Winter Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day At Marygreen Manor


For all those saying their “I do’s” here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant during the festive season, or following winter months, we thought we’d compile a list of some fabulous winter wedding ideas that may not have been tried before. While snowflakes and pinecones are tried-and-tested winter wedding motifs, they aren’t mandatory. So here, for all you winter bride-to-be’s, here are some awesome ways to reinvent your winter wedding at the Marygreen Manor.

Wedding Colours – reds and greens are obviously very reflective of the season but overdoing this particular colour scheme is guaranteed to give your wedding more of a Christmas theme than you probably intended. When it comes to wedding colours, you may want to take on the whole “less is more” mantra. Take a look at silver and whites, and perhaps even a few crystals for some serious wintery glamour. For the ceremony itself, you may even want to consider white satin ribbons on chairs as well as crystal curtain backdrops. If you’re braving the outdoors, clear umbrellas are a perfect “gift” to guests as they arrive.

Flowers – while red roses and calla lilies are obviously winter wedding flowers, stepping outside the “obvious” box will certainly make your winter nuptials stand out. You may want to consider fuller flowers such as soft ranunculus’s or white hydrangeas. White boutonnieres can be incredibly beautiful when given green accents or simple white ribbons.

Invitations – most winter weddings are held indoors and as a result, often call for a more formal invitation (think ballroom reception) which makes it the perfect time to play around with black tie event type invitations. Think heavy cardstock, navy blue, chocolate brown and even eggplant fonts with calligraphy. If you’re looking for an even more formal tone, then you might want to try using thick, frosted Plexiglas invitations with white scripted inks. Tuck them into silver envelope liners and away you go.

Centre piece – if you’d like to heighten the drama on your big day then you might want to go beyond the usual candles to add warmth and romance. Think of bringing the outdoors in with ice-carved vases on reception tables filled with tall winter branches. Hang crystals from tables to reflect light from the tables and surround centerpieces with candles.

Here at Marygreen Manor, we want you to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. For more information on our wedding packages or for last minute bookings, simply contact us today.

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