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Enjoy a fabulous New Year here at Marygreen Manor


Treat yourself to a little luxury and begin the year how you’d like to finish it…

New Years Day, a day known worldwide which marks the very beginning of the Gregorian calendar. It doesn’t matter what continent you may be in around the globe because absolutely everyone enjoys the countdown to this fantastic public holiday however that’s not to say that everyone celebrates in the same way.

New Years Day celebrations vary hugely across different cultures with some gifting their children in honour of the new year ahead, while others (Japanese) celebrate a mass birthday with everyone proclaiming their birthday to be the 1st January. In Scotland, the tradition of Hogmanay takes the population outdoors visiting friends and family after the clock strikes midnight on. While your traditions and values may vary, one thing that does appear to cross the cultures is the belief that New Year’s Day marks the very first day on which to begin a fresh new year and with a fresh start come many new resolutions.

With such big life changing decisions going on, we can’t help but think that you should begin this magical new year in some extraordinary surroundings, if only to start as you mean to go on and what better place than our very own manor house, Marygreen Manor.

Whether you’re looking to give yourself a tranquil start to 2016 in the form of a luxury suite and food cooked to order, or you’re simply looking for somewhere a little extra special in which to spend the first day of the rest of your [new] life, the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant is the perfect choice. With an award winning wine list, the very finest dining in Essex as well as some wonderfully exquisite accommodation, our manor house really does have it all. It’s also in the ideal location to celebrate New Years Eve along the rather vibrant Brentwood high street or better still, if you managed to grab hold of tickets, here at the Marygreen herself. For more information on how we can make your New Years in Essex an extra special one, contact us today on 01277 225 252

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