Keep Organised For A Stress-Free Christmas!

Christmas 010

Being such a popular venue in Essex for Christmas Parties, and even Christmas Day gatherings, we know too well the importance of getting yourselves organised for Christmas and as December seems to have popped up out of nowhere, we thought we’d look at some top organising tips to ensure you’ve got everything sorted and in place, ready for you to relax and enjoy Christmas Day to the max.

Get the Christmas Cards written – it always feels like a project in itself to write cards and send them off in time so now is the perfect time to do it. Grab your address book or even your phone call list and use it as your Christmas Card list. Simply go through in alphabetical order and count up everyone who you’ll be buying a card for. You might also want to add a few extra special cards for special family members too. You could even make a saving by using second class stamps if you send them within the first week of December. Can’t bring yourself to write them out all in one go? Then sit down and write a few each evening.

Think of weight when buying presents – if you’re going to be posting presents, then we advise you have a little think about shape and weight. Ideal presents for posting include clothes, dress jewellery, cuddly toys, vouchers and even magazine subscriptions. You might also want to look at things that get sent for you such as hampers, flowers and wine. These types of gifts usually include very well priced postage too.

Stick to your present list and budget – this is something that seems to go ignored year after year as people inevitably go overboard. This year make a promise to yourself that you won’t over spend. You’ll stick to your budget and for once, not spend the rest of the New Year paying for your Christmas presents. If you don’t have a lot of money, then why not think of being a little more creative? Children, especially, love creative gifts, appreciating what you’ve made for them and is often the case, they’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by presents on the day anyway so instead, give them something to truly cherish. For others, why not try getting just one special present instead of several others.

There are of course a million and one other tips you could try to keep yourself organised ready for Christmas but we thought these were the best of the bunch and perfect for freeing up time and money for you to enjoy perhaps a delicious Christmas Day meal here at Marygeen Manor. Contact us for more information.

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