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Keep Calm And Carry On Here At The Marygreen Manor

Marygreen Manor Hotel - Host To Keep Calm And Carry On

“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me.” If you know where this rather famous quote came from then we know you’ll just love our Keep Calm and Carry On dinner event here at the Marygreen Manor hotel and restaurant but before you decide to rest your feet, flick the kettle on and settle down with a hot mug of tea before perusing your diary to see if you’re free, you need to know one thing…the last remaining tickets are going quickly, very quickly in fact.

This coming Friday 18th September, Marygreen Manor will be playing host again to one of our most popular dinner events with the cast of Moneypenny Productions providing an evening of sheer fun and frolics. While the cast effortlessly fit in over thirty comedies into their evening of entertainment, you’ll be enjoying three courses of delicious food right here in our Tudor Restaurant. Cooked exquisitely by our expert team, we guarantee an evening of amazing flavours as well as some of the finest British humour.

Keep Calm and Carry On Dinner Event In Essex

The menu that you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying will offer a wide range of delicacies from prawn and salmon risotto, duck leg confit and even apple tarte tatin. There’s something for everyone on the menu and most certainly something for everyone when it comes to the evening’s entertainment. Thanks to the cast of classic characters, whether you’re after 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s frolics, the night will guarantee to entertain you but with tickets selling out fast and now less than a week to go, you’ll need to get in touch quick.

The entire evening’s events including a sublime three course meal and belly shaking laughter, will cost just a mere £49.50 per person but a deposit of £25.00 per person will be required at the time of booking. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the Marygreen Manor on 01277 225252 and book your place today.


Are Gift Cards The Best Gift All Round?

Marygreen Manor Hotel Brentwood Essex Wedding Venue

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Are The Gift Of Choice

We all love our own birthday that’s for sure. We wake to a myriad of phone calls, text messages and even messages across our social media channels wishing us an amazing day. We’re then showered with gifts and generally spoilt rotten for the day. As a gift receiver, the day couldn’t be better but as the gift giver…well that’s an entirely different story. For the vast majority, it means a day of walking from one shop to another in a desperate attempt to find something that won’t only make them smile with joy on their special day but screams, “I know you so well”. Is that really the best thing to do though?

Let’s just all put our hands up and admit it: Gift vouchers are quite possibly the best gift you can get someone. Now before you begin to choke on your very British tea wondering who, other than a distant relative would you purchase a gift voucher for, we’re here to tell you that gift vouchers are the way forward. According to some of the most recent
statistics, 84% of people have received a gift voucher or a gift card and 72% have given one. By the end of last year alone, billions of dollars had been loaded onto gift vouchers making the case against them weakening by the day. Statistics have even shown that well over a third of consumers would choose a gift card as their present showing that the so-called novelty of a gift hasn’t worn off and shows no signs of doing so.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter just how much time we spend shopping for the special present, the vast majority of us (a whopping three out of four) will get it wrong. Faced with these sorts of statistics, it makes perfect sense to opt for a gift voucher. That’s before we even discuss the benefits of giving someone an experience rather than a materialistic object that remotely represents their likes for instance, “Here, I bought you a Minions ice cube tray that you’ll never use simply because I know you love the Minions.” How does buying an inanimate object that they’ll never use say, “I value our friendship so much”.

Considering the lack of enjoyment they’ll receive, the amount of stress you’ll inevitably go through and of course the environmental impact all those discarded gifts will have, it makes perfect sense to give the gift of an experience with a gift voucher. Not only do they abolish all gift-giving anxieties and any pretentions declaring you’re so confident in your relationship with that person that you have nothing to prove, but it also gives you both the chance to experience something together and create memories that will last a lifetime. For all those that consider giving a gift voucher to be anything but thoughtful, in a day where people often work two jobs just to get by, giving the gift of your time is the best gift of all.

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers Create Memories

With that special someone’s birthday getting closer by the day, give yourself a break from the stress and anxiety and opt for a Marygreen Manor Gift Voucher. You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many different options to choose from including Afternoon Tea for one, two or four guests, Celebration Tea experiences and even a Champagne Afternoon Tea. You can also treat your loved ones to a Gourmet Get Away or A Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Experience for two. If you’re still struggling to decide just what it is you’d like to get them then you could always opt for the safe option and purchase gift vouchers in a domination of your choosing for any of our hotel and restaurant services here at the Marygreen Manor. That way, they decide just how they’d like to spend them and whom they’d like to take too. Give the gift of time and memories with Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers.

Enjoy The Summer Bank Holiday Here In Essex

Marygreen Manor Hotel Brentwood Essex Wedding Venue

The Summer Bank Holiday Has Never Looked So Good

British Bank Holidays, or public holidays as they’re otherwise known, have been recognised since 1871. You may be surprised to know however that they were actually first introduced for banks and their workers specifically. Due to their hectic work schedule and inability to make a sports match during the week, the bankers were given a “Bank Holiday” in order for them to catch a break and enjoy a game of cricket with friends. As a result of the banks shutting up shop for the day, other such traders followed suit and it soon became a day of fun and frolics for everyone. Bank Holidays are dotted about throughout the year from April through to December however one of the most popular happens to be our summer bank holiday that falls on the very last Monday of August each year (although Scotland still celebrate it on the first Monday of August in line with how it was first introduced).

The summer bank holiday beckons

As much as we may look forward to the summer bank holiday in August, it’s always a rather bittersweet day. Whilst it brings an extra day off from the harsh realities of work and responsibility, giving you much needed extra time with loved ones; it also spells the official end of the summer and that inevitable step closer towards cold winter months. All the more reason then that you should celebrate the summer bank holiday in Essex in true style. What better way to do that than with a rather fabulous Dinner, Bed and Breakfast deal here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant?

Enjoy a summer bank holiday steal

Running from Friday 28th until Monday 31st August, from just £99 per night, you and a guest can enjoy the luxury accommodation and award winning fine dining we have on offer. Our exquisite manor house has not only received an award for being the “Best Hotel Restaurant” through the Essex Food and Drink Awards but it also boasts an award winning wine list.

Eat well, travel often

With the vast majority believing the key to life is to “eat well, travel often” it would seem this is the deal that has it all for the perfect summer bank holiday. So what are you waiting for? Call now to book and avoid disappointment.

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