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Father’s Day Here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 18th June. We’ve been celebrating this special day for years, especially here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant and rightly so, but just where did it originate? Well, despite our love for our fathers, you might be surprised to learn that actually, Father’s Day originated in the United States having been celebrated there since 1966. While many argue over its exact origin, we know the celebration of fatherhood itself began roughly 100 years ago

A huge amount of people believes a Sonora Dodd from Washington, actually came up with the idea after listening to a sermon based on Mother’s Day. Dodd and her siblings were exceptionally close to their father after he’d raised them single-handedly when their mother had died in childbirth. Dodd, subsequently began the campaign and the first unofficial Father’s Day was held in 1910 with towns and cities across America soon following suit. Others claim a Grace Golden Clayton should be credited with the birth of the holiday after she suggested celebrating our male parent way back in 1908. This was following a mine explosion in a near-by town which killed more than 360 men and as such, Grace thought the now fatherless children deserved a day to remember their now lost fathers.

Regardless of its origin, Father’s Day is very much here and while we do agree Father’s should be celebrated every single day, here at Marygreen Manor, we simply can’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate just that little extra. That’s why we have created a very special Father’s Day Lunch with an extra special menu. With delights such as prawn and saffron risotto, duck liver pate and a roast rib eye of beef – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face. Call 01277 225252 to book a table today.

Marygreen Gift Vouchers Are The Perfect Choice!

Marygreen Gift Vouchers

Marygreen Gift Vouchers

As anyone knows, gift buying can be tricky for even the closest of people, which is why we decided to offer you not only a helping hand, but also the perfect solution. Here at Marygreen Manor, we want people to stop buying material gifts and instead, give the gift of memories.

While a new tablet or phone may offer initial excitement upon unwrapping, and a new dress excite her senses for the night she wears it, we guarantee that within days, the excitement will wear thin and the memories with fade.

With a Marygreen Manor Gift Voucher however, not only are you telling that special someone just how much you adore them (so much so in fact that you’re quite literally buying time with them) but you’re also offering them wonderful memories they’ll cherish forever.

Afternoon Tea Gift Vouchers

Afternoon Tea Gift Vouchers

Let’s not forget that in this fast paced world, too few of us take the time to sit down, relax and really smell the roses. With a gift voucher from Marygreen Manor however, they’ll quite literally be forced to take some time out and indulge in the more pleasant things in life, in the very least, step away from the office, kitchen, nursery or wherever else causes them stress from day to day.

Gourmet Get-Away Gift Vouchers

Gourmet Get-Away Gift Vouchers

We have a range of gift vouchers available too so no matter whom you’re buying for, we’re guaranteed to have something to send them into a frenzy. From afternoon tea gift vouchers to a delicious gourmet get-away for two, we’ve got it all. Hop online now and take a glimpse at just what you could be surprising that special someone with today. All safe payments are handled online via PayPal to make things as easy and secure as possible and what’s more, you don’t even have to leave the sofa to pick the perfect gift…but we’ll keep that little secret just between us.

Rainy Day Easter Activities

Rainy Day Easter Activities

Rainy Day Easter Activities

It’s never fun being the bearer of bad news but here at Marygreen Manor, we’re never ones to let a little rain get in the way of some family fun. With rain forecast for Easter Sunday, we feel it’s our duty to give you a few ideas of just what you can get up when staying here in our Essex hotel. From indoor Easter egg hunts to a little wine list indulgence, there’s plenty for you to enjoy so sit back, relax and let us inspire you.

Afternoon Tea – whether you’re travelling with younger ones or in a group of adults only, there’s nothing quite like an afternoon tea to turn your rainy day around and here at Marygreen Manor, we’re known throughout Essex for the best Afternoon Tea in Essex. Enjoy cakes, sandwiches and a glass of bubbly (or two) and watch the rain fall from the warmth of our conservatory room.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt – ok ok, so we know this one’s a little harder when you’re staying in a hotel but our rooms are certainly large enough to create a few hiding spaces so while the rest of your family are enjoying breakfast in our Tudors Restaurant, we suggest you start looking for the best hiding places (under the bed, behind the curtains) and create a few clues to boot. Better yet, turn it into a general knowledge game and quiz the kids to receive a clue. We guarantee some smiles, giggles and a morning of chocolatey fun.

Wine List Indulgence – as well as having a fabulous restaurant, we also boast an award-winning wine list so if you’re away without the children, we suggest you take it as an opportunity to start familiarising yourself with the difference between a pinot noir and a sauvignon blanc.

Whatever you choose to do, here at Marygreen Manor, the best hotel in Essex, we insist you don’t let the weather spoil your time this Easter weekend.

You Need To Try Marygreen Manor Fine Dining!

Rib Eye Steak and tomatoes

Simply sublime

Did you know one of the main reasons people miss out on a truly joyful moment in life – price. That’s right! Label a restaurant as fine dining and people immediately see pound signs. While we can’t deny, a true fine dining experience is always a little more expensive, it’s no where near the kind of price many seem to think it is. It’s also worth noting that a true fine dining experience will provide you with three elements you just won’t find anywhere else and they are…

High quality food and drink – here at Marygreen Manor, we cook from only the very best ingredients. We always, when able to, source local ingredients too. This means that our menu changes seasonally and while it may not feature as many dishes as say, a chain restaurant in the high street, you will instead notice some truly unique items that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. On top of this, you’ll also find yourself privy to an award-winning wine list with each wine picked specifically to compliment each individual dish.

Unbeatable service – when it comes to service within a fine dining restaurant, there’s quite simply nothing else like it. Not only will you find staff much more attentive to your every need, but you’ll also find a few added extras such as crumbing tables between courses, replacing napkins if you leaves the table, escorting you to the table and holding chairs for women as well as serving food directly at the table. Such added details are quite simply exquisite and really separate a fine dining restaurant from any other.

An elegant atmosphere – from grand décor to modern, contemporary hand made furniture; a fine dining restaurant is guaranteed to blow you away and Marygreen Manor is no exception to the rule. Considering the history of our manor house, you’ll find some amazing period features offering a real hint of our Tudor history too.

As you can see, fine dining is much more than simply “eating out”. It’s an experience that you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Spoil Mum This Mother’s Day At Marygreen Manor

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away now and while we’d all love to have the time to organise the perfect day from scratch, sometimes, life just gets in the way. That’s why we thought we’d make it easy for you by giving you the Marygreen Manor guide to the perfect Mother’s Day, from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to sleep!

Breakfast – this is the first part of the day and as such, perfect for setting the tone for the rest of the day. Make her feel spoilt by surprising her with either breakfast in bed, or, if she’s a bit of a neat freak, have a beautiful breakfast laid out waiting for her as she walks to the dining table. Whether it’s a full on spread or simply a bowl of her favourite cereals, just having it ready and waiting for her will be a lovely gesture.

The Gift – while it’s always the thought that counts, getting Mum a truly fabulous gift will always go down well. Nothing says I love you more than a nice piece of jewellery. Something that sparkles will always go down well, oh and don’t forget the flowers guys.

The Dinner – luckily for you, here at Marygreen Manor, we’re hosting a special Mother’s Day Lunch at just £23 per person. Not only do you get the grandeur of our sensational Tudor Restaurant but you also get to treat Mum (and yourself) to the finest dining experience in Essex. What could be better?

The Getaway – now while a delicious Mother’s Day Lunch could be considered the icing on the cake, here at Marygreen Manor, we say you need to add a little cherry on top and that cherry comes in the form of a nights stay in our luxury accommodation that comes complete with a full breakfast the next morning.

Now if that’s not the best Mother’s Day treat you’ve ever heard of, we don’t know what is! Call us today on 01277 225252 or email us at for more info!

Pancake Day Is Just Around The Corner!


Valentine’s Day has been and gone and while the majority will be talking about the next public holiday, Mother’s day, here at the Marygreen Manor, we’ve got another special day on our minds; Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day.

That’s right guys, the one day a year when it’s perfectly acceptable to throw food all around your kitchen is well and truly back next week. On Tuesday 28th February, people up and down the country will be stocking up on chocolate spread as well as sugar and lemon, ready to fill their tums with their favourite snack.

Pancake day has always been a strange one for the simple fact that while we could enjoy pancakes all year round, whenever we fancy, we choose instead to wait for this one special day a year. With the nation waiting on tenterhooks for Shrove Tuesday to come around before they gorge on sweet or savoury versions of the light and fluffy treat. The question is however, just why do we celebrate with pancakes?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that pancakes are now forever associated with Shrove Tuesday for the simple fact of convenience. Pancakes offer the perfect solution in helping to use up all of the fatty foods before Lent. Historically, families would clear out their cupboards and shelves, removing all traces of fatty foods (which of course normally tended to be the most tempting) so they weren’t there to tempt them during Lent. Eggs, milk and sugar aren’t usually eaten during Lent and as a result, need to be eaten beforehand but it’s these three ingredients that happen to make something wonderful when they come together.

The question is however, will it be a sweet pancake for you or a savoury one? If you think you have the best pancake recipe in Essex, then we want to hear about it. Comment below with your favorite recipes, you never know, we may just have to try them ourselves. Have a fabulous Shrove Tuesday guys…and don’t eat too many pancakes…well at least not all of them.

Don’t Be A Plonker All Your Life!


Let’s face it, who didn’t laugh uncontrollably at Rodney and Del when the chandelier fell, smashing to pieces? Or that time when Del fell through the bar or the brothers crashed a funeral wake dressed as Batman and Robin. Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves fans of Only Fools and Horses would find it difficult to a) not recall the comedic moments and b) tell you they didn’t find it funny. Whether you’re happy to admit it or not, the show was a real winner and just one of those that managed to make the majority of the population laugh out loud on a weekly basis for years.

The end of the show itself saw millions feeling lost and for the years since the show ceased, we’ve watched repeat after repeat, finding ourselves laughing just as much as we did all those years ago. Through generations within our families we hear the familiar tones of “lovely jubilee” and “don’t be a plonker Rodney”. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we’ve watched it either, because it just never gets old. Two wheeler-dealer brothers scraping by selling dodgy goods, while spouting the famous line of “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”.

As we all know, the gold hearted brothers eventually made it through the help of an old vintage pocket watch but that wasn’t before a few close encounters with good fortune, usually ending with one wally or another making some sort of mistake. Living in Peckham and driving what’s now become an iconic three wheeled van, or the yellow peril as it’s now know, the Trotter brothers were loved and adored by all.

While the Trotter brothers are of course the main men, we can’t forget the rest of the cast either from Trigger to Denzil, Boycie to Marlene and even good old Mickey Pearce. Each and every character adds a little special something to every single episode and come together to create one of the most well known and probably well loved casts of British TV.

It makes every sense then that an evening’s entertainment consisting of your favourite characters from your favourite TV show would make a rather exciting evening – and that’s exactly what we’re offering here at the Marygeen Manor. On the 10th March 2017, we’ll be hosting one of our famous Only Fools and Horses comedy events. Beginning at 7pm sharp, you’ll be presented with a drink and taken to your table where you’ll enjoy a delicious three course meal, all the while being entertained by the amazing cast of Cut Productions. This is seriously an evening of fun and laughter you just won’t want to miss. It’s somewhat of an interactive evening too where you’ll find yourself dining in Del Boy’s very own restaurant, no doubt in a bid for him to become that millionaire once again.

This tribute night will feature all of your favourite bits from the hit TV show, some of which we’ve already mentioned from THAT Batman and Robin scene to the equally brilliant Tony Angelino and his rendition of “Cwying”. From blow up dolls to all of Del Boy’s hooky gear, not one moment of the show will be missed. You’ll also run into Rodney on the run, Damien, trigger and even the lovely Uncle Albert who’s desperate to sing his favourite songs. Anyone would think you were in the Nag’s Head. This particular night would suit groups of 4 and above so gather your friends and make a night of it. At just £49.50 per person too, especially when you consider the fine dining experience that’s included, it’s an offer you won’t want to pass up.

To book your table, just call 01277 225252 now!

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