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Our Wedding Open Day Is Coming Soon!

The Marygreen Manor, a hotel and restaurant that’s known nationwide for being not only fantastic accommodation but also home to some of the finest dining in Essex but did you know it’s actually a pretty fabulous wedding venue too? Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of happy couples have said “I do” right here in our hotel, posing for pictures in our landscaped gardens and enjoying their first night as a married couple in our luxury accommodation.

Now of course, we could tell you how fabulous you are until the sun goes down but there’s only one way to truly find out and that’s to come along and see for yourself. Luckily for you, it just so happens that we’ll be having our very own Wedding Open Day on Saturday 30th September; the perfect opportunity to for you to grab a sneak peek into the world of one of Essex’s most popular wedding venues. You’ll get to see everything from our bridal suites to executive rooms, the areas where you’ll say “I do” and even our beautiful gardens where if you’re lucky enough with the English weather, you’ll get to pose for your wedding photos complete with a stunning backdrop!

So, here’s what you need to know! The open day will be starting from 10am and going on until around 4pm. We’ll be serving canapés and Champagne throughout the day, which you’ll find at the entrance because after all, who doesn’t love being greeted with food and fizz? As well as being privy to a few behind the scenes peeks, you’ll also find yourself presented with some fantastic special deals and discounts just for showing up to our open day! So what are you waiting for? Put the Marygreen Manor wedding open day in your diary now!


Choosing your Essex Wedding Venue

Our Essex Wedding Venue

Our Essex Wedding Venue

Here at Marygreen Manor, we know that too much choice when it comes to an Essex wedding venue especially, can make things super difficult. It’s for this reason alone we decided to create a “top tips” list to help you choose the perfect Essex wedding venue or in the very least, realise just why we’re the perfect wedding venue for you.

Location – as they say, location is key but not just for you. Remember, while this is of course your day, you’re also expecting a great deal of wedding guests to make their way to your venue too. This means that not only do you want a stunning location in which to say your “I do”, but it also needs to be accessible and that’s just one of the many areas in which we don’t disappoint. With fantastic links to the M25, the A12 and of course National Railway, we couldn’t be easier for yourself and your guests to get to. We’ll also cut out any inconvenient travelling inbetween the ceremony and the reception by holding everything in one place. Perfect!

Budget – this is an obvious factor to consider for any wedding venue and yet another in which we’re able to please a wide crowd. We understand only too well that a wedding budget can vary wildly from one person to the next and as such, we’ve created an array of wedding packages to suit any budget. For more information on these wedding packages, simply jump online today.

Visit Twice – this may not sound like an obvious tip but it’s one we couldn’t agree with more. So many people book a wedding venue while visiting on an open day and while we do agree, you get to see a wedding venue in all it’s glory, we think it’s important to take a good look at any potential venue enough to get a real feel of the place and ensure you aren’t simply getting caught up in the excitement of it all.

Here at Marygreen Manor, we couldn’t be more experienced when it comes to hosting a wedding and as such, know only too well just how to ensure a happy couple of their wedding day. If you’d like more advice when it comes to your big day, or possibly booking our grand manor house as the venue in which you say “I do”, simply contact us today.


Our Wedding Venue Open Day Is A Date For Your Diary!

wedding venue open day

As the summer season sets in, so too does that wonderful wedding buzz. Here at Marygreen Manor, we simply adore the glow of an excited bride, the jovial behavior between a groom and his groomsmen. We love watching couples say “I do”, dedicating their lives to one another and celebrating all that it entails with their nearest and dearest. While the wedding day is indeed an important day, and one to be remembered no less, there’s one day that the staff of Marygreen Manor love even more than a wedding and that’s our wedding open days. The air of excitement that takes over our manor house from not just one, but a multitude of excited couples is quite simply heart warming. There’s nothing so beautiful as a newly engaged couple envisioning their day together. With this in mind, we’d like to ask you to put a date in your diary for our next wedding venue open day!

On Saturday 30th September, we’ll be opening our doors for all newly engaged (and not so newly engaged) couples up and down the country. You’ll get to see our full facilities in all their glory, set for the wedding of your dreams from 10am until 4pm. We’ll be offering canapés, Champagne and unbridled viewing of everywhere from our bridal suites to our ceremony halls. You’ll also be privy to some fabulous special offers and discounts on the day.

Why attend our wedding venue open day?

A question we often get asked however, “should I go to a wedding open day?” So we thought we’d address this commonly asked question here by explaining exactly why you should! Here goes;

It’s super fun – while it might sound like a bit of a drag for those who may not be as detail oriented as the next person, wedding open days are great fun. Not only will you get to see the place you’ll (hopefully) be saying “I do” but you’ll also get to enjoy free champagne and canapés. What more could you want?

Take the stress out of your big day – attending our wedding venue open day won’t just give you a glimpse of your wedding venue. It will also give you a glimpse as to how we can help you when it comes to catering, drinks and décor. We’ll help to take the stress out of your day by organising a huge chunk. We may even be able to offer the names of some fabulous suppliers we’ve worked with before in the past.

Feel inspired – not sure how you want your big day to look? Then allow us to show you some of the best ways to decorate our manor house. Take a little inspiration from the experts here at Marygreen Manor and add your own personal twist.

Save money – as we mentioned above, attending our wedding venue open day will mean you’re privy to a few discounts and deals. This will save you more money than you realised; money that could be better spent elsewhere, such as a honeymoon for example?

Ask all the questions you need to – we know only too well in this day and age that finding out information can be tough. The majority of the time, it’s a case of sending emails back and forth until you have all the information you need which, when coupled with jobs and family commitments, can take a while. By attending our open day however, you’ll get to ask all the questions you can think of and receive an answer there and then. No time consuming emails, no back and forth with staff members. Just simple, easy advice and help.

For more information on our wedding venue open day, simply contact us on 01277 225 252.

Enjoy Your Wedding Whatever The Weather

essex wedding venue

It feels like weddings are all around at the moment and are you surprised? There’s nothing quite like a spring wedding here in the UK but with spring weather comes a level of uncertainty. While you can’t predict just what will happen on your big day, there are ways you can prepare for it and here at Marygreen Manor, we’ve become experts when it comes to planning for unexpected weather on your wedding day. Here are some of our top tips for keeping everyone warm, dry and most importantly focusing on the bride and not the pouring rain.

Talk to your venue – despite everyone’s good spirits and insistence that it “won’t rain”, we can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to talk to your venue i.e. Marygreen Manor. You want to know if they offer a plan B should the heavens open and you find yourself in the middle of the biggest storm to ever hit Brentwood. From the ceremony to the wedding photos, you need to ensure that there are options to cater for such events. Thankfully, here at Marygreen Manor, we have halls and suites to cater to every wedding party size should the weather stop you from enjoying the spring sunshine.

Secure a tent or hall indoors – while it’s all very well and good knowing a venue has a hall or suite available should the weather turn disastrous, simply knowing this information isn’t enough. Take the smart step and secure a tent or hall indoors should the weather turn nasty. This not only allows your day to continue without pause but also prevents any stress or worry on the day…something any bride and groom could do without.

Plan ahead – it’s always best to plan ahead when it comes to weddings instead of leaving it until the week before your wedding to decide what you’ll do should the weather turn nasty. Consider everything, from the placing of the cake to the flowers, wedding music and more. Whether it’s an extra layer to go with your bridal gown, a few logs beside the fire should the wind pick up or even the necessary ingredients to put together a batch of hot chocolate, it pays to plan ahead. It may involve spending a few extra pounds but we guarantee it’ll be worth every penny if you wake up on the morning of your wedding to bad weather.

Keep everyone in the loop – if you really have your heart set on a wedding out in the open space, such as our landscaped gardens for instance, then we suggest you let your guests know what they’re getting involved in. Even if you decide to leave just a small note on your wedding invitation, or even a popular addition to all wedding invites now known as the “rain card” that simply suggests your guests prepare for an outdoor wedding. This reminds them to dress appropriately should the weather take a turn for the worse. The more information you give your guests, the better they’ll be able to prepare and the happier they’ll be. This makes for far less stress on the day and anything that helps towards smooth sailing is good in our books.

Last but not least…embrace it – as any resident of the UK knows, you can’t control the weather so if you can’t beat them, join them and embrace a little rain. Think about the most romantic scenes in your favourite romcoms and remind yourself of the rain that often fills them. At the very least, you’ll have some of the most memorable wedding photography moments to look forward to.

For more information on our wedding packages here at Marygreen Manor, or for help planning for Britain’s inclement weather, simply jump online to our website today!

Have You Stayed At Our Sister Hotel Yet?


Let’s face it, no one likes to think of themselves as self-absorbed, so every once in a while, it pays to put the focus else where for a change. That’s why for this week’s blog, we thought we’d focus on our sister hotel in Ruislip, The Barn Hotel. That’s right, there’s more than one wonderful hotel and restaurant in the family, in the Marygreen Manor family that is.

The Barn Hotel in Ruislip is a luxury boutique hotel in London. It’s sat within roughly three acres of beautiful landscaped gardens and finds itself close to the likes of Uxbridge, Harrow and Central London. It’s also pretty close to Heathrow making it a nice destination to stay before and after flights. It’s also perfect for those attending events at Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena and Wembley Conference Centre making it the ideal business accommodation. With great transport links however, via road and train, it really does happen to be a great location for most in the city.

While the Barn does offer a cosy, quaint feeling at times, it actually offers a total of 73 bedrooms with many including deluxe rooms and suites, perfect for those wanting something a little extra special. Every single room in the hotel boasts fine fabrics, furnishings and that unbeatable “old world” charm. Pair this with it’s modern facilities and it’s the perfect location for both business and vacationing guests.

Much like the Marygreen Manor too, The Barn is known for it’s superb cuisine in the Jacobean restaurant Hawtrey’s, offering exquisite French cuisine. With such fine dining on offer, along with fabulous interiors and accommodation, it’s no wonder The Barn has now become such a popular choice for weddings too; offering a variety of packages to suit almost every budget.

Now of course, we may be slightly biased here in our opinion that no where compares to the wonder that is the Marygreen Manor, however if we were ever looking for a close second, The Barn would be at the top of our list. If you’re looking for luxury accommodation in London, simply take a peek at our sister hotel today or better yet, call 01895 636057.

What to expect at a wedding venue’s open day

Wedding Table Centre

When it comes to your big day, you taste the cake and you try on the dress to make sure everything’s perfect so why shouldn’t you test out your intended wedding venue too? Attending a wedding venue open day is the perfect time to see for yourself just how your wedding venue could look on the day and as it’s one of the most important days of your life, would you really want to leave it all to chance?

If you’ve spent time house-hunting, then you’ll no doubt know just how easy it is for somewhere to appear impeccable in photographs, only to disappoint hideously in the flesh. A wedding open day, therefore, is a great chance for you to road-test the place you’ll be saying “I do” before you hand over that deposit.

Why attend a wedding venue open day?

Whether you’ve fallen head over heels in love with your dream wedding venue or you’re still trying to find one, attending an open day is the perfect way to see your would-be venue decorated in wedding décor and filled with a great deal of people. It’s no different to a dress that instantly becomes transformed when you slip into it, from its appearance on the hanger. Any wedding venue will have a completely different appearance. In fact, even the most stunning venue such as our very own Marygreen Manor, will look even more spectacular when it’s draped in beautiful flowers, pearls and lace, making it even more spectacular.

Already decided Marygreen Manor is the wedding venue for you? Attending our open day is still a great way to take a peek at décor ideas for your day. It’s perfect for seeing what you do and don’t want too. We suggest carrying a notepad around with you at all times so you can make a note here and there of what you’ve seen. If you ask nicely, you may even be able to take some quick pics too.

What should you expect at a wedding venue open day?

So what should you expect? Well, you should expect plenty of opportunity to ask questions and meet the wedding planners and coordinators. You can also expect an informal look around of the grounds as well as other facilities without the pressure of having to book or make any commitments on the spot. It’s advisable to use your time at the open day to your advantage, so make as many notes as you can, plan your day and come up with as many ideas for wedding photo locations as you can. Check out parking facilities for guests and most of all, pay very close attention to how the venue is presented. You should also inquire about the option to change things if you don’t like what you see.

You’ll no doubt also come across your wedding venues “preferred suppliers” too. This is a great opportunity to see a range of products all under one roof that not only work well with your venue, but also have a great rep already for delivering their product to the spec required. Going with the unknown is great but when you have companies with an established relationship with your venue, it makes sense to take advantage of this.

Last but not least, let’s look at questions you should be asking at your wedding venue open day shall we?

• Will you get exclusive use?
• Where are the best locations for photos on the day?
• Are they licensed for civil ceremonies too?
• Do they have their own registrar?
• What are seated and standing capacities for all rooms?
• Are there any decorating restrictions on the venue?
• What’s guest accommodation like?
• What’s your cancellation policy like?
• Are there any mandatory suppliers?

Here at Marygreen Manor, we’d love for you to attend our next wedding venue open day on Saturday, January 28th.

Winter Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day At Marygreen Manor


For all those saying their “I do’s” here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant during the festive season, or following winter months, we thought we’d compile a list of some fabulous winter wedding ideas that may not have been tried before. While snowflakes and pinecones are tried-and-tested winter wedding motifs, they aren’t mandatory. So here, for all you winter bride-to-be’s, here are some awesome ways to reinvent your winter wedding at the Marygreen Manor.

Wedding Colours – reds and greens are obviously very reflective of the season but overdoing this particular colour scheme is guaranteed to give your wedding more of a Christmas theme than you probably intended. When it comes to wedding colours, you may want to take on the whole “less is more” mantra. Take a look at silver and whites, and perhaps even a few crystals for some serious wintery glamour. For the ceremony itself, you may even want to consider white satin ribbons on chairs as well as crystal curtain backdrops. If you’re braving the outdoors, clear umbrellas are a perfect “gift” to guests as they arrive.

Flowers – while red roses and calla lilies are obviously winter wedding flowers, stepping outside the “obvious” box will certainly make your winter nuptials stand out. You may want to consider fuller flowers such as soft ranunculus’s or white hydrangeas. White boutonnieres can be incredibly beautiful when given green accents or simple white ribbons.

Invitations – most winter weddings are held indoors and as a result, often call for a more formal invitation (think ballroom reception) which makes it the perfect time to play around with black tie event type invitations. Think heavy cardstock, navy blue, chocolate brown and even eggplant fonts with calligraphy. If you’re looking for an even more formal tone, then you might want to try using thick, frosted Plexiglas invitations with white scripted inks. Tuck them into silver envelope liners and away you go.

Centre piece – if you’d like to heighten the drama on your big day then you might want to go beyond the usual candles to add warmth and romance. Think of bringing the outdoors in with ice-carved vases on reception tables filled with tall winter branches. Hang crystals from tables to reflect light from the tables and surround centerpieces with candles.

Here at Marygreen Manor, we want you to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. For more information on our wedding packages or for last minute bookings, simply contact us today.

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