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Happy Father’s Day To All Those Wonderful Dads!

Father's hand

With just one more sleep until Father’s Day, we thought it appropriate to dedicate this latest blog post to the most important men in our lives…our fathers. So just before we welcome all those wonderful dads into our restaurant here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, we’d like to tell you just why our dads are so great, from their uncanny ability to pull a dad joke out of thin air to their very own special ways they bond with their children. Here goes…

Rough and tumble dads – from play wrestling to running around like lunatics, you can always count on dad to be the rough and tumble one. It can make so many mother’s cringe with fear as they see they precious baby thrown in the air but at the end of the day, everyone knows they’re all having fun and as dads will often say, a little bit of rough and tumble will do a child good.

Dad jokes – as much as you might think they’re super corny, you secretly laugh at them every single time. We groan and moan, “oh god dad, not another one” but we wouldn’t have them any other way. Keep being amazing, dads.

Dads are the best coaches – whether they’re coaching a team or offering a little one-on-one advice when it comes to playing games, dads are the best at being super enthusiastic and it’s this enthusiasm that’s super infectious. Whether it’s football, rugby or cricket, dads will always be there to cheerlead you on and at the end of the day, while most will see it as a love of the sport; it’s simply a love of his kids.

Dad the fierce protector – there’s a very good reason why boys are absolutely terrified of meeting their partner’s dads and that’s because they’re protective and totally unafraid when it comes to instilling fear in anyone they think may cause harm to their child. Dads will chase away the bogeyman; make sure no one picks on you in the playground and pretty much carry on doing so well into adulthood.

Dads are quite simply the best so treat him to a day he won’t forget. Call 01277 225 252 to see if there’s a last minute table for our unforgettable Father’s Day Lunch.

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