Mother’s Day At Marygreen Manor


Christmas has been and gone, as has New Years and soon, Valentine’s Day will be nothing but memories but before you hang your coat up and attempt to relax, you might want to take a quick second to think about Mother’s Day! It might come as somewhat of a surprise to you but Mother’s Day is quite literally just around the corner. In a little over a month, the one day a year where we all come together to celebrate that special woman in our lives will soon be here. With many reaching for the cards and obligatory bunch of flowers, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to do something a little extra special.

Here at the Marygreen Manor, we’re all about going that extra mile. We also like to make going that extra mile as easy as possible. We know only too well that life today seems to fly past at 100mph. With jobs, families and everything else we seem to have going on, the smaller yet more meaningful things can often get pushed to one side and Mother’s Day is just one of those things.

With Marygreen Manor however, all it takes is a simple call to make this years Mother’s Day one to remember. Treat your loving mum to a delicious 3-course meal in the stunning surroundings of our Tudors Restaurant. Choose from our wonderfully put together menu consisting of some of the finest dining in Essex. From cornfed chicken terrine, to grilled vegetable and goat cheese pavé; each dish has been expertly put together to compliment our award winning wine list.

We guarantee Mother’s Day here at Marygreen Manor is the perfect choice for mums everywhere this year. To book your table, simply call 01277 225252 today!

Make sure your Mum feels loved this Mother’s Day here at the Marygreen Manor.

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