Valentine’s Day Here At The Marygreen Manor


I’m sure we can all agree that life can be pretty busy. Whether it’s working two jobs, or looking after your family and home, time just seems to fly by and leave little in the way of down time. Now while the majority may feel they have it all together and have everything pretty much sorted, we guarantee if you take a long hard look, your love life will have been pushed to the side, and for too long too! That’s why we’d just like to take the time to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That’s right, you’ve got less than two weeks to book a table here at Marygreen Manor for you and that special someone. Now, we know only too well that love shouldn’t be saved just for that one special day a year but what a great excuse to enjoy a little romance – and make it the priority too.

Here at the Marygreen Manor we’re providing the perfect location for your ultimate Valentines night. Right here in our Tudor Restaurant, we have on offer exquisite fine dining, coupled with an award-winning wine list and beautiful period features here in our manor house.

Not only will your taste buds be treated to an extra special evening but that special someone will feel oh so loved in the surroundings of our hotel and restaurant. What says “I love you more” than the finest dining in Essex?

To book yourself a table, simply call 01277 225 252 and then the rest is up to you! Whether it’s convincing your other half to put the evening aside for some time together, or plucking up the courage to ask the person you’ve been thinking about on a date after all this time… we’ll see you on the 14th!

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