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Keep Organised For A Stress-Free Christmas!

Christmas 010

Being such a popular venue in Essex for Christmas Parties, and even Christmas Day gatherings, we know too well the importance of getting yourselves organised for Christmas and as December seems to have popped up out of nowhere, we thought we’d look at some top organising tips to ensure you’ve got everything sorted and in place, ready for you to relax and enjoy Christmas Day to the max.

Get the Christmas Cards written – it always feels like a project in itself to write cards and send them off in time so now is the perfect time to do it. Grab your address book or even your phone call list and use it as your Christmas Card list. Simply go through in alphabetical order and count up everyone who you’ll be buying a card for. You might also want to add a few extra special cards for special family members too. You could even make a saving by using second class stamps if you send them within the first week of December. Can’t bring yourself to write them out all in one go? Then sit down and write a few each evening.

Think of weight when buying presents – if you’re going to be posting presents, then we advise you have a little think about shape and weight. Ideal presents for posting include clothes, dress jewellery, cuddly toys, vouchers and even magazine subscriptions. You might also want to look at things that get sent for you such as hampers, flowers and wine. These types of gifts usually include very well priced postage too.

Stick to your present list and budget – this is something that seems to go ignored year after year as people inevitably go overboard. This year make a promise to yourself that you won’t over spend. You’ll stick to your budget and for once, not spend the rest of the New Year paying for your Christmas presents. If you don’t have a lot of money, then why not think of being a little more creative? Children, especially, love creative gifts, appreciating what you’ve made for them and is often the case, they’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by presents on the day anyway so instead, give them something to truly cherish. For others, why not try getting just one special present instead of several others.

There are of course a million and one other tips you could try to keep yourself organised ready for Christmas but we thought these were the best of the bunch and perfect for freeing up time and money for you to enjoy perhaps a delicious Christmas Day meal here at Marygeen Manor. Contact us for more information.


Start And Finish Your Christmas Shopping Today With Marygreen Manor Vouchers

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas here at the Marygreen Manor

We’ve got just 21 more days of Christmas shopping opportunities left. Now although that does sound like a fair amount of time, when you work out how many of those days will be crossed off the list with work, that whittles it down to just 6 days left. Again, this could be misconstrued as more than enough time but that’s not taking into consideration any weekend hobbies, socialising or even relaxation time that we’ll inevitably take on the run up to the big day. So really, all in all, we probably have maybe 1 or 2 good days. The question is, do you know what you’re getting and where from because if not, you’re in for a tough ride. Equally, even if you know what’s on your shopping list, it’s still very much a guessing game as to whether or not the shops will still have it in stock. The short and sweet of it is, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping by now, you’re going to come a little unstuck.

Now before you pass out in fear, overwhelmed by images of tantrum throwing spouses, we’re hear to tell you we have the answer and it comes in the form of a rather small and rather innocent looking gift voucher. At the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, a gift voucher doesn’t just buy you food; it buys you a tantalising, mouth-watering explosion in each bite you take. It doesn’t just buy you a hotel room; it buys you a luxurious escape from the rat race and daily grind in the comfort of exquisite furnishings. It doesn’t just buy you afternoon tea; it buys you a trip back to 1840 when Anna the Duchess of Bedford first discovered a craving for such delights.

Gift a loved one the true gift of time and memories this year with a gift voucher for the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

Let’s Make Christmas Fun Again With A Pre-Christmas Dinner In Essex

Enjoy Our Pre-Christmas Lunch And Dinner Here At The Marygreen

Enjoy Our Pre-Christmas Lunch And Dinner Here At The Marygreen

November is barely even here but already we’ve had lowered temperatures, wet and windy conditions along with the sudden urge to begin our Christmas shopping. The big day is only seven Mondays away (or so someone on Facebook said) and already we’re beginning to feel the anxiety about buying the perfect present, getting the perfect outfit and arranging for all the family to get together amongst everyone’s other family commitments. By the time December hits, we’re all guaranteed one huge headache but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here at the Marygreen Manor, one of the most popular hotels in Essex, we want to put a stop to all of this festive stress and give you a chance to not only enjoy Christmas day but enjoy the lead up to Christmas itself too. The run up to our favourite holiday of the year is meant to be just as exciting as the big day itself but with so much pressure, it’s no wonder people are turning their backs on fun and frolics, opting to hide away indoors instead.

We propose that for just one day you throw down the shopping bags. Discard the glittery wrapping paper and stop curling that ribbon because this year, you’re going to enjoy a run up to Christmas like no other. This year you’re going to relax and understand just what it feels like to be waited on, hand and foot. How’s that we hear you ask? Well, with Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, you can enjoy the luxury of a pre-Christmas lunch or dinner in the company of your loved ones. Not only will it force you to stop worrying, but it will also give you the opportunity to spend time with those who matter most whilst enjoying some of the finest dining in Essex.

This Christmas, make a difference and give yourself what you deserve straight from our Pre-Christmas Menu. Starting from just £16.95 per person, between the 1st and 24th December, you can enjoy some true delights, exquisitely prepared while you enjoy a tipple from our award winning wine list. Now what could possibly be better than that?

Take The Stress Out Of Gift Giving This Year With Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers


Be extra popular under the mistletoe this year

It’s that time of year again when it can be easy to get caught up in the search for the ideal gift. Your mind is in a whirl as to whether your mother will love the cashmere sweater or whether your brother really will love the video game you bought him. What many don’t understand is the fact that your search isn’t just about buying a present, it’s about buying a present that not only makes the person receiving it happy but avoids any serious dents in the bank at the same time.


Would you believe a number of studies actually support the notion that spending money on people makes you happy, so if you’re planning on buying a few presents (for others) this year then you’re well on your way to a happy Christmas. The best thing you could therefore do is ensure the stress of gift giving is completely removed and for that, we have a few suggestions.


Create memories and buy experiences as opposed to things – one of the greatest gifts in life can be receiving a truly meaningful experience. The reason for this is actually down to the fact that people adapt to things. Yes, that new iPhone was so amazing when you first got it last year but now it’s just slipped into every day life. What was an amazing gift is now looking past its sell by date and about to get thrown in the trash to make room for the next model. This gift will be forgotten however an experience is a different thing entirely. An experience can be absolutely anything such as a gift voucher for a wonderful meal in our stunning Tudor Restaurant to a night in one of our luxury suites. A gift like this not only strengthens your relationship through the simple act of spending time with one another and doing things together but it will also create some wonderful memories too. These experiences can be shared and savoured. You’ll enjoy these memories and relive them for years to come.


Gift cards aren’t the enemy – for one reason or another, people fear the gift voucher. For some, a wash of guilt rides over them the moment they purchase a gift card. The fear of being perceived as impersonal can become too much but oh how times have changed. One study concludes that by enjoying the experience with the person in question, you’re not only making the gift super personal but you also get to see them enjoy it. You also get to completely eliminate any stress usually associated with gift giving which, let’s face it, is worth its weight in gold.

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas here at the Marygreen Manor

Here at the Marygreen Manor, we offer a range of different gift vouchers that’ll not only help eliminate any possible chance of stress but will also offer some rather luxurious experiences for you and your loved ones. If you’d like to sweep that special someone off of their feet and whisk them away for a luxury stay in our deluxe suites then you could always opt for our Deluxe Accommodation For 2 Guests gift voucher. This offers an overnight stay and a full English breakfast the very next day. If you’re looking for something a little extra special then why not opt for our Gourmet Get-Away for 2 Guests. This offers accommodation, a 3 course a la carte dinner with wine as well as a breakfast the following morning. Our range of gift vouchers also include options to enjoy our world famous Afternoon and Celebration Teas so no matter who you’re buying for, we’ll have something that’s guaranteed to make them smile like a Cheshire cat this Christmas morning.

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