Friday Night’s The Night For Only Fools And Horses Fans…

Marygreen Manor Events

Marygreen Manor Events

This coming Friday will be a night to remember, right here in the Marygreen Manor as we host our Only Fools and Horses Dinner. As any avid fan will know, there’s nothing quite like an Only Fools and Horses one-liner so what could be better than an evening with some of your favourite characters along with delicious food in our famous Tudor Restaurant?

During the course of the evening you’ll discover that everyone’s favourite wheeler dealer Del Boy will be up to his old tricks, selling hooky gear and much more but that’s not all. You’ll also discover the ever-lovable Rodney (or Rooney, it’s copper plated writing remember) keeping his distance from Damien, Del Boy’s son. You’ll also find Trigger, who’s lost his all-important broom, the one that’s had too many new heads and handles to count along with Uncle Albert who’ll be trying his hardest to take over the microphone and sing you his favourite sea dog song.

This hilarious tribute is guaranteed to have you laughing from start to finish, especially with mentions of the explosive blow up dolls, Batman and Robin’s awesome appearance and even Tony Angelino’s unforgettable “Cwying”, oh we mean, “Crying”.

The question is, can you manage to eat a delicious three-course meal with all of these antics going on around you? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Grab some friends and book yourself in for the last few remaining seats and prepare yourselves for a night of classic comedy chaos that only the Trotters could serve up. You know it makes sense!

Each booking will require a £25 deposit per person. If you’re thinking of staying overnight after we’re offering fantastic rates for attendees of this evening’s entertainments starting from as little as £35 per person. For more information contact us on 01277 225252 or email

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