Here’s To A Fabulous 2017!


Here’s to a fab 2017!

It’s safe to say, 2016 has been a bit of a mixed bag. While there have indeed been some real highs to the year, so many of them have been overshadowed by some real hard blows. From total devastation as a result of war to so many household names passing away unexpectedly. From Prince to Ronnie Corbett, and more recently Carrie Fisher to the great philanthropist George Michael. Add on to that the world famous Brexit (a result which we’re yet to decide is a positive or negative thing – only time will tell) and the fact that America’s biggest billionaire Donald Trump won the presidential election, 2016 has certainly made quite a name for itself.

Never one to dwindle on the side of the “glass is half empty”, we thought we’d finish the year rounding up some of the best moments in 2016 across the globe. From the sensational to the down right silly, here’s 2016 in a glimpse:

Andy Murray won Wimbledon – Wimbledon is without doubt one of the most uplifting events of the year, even when we don’t actually win on our home turf. We watch as more often than not, the sun shines and we celebrate (regardless of the outcome) with strawberries, cream and the famous Pimm’s. What makes it even more exciting is when someone from our own nation wins and that’s exactly what happened this year when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. Even greater to see was his friendship with Benedict Cumberbatch and his meet and greet with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A truly British day was had by all.

The Queen turned 90 – There’s always one person that likes to really go to town on their birthday and this year that person was the Queen; but let’s face it, you don’t turn 90 every day of the year, do you? Quite rightly too, we were all invited to celebrate with her and the United Kingdom turned out in full force. People even dressed up their dogs for the occasion, coupled with truly British snacks and celebrated with the Trooping The Colour on their TVs. Thousands of others could be seen heading to Buckingham Palace to actually catch a glimpse of the parade for themselves with the wonderful George and Charlotte in view too.

Tiger numbers rose for the first time in 100 years – With all of the negative news that filled our TV screens, phones and radios of course taking all the attention, it should come as no surprise that this massive step in conservation flew under the radar. Tigers have taken a dramatic fall with many once again landing on the list for concern however, conservation efforts in India, Russia and even Nepal have seen tiger numbers on the rise for the first time in a century. That’s huge news. The WWF even went so far as to give figures with tiger numbers having risen from 3,200 in 2010 to 3,890 in 2016. If things carry on the way they are too, these numbers could double by 2022 so we may even hit our target.

A British couple cloned their dog – We all love the family dog. It doesn’t seem to matter how many shoes they chew, how many times they ransack your home, the family dog will always have an extra special place in your heart. And when it comes time to say goodbye, it can always prove a little too much but for one British couple, Laura Jacques and Richard Remde, their devastation proved just too much. To help them grieve however, they chose to clone their beloved pet dog from his DNA in South Korea. Dylan, the boxer, now lives on in two puppies which set them back a whopping £67,000. That’s one small step for Laura and Richard and one giant leap for man-kind.

Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit – Nasa’a £830m spacecraft managed to enter Jupiter’s orbit earlier on in the year while on a mission to probe the origin of the actual solar system itself. Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California filled with cheers as it successfully entered it’s aimed-for orbit around the biggest planet in what could be considered our cosmic neighrbourhood.

Now of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There have indeed been a million and one other wonderful things that have happened this year, Leicester City winning the Premier League and Pokemon Go actually getting people out of the house and exercising to name a few. While we can’t deny 2016 had its downsides (and there were many) we think it’s important to remember that it also had some absolutely amazing moments. Moments that will never be forgotten.

So to all our past, present and future guests, we hope you had a fantastic time celebrating New Years Eve and we hope the first day of January offers a wonderful start to your 2017.

From all of us here at Marygreen Manor, here’s to 2017.

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