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Our Chosen Charity Of 2017 Needs Your Support!

Saint Francis Hospice

Saint Francis Hospice

If you’ve followed Marygreen Manor for the last few years, aside from our fabulous Afternoon Teas and amazing events, you’ll know that we’re also known for our philanthropic activities. Each and every year, we have a “chosen charity” that we dedicate ourselves to. One criteria that each and every charity has to have is that it’s local. Supporting local businesses and charities is incredibly important to us, which is why this year; we chose to support the wonderful Saint Francis Hospice.

What you may not be aware of is that Saint Francis Hospice is actually an independent charity. It runs with almost 75% of it’s finances based on voluntary donations from a supporting public which of course, isn’t always guaranteed. In spite of uncertainty in terms of finances, Saint Francis Hospice go out of their way to provide outstanding care to over 4,000 people with a life-limiting illness each and every single year. The hospice itself is local to Marygreen Manor, sat in Havering-atte-bower yet provides the vast majority of care to the communities of Brentwood, Havering, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham and the rest of West Essex. Combine this with their willingness to provide home care for patients too and it’s easy to see, the amount of work that goes into each and every day.

As you’re no doubt aware, these life-limiting illnesses are often without a cure however with the expert care and help from the wonderful guys and girls at Saint Francis Hospice, those suffering will often enjoy a life they never thought possible. From neurodegenerative diseases to motor neurone disease and even heart failures and cancer, the Saint Francis Team are there every step of the way.

Providing such specialists in their field and such in-depth care however obviously mounts up a lot in terms of finances. From doctors to nurses, physiotherapists and counsellors, every aspect of treatment is catered for and subsequently a great deal of people are employed by the hospice. It’s for this reason that we chose to support this fantastic charity by selecting them as our charity of the year.

From charity Afternoon Tea events to auction and raffle prizes and even corporate donations, we’re doing all we can to raise funds for such a great cause. We really couldn’t be more proud to support such a great cause that in turn, supports over four thousand of our local people each and every year.

To find out more about St Francis Hospice and how you can help, jump online to today. Not only will you find a super easy avenue to donate to this fantastic bunch, but you’ll also find a wealth of information on the hard work they carry out on a daily basis. From the care at the hospice itself to their crisis support and even their care at home. You’ll also find a link to some fantastic ways that you can get involved and fundraise on behalf of Saint Francis Hospice yourself with amazing events from sports to pamper programs and even their famous Jam Jar Army.


Enjoy Complete Privacy With Our Private Celebrations!

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or even a work function, celebrating a special occasion is always an exciting prospect. It’s all about making that special someone or “someone’s” should we say, feel that little extra bit special. Now, you could of course book their favourite restaurant or perhaps even, their favourite activity for the day, but here at Marygreen Manor, we have a much better idea.

Here at Marygreen Manor, we want to make your special occasion one to remember with our option for private celebrations. Let’s face it; while celebrating a special occasion is of course exciting, it also comes with a certain amount of anxiety too. There’s so much pressure to get everything right for the person in question but also for the number of guests attending too. Thankfully, with our help, that pressure’s lifted.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate, low key celebration with an Afternoon Tea or you’re after something more lively, perhaps with a buffet and awesome live music, we’ve got the perfect venue for you. From our light and airy conservatory to our larger suites complete with original Tudor features, private bar and ensuite facilities. We’ve got just what you need for the exact night you’d like to plan.

Aside from our great facilities, it’s also worth nothing that our location makes it super easy for guests to attend. We’re literally minutes from the M25, the A12 and Brentwood Mainline Station, making it an easily accessible venue. Add to this the fact that we have a dedicated team of professionals just ready and waiting to offer advice and assistance when it comes to your special occasion and you couldn’t find a more perfect venue. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at Marygreen Manor today for more information on our private function rooms and just what we can do for you to help you throw the best celebration right here in Brentwood, Essex.

At The Marygreen Manor, We Will Remember Them…


As you’re no doubt aware, today is Remembrance Sunday, the day on which we remember the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Today we held a two-minute silence in honour of our fallen heros but as always, we weren’t the only ones. Parades and services were being held all over our wonderful county of Essex so we thought we’d have a little roundup of just some of the wonderful services we got to see and enjoy.

Chelmsford – The Chelmsford Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade took place at the War Memorial in Duke Street, outside the Civic Centre. The service featured a rendition of the Last Post along with the two-minute silence and finished with a march along the Rainsford Road before heading back to the War Memorial once again.

Billericay – Billericay also held a service outside of their War Memorial in the high street after an act of worship took place at the Emmanuel Church on Laindon Road. Here wreaths were laid before a two-minute silence was held.

Brentwood – Not ones to be outdone, our fabulous town of Brentwood held a spectacular parade and service once again at Liberty Square outside Brentwood School. The parade was accompanied by the fantastic Brentwood Imperial Youth Band, after a service and wreath laying, along with the two-minute silence. The parade left the war memorial and made it’s way to the high street via Shenfield at which point the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Lord Petre, took a salute.

From Colchester to Southend, Hockley to Maldon, there wasn’t a single town in Essex that wasn’t honouring the fallen on Remembrance Day and what’s more, the crowds and crowds of people turning out to witness the parades was simply phenomenal. It’s days like today, that we couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a grand and respectful county and in honour of those we remember today, we’d like to share this poem…


“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.” – For the Fallen – Laurence Binyon

Saint Francis Hospice Are This Years Marygreen Manor Charity Of Choice!


If you’ve been following our charitable connections over the last few years, you’ll know that we enjoy dedicating ourselves to a different charity each and every year and this year’s no different. 2016’s charity of choice happens to be Saint Francis Hospice, a local and independent adult charity and one of the largest adult hospices in the UK. They have a team of specialist consultants, doctors, nurses and a range of other health care professionals who all provide support and care to those individuals suffering from life-limiting illnesses, along with their family members and carers. This service is all completely free of charge too so you can only imagine just how much help this charity needs.

As you’ll no doubt know, with every charity we support, we always do our utmost to raise funds and that’s been no different with St Francis Hospice. The hospice itself does a huge amount for the people in our community so it’s important for us to do everything that we can to help them. We’ve grown very close to the hospice in the short space of time that we’ve worked with them and that’s thanks to the fantastic relationship we’ve developed with Mike Allen, their corporate partnerships manager. The hospice themselves, as we mentioned above, doesn’t just help the individual suffering from life-limiting illnesses, they also help the families and carers around them too. To do this, the hospice is often providing the families and carers with rooms in which they can stay and be close to that person. To help them financially, we provide rooms for family members for the hospice at a corporate rate. This meant the hospice were able to provide for the families a greatly reduced rate, lessening the financial burden on them. When it comes to hotel rates, we also recently provided rooms at a specialist rate for Mike and his team, which meant they only had to pay for the cleaning. As you can imagine this was a huge relief for the team in terms of finances and meant the money they would have been spending on accommodation could instead go toward those more in need of it, such as the patients themselves.

It’s not just special room rates we offer however. We’ve also provided some much sought after prizes for raffles which included a delicious cream tea for two and a dinner for two right here in our famous Tudor Restaurant. We were very pleased to hear that this raised a great sum of cash for the hospice itself, all thanks to our wonderful kitchen staff. That’s not all; you may remember we held a cream tea for the Queen’s 90th birthday. This was a hugely popular event and one at which we held for the hospice once again to raise funds. We’ve also held what we like to call, “bill round-up nights”. During a “bill round-up night” we give all guests the opportunity to round their bill up to the nearest £10. So for instance, if their bill came to £56, we’d offer them the opportunity to round-up their bill to £60, with the extra going straight to the hospice. The response on these particular nights has been nothing short of fantastic and has been an enjoyable way of raising the money, particularly as we not only get to chat with our guests but we also get to explain the wonderful work that Mike and the Hospice actually do.

While money helps a great deal, we know that we can also offer our help in other ways too. One such way in which we offer our help is to provide parking for their mini buses and other hospice vehicles. While this may not sound like much, it allows them the time and money to focus on a more important aspect of the charity rather than parking of their vehicles and as you’ll no doubt agree, this is much more important!

If you’d like to donate to the hospice, please feel free to contact the hospice direct via their website or better yet, inquire here at the Marygreen Manor about our next money raising night and how you can help!

Prepare For The Brentwood Half Marathon With The Marygreen Manor!

Get ready for the Brentwood Half Marathon!

Get ready for the Brentwood Half Marathon!

This Sunday will be the Brentwood Half Marathon and while the vast majority will be heading over to watch and cheer on, we know that a great deal of you, and a great deal of our guests here at the Marygreen Manor, will be taking part. It’s for this reason that we thought we’d provide you with the ultimate checklist of what to do and what not to do the day before a race to ensure you have the best run you can have. Follow these top tips and we guarantee you’ll be breaking all of your PB’s:

  1. Carb load – just as you’ve probably been doing before your longer training runs, you should ensure about 65-70% of your calories come from carbs in the days leading up to your run. This doesn’t mean stuffing your face full of potatoes for dinner the night before for the simple reason that too much “loading” can lead to a desperate need to “unload” during your big moment. Eat the same amount of food that you’d normally eat with a few more carbs than an average day.
  2. Avoid foods you aren’t used to – whatever you do, don’t try something new. You don’t want your night before a race to be the night you discover that tikka masala doesn’t agree with you. If you’re planning on eating dinner out, then we suggest you check what sort of food they serve to make sure it’s similar to your usual food. Perhaps consider what you normally eat before a long training run and if they serve it, stick with that.
  3. Keep hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re properly hydrated then your urine will remain light in colour. If you’re looking for something with a little extra kick then you can try a sports drink but it’s best to avoid more than one. You should also avoid alcohol, after all, who wants to run with a hangover anyway?
  4. Don’t overdo it – stay off your feet and relax. You should also be mindful not to spend hours walking around on the day before your race as this could tire you out too early. You may find that sometimes, there are a lot of free food samples being given out. Avoid eating all of these, or any for that matter because a bloated tummy is the last thing you want when running.
  5. If you need to, go for a short run – you won’t lose any of your fitness by resting the day before and for some, this is a good tactic. For those who may suffer from pre-race anxiety, then a short run might do you good. Be sure to keep your thoughts positive and just keep telling yourself that you’re ready and raring to go. Be mindful your “short” run doesn’t turn into a significant workout that’s going to leave you feeling sore the morning of your race.
  6. Trim your toenails – this may sound silly to some, but keeping your toenails neat and short will prevent them from getting caught on the front of your running trainers. This will avoid any bloody or black toenails followed by a year of painstakingly slow regrowth.
  7. Plan your trip to the start line – you should make sure you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get Luckily for guests here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, the start line is just a five minute cab journey away and with the help of our wonderful reception, we can arrange for a cab to pick you up at the time you need it. Give yourself plenty of time too. This will avoid any unnecessary anxiety and stress.
  8. Don’t worry about lack of sleep – sat up all night desperately trying to sleep? Worried a lack of sleep will affect your performance? Don’t stress about it. The vast majority of people don’t sleep well the night before they run a half marathon and just one sleepless night is unlikely to do any serious harm. The adrenaline alone will be enough to help you to the finish line.

While we could continue to offer some fab advice for all you wonderful runners out there, all we’ll say is, have fun! That’s the most important thing after all. If you haven’t yet sorted accommodation for before or after your race, be sure to call us as soon as possible on 01277 225252.

Get Summer Started At The Brentwood Festival!

Brentwood festival logo

Despite the rather glorious weather we’ve been having recently, in beautiful old England it isn’t always the sunshine that tells us summer is on its way. Our changing seasons, of the weather variety, may well be a little hit and miss but our festival season on the other hand is always on time to let us know summer is here and this year is no exception as we celebrate the onset of summer with one of the most exciting festivals in Essex, the Brentwood Festival.

With the WeAre Festival starting the season off with a bang, it led the way for more to hit our county and really give us some summer fun. As we all know, V festival is perhaps one of the most well known festivals in the UK but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Now in its fifth year, where it’s situated in the grounds of the Brentwood Centre, the Brentwood Festival is beginning to attract over 12,000 visitors with more expected this year– a huge achievement for our now famous town. With this upcoming festival promising to feature headline acts such as Sister Sledge, Billy Ocean and The Human League, there’s no doubt that this year’s offering will be bigger and better than ever. What’s more, our beloved Brentwood Festival is the festival with a conscience as it does its best to raise money every year for a number of charities. With £12,000 from the 2014 festival going to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity along with the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, it makes dancing to the music with Essex ale in your hands, all the more worthwhile.

Grab a little luxury here at The Marygreen Manor

In spite of their best attempts to offer the more glamorous festival goers a little something special with the luxury loos that’ll be present this year, somehow we just don’t see it being enough, especially for the wonderfully glamorous Essex girls amongst us. So what better way to enjoy the Brentwood Festival this July 17-19, than by staying in the most luxury accommodation in Essex here at The Marygreen Manor. Offering exquisite accommodation in the most beautifully landscaped gardens, along with fine dining in our Tudor restaurant, all a mere five minute cab ride away from the festival itself…what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information and to book yourself a little luxury after what looks set to be another Essex spectacular.

An Exciting Week Here At The Marygreen Manor

SNAP title pic

Our chosen charity of 2015 “SNAP”

We raised more than our temperatures at the Brentwood Fire Walk

As we mentioned to you just a little while back, here at The Marygreen Manor we had selected SNAP, a local charity as our charity of the year. Every year we choose a charity close to home (or in this case close to our manor house) that we can support and raise money for in the hopes that we can help another organisation in our own county of Essex. SNAP, which stands for special needs and parents, goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping children and their parents who go through struggles relating to disability. With it being such a worthy cause we thought it only right that we went above and beyond ourselves when it came to raising money, which is why we chose the very daring (if we do say so ourselves) Brentwood Fire Walk.

A challenge for both the mind and body, we came together as a group and with the help of fellow supporters and camaraderie between us all, we walked with pride. As a result, from the fire walk alone we raised £145 but we couldn’t stop there. We also very recently held one of our famous Afternoon Teas, in aid of the fantastic charity, which saw donations pile in. Donations are still coming in as we speak so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and join in with the generosity that so many residents of Essex have already shown.

Our famous afternoon teas

Our famous afternoon teas

TripAdvisor give us more cause to celebrate

If raising money for such a deserving charity isn’t cause enough for celebration, then receiving two certificates of excellence from the well-known TripAdvisor certainly is. We couldn’t be more thrilled that both our hotel and our famous Tudor Restaurant have each received certificates to certify just how high our standards really are. There really is no better place to go in Essex for luxury accommodation and true fine dining.

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