Pancake Day Is Just Around The Corner!


Valentine’s Day has been and gone and while the majority will be talking about the next public holiday, Mother’s day, here at the Marygreen Manor, we’ve got another special day on our minds; Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day.

That’s right guys, the one day a year when it’s perfectly acceptable to throw food all around your kitchen is well and truly back next week. On Tuesday 28th February, people up and down the country will be stocking up on chocolate spread as well as sugar and lemon, ready to fill their tums with their favourite snack.

Pancake day has always been a strange one for the simple fact that while we could enjoy pancakes all year round, whenever we fancy, we choose instead to wait for this one special day a year. With the nation waiting on tenterhooks for Shrove Tuesday to come around before they gorge on sweet or savoury versions of the light and fluffy treat. The question is however, just why do we celebrate with pancakes?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that pancakes are now forever associated with Shrove Tuesday for the simple fact of convenience. Pancakes offer the perfect solution in helping to use up all of the fatty foods before Lent. Historically, families would clear out their cupboards and shelves, removing all traces of fatty foods (which of course normally tended to be the most tempting) so they weren’t there to tempt them during Lent. Eggs, milk and sugar aren’t usually eaten during Lent and as a result, need to be eaten beforehand but it’s these three ingredients that happen to make something wonderful when they come together.

The question is however, will it be a sweet pancake for you or a savoury one? If you think you have the best pancake recipe in Essex, then we want to hear about it. Comment below with your favorite recipes, you never know, we may just have to try them ourselves. Have a fabulous Shrove Tuesday guys…and don’t eat too many pancakes…well at least not all of them.

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