The Reviews Say It All!

Marygreen Manor

Essex has well and truly been placed on the map, all thanks to the rather infamous reality TV series, “The Only Way Is Essex”. Love it or hate it, it’s known across the globe, even played in the United States and now as a result, Essex is known far and wide. Along with our love of bling and drama, we’re also now known for our wonderful scenery thanks to the many dog walking scenes as well as our high-class establishments. As a result, so many restaurants and bars in Essex are doing their hardest to keep up with the Jones’. Here at Marygreen Manor however, we’re the original high-class restaurant. Offering fine dining and an award winning wine list, along with luxury accommodation, leaves little in the way of “keeping up” but don’t just take our word for it.

Now-a-days, to find out what a restaurant’s really like, all you need do is head on over to TripAdvisor where you’ll find past and present guests of any venue leaving reviews, good and bad. Smart devices with instant access to the internet, allow so many to access a much wider audience and in doing so, people now feel much freer to give their opinions. For an establishment such as ours, this has only been a good thing as so many people now get to see just how fantastic our service really is. From our luxury apartments and deluxe suites to our fine dining experiences and afternoon teas, we’d thought we’d share just what people are saying, so here goes:

“Marygreen Manor Stands Out Above All! – I visited the Marygreen Manor for the tasting menu with wine pairing recently with my girlfriend and can honestly say everything about this night was spectacular. The food, the service provided, the history of the building, you won’t find many places like this one. We like to have a lot of “date nights”, but this place completely tops everywhere locally. We was greeted by the Bar Manager Peter with a home made cocktail which started off the night perfectly. And the scallops were to die for!! A big thank you to David & Michael for organising such a perfect night, and of course a thank you to our waiter Pepe, this guy is one of a kind. We will be returning, and we will be looking at booking a room next time!” – Seeing this review really bowled us over. It showed that not only was our food on point but we were also providing the service we’ve worked so hard toward. When all of our staff work together as a team, it shows that absolutely anything is possible.

“Perfect Wedding! – Our wedding ceremony and whole day took place at the Marygreen Manor, with afternoon tea for 17 the day before. Annette had been our contact throughout and she excels at her role in leading a first rate team. The attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile ensured that all 67 guests had a wonderful time eg the barman was very obliging and allowed nervous guests who were going to speak to see the venue rooms the day before; the night porter provided sandwiches for hungry guests around midnight, the toastmaster, Chris, was clearly well used to the hotel and really facilitated the day. The food was excellent, once again Annette is an outstanding duty manager and events organiser. We would definitely think of the Marygreen Manor for future special occasions.” – While we’re famous for our fabulous food and afternoon tea, we’re also becoming well known as one of the best wedding venues in Essex. This review only emphasises that point more so. When hosting weddings, our intention is to not only provide the most beautiful day for the happy couple, but to facilitate their day as much as possible. If we can make things easier and stress-free, then we’ll do our utmost to ensure that.

While these reviews have been left completely independently, we do advise you take a good look for yourself, so why not book in to try our delicious tasting menu or even a sweet afternoon tea perhaps? We guarantee you’ll be just as bowled over as these guys!

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