Don’t Be A Plonker All Your Life!


Let’s face it, who didn’t laugh uncontrollably at Rodney and Del when the chandelier fell, smashing to pieces? Or that time when Del fell through the bar or the brothers crashed a funeral wake dressed as Batman and Robin. Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves fans of Only Fools and Horses would find it difficult to a) not recall the comedic moments and b) tell you they didn’t find it funny. Whether you’re happy to admit it or not, the show was a real winner and just one of those that managed to make the majority of the population laugh out loud on a weekly basis for years.

The end of the show itself saw millions feeling lost and for the years since the show ceased, we’ve watched repeat after repeat, finding ourselves laughing just as much as we did all those years ago. Through generations within our families we hear the familiar tones of “lovely jubilee” and “don’t be a plonker Rodney”. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we’ve watched it either, because it just never gets old. Two wheeler-dealer brothers scraping by selling dodgy goods, while spouting the famous line of “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”.

As we all know, the gold hearted brothers eventually made it through the help of an old vintage pocket watch but that wasn’t before a few close encounters with good fortune, usually ending with one wally or another making some sort of mistake. Living in Peckham and driving what’s now become an iconic three wheeled van, or the yellow peril as it’s now know, the Trotter brothers were loved and adored by all.

While the Trotter brothers are of course the main men, we can’t forget the rest of the cast either from Trigger to Denzil, Boycie to Marlene and even good old Mickey Pearce. Each and every character adds a little special something to every single episode and come together to create one of the most well known and probably well loved casts of British TV.

It makes every sense then that an evening’s entertainment consisting of your favourite characters from your favourite TV show would make a rather exciting evening – and that’s exactly what we’re offering here at the Marygeen Manor. On the 10th March 2017, we’ll be hosting one of our famous Only Fools and Horses comedy events. Beginning at 7pm sharp, you’ll be presented with a drink and taken to your table where you’ll enjoy a delicious three course meal, all the while being entertained by the amazing cast of Cut Productions. This is seriously an evening of fun and laughter you just won’t want to miss. It’s somewhat of an interactive evening too where you’ll find yourself dining in Del Boy’s very own restaurant, no doubt in a bid for him to become that millionaire once again.

This tribute night will feature all of your favourite bits from the hit TV show, some of which we’ve already mentioned from THAT Batman and Robin scene to the equally brilliant Tony Angelino and his rendition of “Cwying”. From blow up dolls to all of Del Boy’s hooky gear, not one moment of the show will be missed. You’ll also run into Rodney on the run, Damien, trigger and even the lovely Uncle Albert who’s desperate to sing his favourite songs. Anyone would think you were in the Nag’s Head. This particular night would suit groups of 4 and above so gather your friends and make a night of it. At just £49.50 per person too, especially when you consider the fine dining experience that’s included, it’s an offer you won’t want to pass up.

To book your table, just call 01277 225252 now!

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