sample some of your favourite ciders, beers and in some areas, fizz. When you’re drinking all day, especially in the sun, it’s important that you make sure you eat and enjoy the odd glass of water. This will stop you finding yourself in A&E or worse still, feeling too ill to enjoy the second day of the festival. Just remember, you don’t want to be THAT guy.

Accommodation – while festivals are all about the camping (for some) we know so many festival goers who much prefer the warm and clean environment of a hotel room, especially one that’s fairly close to the venue itself. Not only can you escape the muddy fields (a hideous scenario for those wearing flip flops – especially around the portable toilets) but you also get the opportunity to enjoy a fresh shower, change of outfit, and a full English breakfast before hitting the festival the next day. What could be better? We find this really appeals to families attending, along with those wanting to look their best each day of the festival.

For all those with festivals in their summer schedules, we hope you have a fabulous time and remember; if you’re looking for accommodation, look no further than our fabulous manor house right here in Brentwood, Essex.


Enjoy a fabulous New Year here at Marygreen Manor


Treat yourself to a little luxury and begin the year how you’d like to finish it…

New Years Day, a day known worldwide which marks the very beginning of the Gregorian calendar. It doesn’t matter what continent you may be in around the globe because absolutely everyone enjoys the countdown to this fantastic public holiday however that’s not to say that everyone celebrates in the same way.

New Years Day celebrations vary hugely across different cultures with some gifting their children in honour of the new year ahead, while others (Japanese) celebrate a mass birthday with everyone proclaiming their birthday to be the 1st January. In Scotland, the tradition of Hogmanay takes the population outdoors visiting friends and family after the clock strikes midnight on. While your traditions and values may vary, one thing that does appear to cross the cultures is the belief that New Year’s Day marks the very first day on which to begin a fresh new year and with a fresh start come many new resolutions.

With such big life changing decisions going on, we can’t help but think that you should begin this magical new year in some extraordinary surroundings, if only to start as you mean to go on and what better place than our very own manor house, Marygreen Manor.

Whether you’re looking to give yourself a tranquil start to 2016 in the form of a luxury suite and food cooked to order, or you’re simply looking for somewhere a little extra special in which to spend the first day of the rest of your [new] life, the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant is the perfect choice. With an award winning wine list, the very finest dining in Essex as well as some wonderfully exquisite accommodation, our manor house really does have it all. It’s also in the ideal location to celebrate New Years Eve along the rather vibrant Brentwood high street or better still, if you managed to grab hold of tickets, here at the Marygreen herself. For more information on how we can make your New Years in Essex an extra special one, contact us today on 01277 225 252

Book Your Private And Corporate Christmas Parties Today!

christmas baubles

Christmas Parties At The Marygreen Manor

We know a lot of you are thinking that we’re crazy for mentioning Christmas parties in September but trust us, we have a very good reason. Year after year, we’re inundated with phone calls and emails from stressed out employees desperate to organise a last minute Christmas party and when we say last minute, we mean super last minute. For some, the idea of discussing this particular holiday in September brings on Grinch like grimaces and remarks but here are some of the top reasons why you should be booking your Christmas party early.

Stress – leaving the organisation of the Christmas party until the very last minute will leave you feeling stressed. Not only will you have a large number of colleagues staring at you blankly waiting for the directions to the non-existent shindig but you’ll be dealing with the Christmas rush too.

Get the best venue – there’s a reason we get booked up so quickly and it’s because we’re one of, if not the best venue in Essex. We offer amazing culinary delights along with free flowing drinks and great entertainment. It’s because of this that we get booked up super early so if you leave it until the last minute, you’ll be disappointed.

Pick your date – the longer you leave it, the more likely it is that you’ll be unable to book your favourite venue on the night you want it. Which means you being left with a date that only a fair few can make. This means that you’ll not only have to still organise the party but you’ll still have disappointed colleagues on your hands.

The answer is simple, avoid disappointment and get it done super early by booking a private or corporate Christmas party here at the Marygreen Manor. We can offer you an exceptional Christmas party at a fantastic rate. Our packages start from as little as £39.50 per person which means you could organise a fabulous Christmas party complete with DJ and a £500 bar tab with just one phone call. So what are you waiting for? Call 01277 225 252 or contact us here.

Are Gift Cards The Best Gift All Round?

Marygreen Manor Hotel Brentwood Essex Wedding Venue

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Are The Gift Of Choice

We all love our own birthday that’s for sure. We wake to a myriad of phone calls, text messages and even messages across our social media channels wishing us an amazing day. We’re then showered with gifts and generally spoilt rotten for the day. As a gift receiver, the day couldn’t be better but as the gift giver…well that’s an entirely different story. For the vast majority, it means a day of walking from one shop to another in a desperate attempt to find something that won’t only make them smile with joy on their special day but screams, “I know you so well”. Is that really the best thing to do though?

Let’s just all put our hands up and admit it: Gift vouchers are quite possibly the best gift you can get someone. Now before you begin to choke on your very British tea wondering who, other than a distant relative would you purchase a gift voucher for, we’re here to tell you that gift vouchers are the way forward. According to some of the most recent
statistics, 84% of people have received a gift voucher or a gift card and 72% have given one. By the end of last year alone, billions of dollars had been loaded onto gift vouchers making the case against them weakening by the day. Statistics have even shown that well over a third of consumers would choose a gift card as their present showing that the so-called novelty of a gift hasn’t worn off and shows no signs of doing so.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter just how much time we spend shopping for the special present, the vast majority of us (a whopping three out of four) will get it wrong. Faced with these sorts of statistics, it makes perfect sense to opt for a gift voucher. That’s before we even discuss the benefits of giving someone an experience rather than a materialistic object that remotely represents their likes for instance, “Here, I bought you a Minions ice cube tray that you’ll never use simply because I know you love the Minions.” How does buying an inanimate object that they’ll never use say, “I value our friendship so much”.

Considering the lack of enjoyment they’ll receive, the amount of stress you’ll inevitably go through and of course the environmental impact all those discarded gifts will have, it makes perfect sense to give the gift of an experience with a gift voucher. Not only do they abolish all gift-giving anxieties and any pretentions declaring you’re so confident in your relationship with that person that you have nothing to prove, but it also gives you both the chance to experience something together and create memories that will last a lifetime. For all those that consider giving a gift voucher to be anything but thoughtful, in a day where people often work two jobs just to get by, giving the gift of your time is the best gift of all.

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Create Memories

With that special someone’s birthday getting closer by the day, give yourself a break from the stress and anxiety and opt for a Marygreen Manor Gift Voucher. You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many different options to choose from including Afternoon Tea for one, two or four guests, Celebration Tea experiences and even a Champagne Afternoon Tea. You can also treat your loved ones to a Gourmet Get Away or A Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Experience for two. If you’re still struggling to decide just what it is you’d like to get them then you could always opt for the safe option and purchase gift vouchers in a domination of your choosing for any of our hotel and restaurant services here at the Marygreen Manor. That way, they decide just how they’d like to spend them and whom they’d like to take too. Give the gift of time and memories with Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers.

Celebrate National Parks Week Here At The Marygreen Manor

The countryside views

It’s National Park Week!

Right now we’re slap bang in the middle of National Park Week, the annual celebration of all things wonderful and unique about Britain’s countryside. This year, from Monday 27th July through to this coming Sunday 2nd August it’s the annual celebration of our national parks and breathtaking countryside and let’s face it, here in Essex we’ve got a generous amount of what a lot of people deem breathing space amongst the otherwise concrete jungles that surround us.
National Parks are so much more than just places to play; they’re places of inspiration. They’re also home to productive landscapes that offer us some of the best produce in the world. Here in our very own Tudors Restaurant, we enjoy a lot of local produce that’s grown from some of the most beautiful countryside’s in Essex.

Enjoy walks through the countryside during National Parks Week

So for those who might not be so “outdoorsy” should we say, what can the countryside offer? Well, how about walking? Walking happens to be one of the most popular activities in all of the National Parks in the country and when you think about it, is it really that surprising? People pay huge subscriptions and membership fees every month to jump on top of a treadmill in a dark, cold gym. Often faced with four walls and the odd TV to keep them entertained, they find exercise hard but why bother doing that when you could exercise for free in the great outdoors? Throw in a local pub for that much needed light refreshment along with the breathtaking views and you have your perfect location for some cardiovascular exercise. Public footpaths and open access land can be found on all good maps, not to mention the number of walking guides and books offering routes to follow. If the thought of jumping headfirst into an exploration sounds a little too much for you then why don’t you take a look at some of the guided walks and events? Not only is this a great way to explore somewhere you don’t know but it can also be a great way to meet people too. By enjoying the company of a guide you’ll also be privy to a lot of information such as highlight points and local history. Walking along the quiet footpaths in some of our countryside can also allow you to get a little closer to nature and some of the more wild residents. Take some binoculars and see how many creatures you spot.

Just because you prefer a higher-octane lifestyle however doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer. Cycling is a fab way to get out and enjoy Britain’s breathing spaces. Whether it’s a family bike ride along the woodland routes or perhaps a quiet country road, cycling can often allow you to get off the beaten track and explore more in one day than if you were on foot.

Landscaped gardens are the next best thing here at Marygreen Manor

a hanging basket in the marygreens manicured gardens

The perfect views

The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant is often chosen for the fact that it’s super easy to get to via road or rail but it’s also located perfectly for those who might want to explore the beautiful countryside here in Essex. One of the most popular locations for exploring the countryside for our guests is Thorndon Park. Whether it’s Thorndon North or Thorndon South, you’re guaranteed to find something to do from finding the famous Gruffalo Trail to taking in the views as far as Canary Wharf. Weald Country Park is just another example of some of the beautiful woodlands and open spaces we have just a stones throw from the hotel. Offering over 500 acres of lakes, hay and meadow, Weald Country Park offers unspoilt countryside as well as the chance to feed the deer with vegetable cuttings from the local shop.

For some however, even a walk through the woods can feel like too much effort, especially when you’re looking to relax and recharge from the everyday stresses of life but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors and stunning views. Right here in our very own space we have beautiful landscaped gardens that offer the perfect surroundings for rest and relaxation so whether you’re looking to get out and explore or simply want to remain within the walls of Marygreen Manor, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer during National Parks Week.

Festival Season Has Just Begun In Our Wonderful County Of Essex

Musical note

Festival Season Has Just Begun

If you didn’t get to the annual Brentwood Festival this past weekend then don’t worry your pretty little head because festival season is in full swing and showing absolutely no signs of stopping just yet. Arguably, the biggest festival in Essex every year, V Festival, is happening in a mere matter of weeks running on the 22nd and 23rd of August just a few minutes drive away in the picturesque surroundings of Hylands Park. Headlining will be music giants such as Kasabian, Tom Jones, Calvin Harris and even Ellie Goulding but the fun doesn’t stop there, not only will they be offering magical moments on their plethora of stages but they’ll also boast a comedy stage to keep you laughing from dusk until dawn.

Festivals in Essex have everything to offer

Elsewhere in our rather fabulous county however we’ve got a number of other festivals that are guaranteed to appeal, especially if you love your food. Running from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th August, the Clacton on Sea Food and Drink Festival will be held at the Marine Parade West. This festival promises a wide variety of stalls offering a scrumptious selection of foods. Whether you take a picnic or choose to sample the local produce on offer is entirely up to you.

Sophisticated times at the Roman River Music Festival in Essex

If you’re looking for something a little more music based however, then the Roman River Music Festival in September is guaranteed to give you your monies worth. Running at various locations in and around Essex from 18th September until 4th October it boasts philharmonic tones and the more contemporary sounds of Fiona Bevan.

Make this festival season the best yet with great accommodation in Essex

What we have discovered over the years however is that nothing is guaranteed to spoil an awesome festival weekend like a long and disjointed journey home and that’s exactly where we can help. The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant offers not only incredibly luxurious accommodation guaranteed to make you feel better after a day spent in the muddy fields of a festival, but it also offers great transport links for everything that’s happening this festival season. So grab those wellingtons and don’t forget the sunscreen to beat the heat and live it up in what looks to be one of the biggest festival seasons we’ve seen in Essex for years.
For information on accommodation and our great rates this summer, simply contact us today.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue In Essex


The Perfect Wedding Venue In Essex

When you’re newly engaged, one of the first questions you’ll inevitably be asked is, “have you picked a venue yet?” Although we want to scream to world just how happy we are that we’re about to spend the rest of our lives with the one we love, the constant barrage of questions about a venue can make you want to run and hide. Gone are the days when a couple would simply select the local church in their hometown and simply check it off their list of things to do. Wedding venue options are now almost infinite and as a result people want the very best space to say their “I do’s”. As a very popular wedding venue in Essex we’ve discovered that making things as easy as possible for couples is the best thing to do. Here are our five simple rules when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding venue in Essex. Stick by these and you should be able to select your ideal venue in no time at all.

  1. Understanding the logistics – with all the emotions and excitement that inevitably comes with such an occasion, it can be all too easy to see a venue, get excited and sign a contract. It’s important however that you consider the logistics of the venue saving you headaches later down the line. You need to think of how many guests you’ll be needing, the season and time of day and any special accommodation requirements. Give yourself a rough count of guests too as this will make things a lot easier when it comes to picking the venue.
  2. Visit the venue at the time of day your wedding will be – if you work a regular 9 to 5 then chances are you’ll be visiting your venue on a Saturday or Sunday but what time of day will you be getting hitched? You might fall in love with the venue immediately but you should always arrange for a second visit at the same time of day you plan on getting married. If you visit the venue at 9am in the morning, we guarantee you’ll see a completely different view at 5pm that evening. Everything from how the lighting floods into the space to how darker evenings may affect the setting will be things you’ll want to consider.
  3. Find out if the venue is full service – there are two different wedding venues in Essex, one that offers the full service and one that isn’t full service. Full service offers you everything from tables and chairs to catering and linen whilst a non-full service merely offers you the space. Looking for a full service venue will make your day sail smoother than a P&O ferry and will often make the end cost a lot smaller too. That means more for the honeymoon budget.
  4. Decide on your wedding style and feel – whether you want romance, elegance or urban industrial, the venue is there for the picking in our fabulous county. You just need to be specific about what you want and stick to your guns. You also need to ask yourself if the wedding you want will befit the seasonal weather you’ll be getting married in. Could your favourite wedding venue alter where the ceremony and wedding breakfast take place if the weather turns? As we all know this is hugely important here in the UK.
  5. Ask as many questions as possible – always ask as many questions as you possibly can. A silly question simply doesn’t exist, especially when it comes to one of the most important days of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask any question that pops into your head and if you don’t understand the answer or simply can’t remember all the information you’re being given, just ask again. Better yet, take a note pad and keep a note of answers to everything you’ve asked then just when you think you’ve asked every question possible, you’ll think of something else to ask. Get everything in writing and then go from there. That way you’ll have all the information you need to make the perfect decision.

Our Wedding Garden

Marygreen Manor is the best wedding venue in Essex

Here at The Marygreen Manor we’re one of the most popular wedding venues in Essex for a reason. We make things as easy as possible for our brides and grooms. We’re a full service venue in Essex offering outstanding locations (whatever the weather) along with award winning catering and drinks. We also happen to be located in the ideal spot for your guests to make their way to us before celebrating in style and eventually collapsing in our luxurious suites. We have wedding packages to suit every single budget so no matter what little extras you want, you can have it all here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. If you’d like to join us at one of our wedding open days then please feel free to pop along on Saturday 19th September where you’ll be able to grab all the information you could need.

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