The Marygreen Manor Guide To A Seamless Christmas!

Merry Christmas From Marygreen Manor

It’s Christmas Eve here at Marygreen Manor and while we know some of you will have your feet up, sipping mulled wine in front of the fire, there will no doubt be a great deal of you (especially if you’re hosting Christmas Day) running around like headless chickens. They’ll be last minute baking, wrapping and plenty of tidying. To ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve created this last minute checklist ensuring you’re as organised as possible, giving you plenty of time for those all-important finishing touches.

Write your cooking plan – while you might feel far too busy to sit down for five minutes, we guarantee five minutes tonight will save you fifty minutes tomorrow. Make a note of all cooking times and what needs to go in the oven and when. This will help everything come together nicely for a successful Christmas dinner. You could also try making as much as possible in advance depending on the recipes you’re using of course. Need to roast your turkey or ham in advance? Then do so. Once the main dish is nearly ready in the oven, you’ll have much more time to focus on other things.

Keep the kids entertained – everyone knows the best way to entertain the kids is with fresh Christmas cookies straight out of the oven! They’re the ultimate indulgence and are guaranteed to make your home smell absolutely amazing. You might also want to try handing the kids just one present before they head to bed. It eliminates the desperate need for them to stay awake until they can get their hands on a present.

Write last minute cards to Santa – this is a sweet tradition that your children will remember for the years and years to come. It’s also pretty handy if you keep a stack of empty Christmas cards to hand for any unexpected guests that may show up.

Keep the tree watered – you may have noticed that thanks to central heating, your Christmas tree can dry up pretty quickly, especially so if you have a roaring fire heating up your rooms too. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you keep your trees fresh with a continual top up of water, especially on Christmas eve because let’s face it, who wants to wake up to a drooping Christmas tree.

Add last minute touches to keep things cosy – if ever there was a time to cuddle up with a warm blanket and enjoy good food and drink, it’s Christmas eve. So create an inviting atmosphere by piling up throws and blankets, and keep extra pillows and cushions stacked up nearby in wicker baskets to allow your guests to snuggle up too.

Make preparations for the kids – whether you’ve got small kids running around at home or have guests bringing theirs, be sure to set aside a space where the kids can play and run free when they get tired of all that grown-up chit chat. You may even want to lay out a table of toys, papers and pencils for them to write thank you letters to Santa. This can keep the kids quiet for ages. A designated kids corner will also give them a great place to check out their new toys too.

Enjoy a cosy Cristmas eve drink…or two – you’ve no doubt spent the best part of December shopping, wrapping and planning tomorrow to the very finest of detail. Christmas eve is therefore your time to chill out, relax and enjoy yourself with a cosy Christmas drink or two. Whether your tipple of choice is Christmas themed mulled wine, or even just a hot cup of tea, sit back and enjoy! Now’s your time!

To all of our guests, past, present and future, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May you spend it with the ones you love. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

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