Turn That Frown Upside Down With Marygreen Manor Events!

Marygreen Manor Events

Marygreen Manor Events

As you’re no doubt aware, it’s been a rather trying time for the UK. Big change has and is still yet to happen and there’s a lot of uncertainty about to take place. Here at the Marygreen Manor, over the last few weeks, we’ve had and heard a lot of conversations discussing Brexit and whether we should have left or remained. We’ve heard opinions from absolutely every race, gender and creed and having such a multicultural team working here, we’ve also seen a lot of differing opinions too.

Whether you were in favour of the result or not however, it’s now been decided that we will indeed be leaving the EU. The UK will once again become independent. If this wasn’t a big enough of a change, as we’re sure aware David Cameron resigned very soon after the result was announced, leaving the country in very uncertain times. We’ve seen an awful lot of upset and worry from both guests and staff alike and can you really blame them? Such a decision is not to be taken lightly and we can only empathise with those who so desperately wanted to remain as part of the European Union. One thing’s for sure however, and that’s that no matter who you are, where you come from, the UK will still very much be the UK. Home to a multicultural race, and a stiff upper lip. With that in mind, we have no doubt whatsoever that we can deal with whatever gets thrown our way and more importantly, we’ll do it together.

Now while we would never want to lessen the importance of the decisions that have recently been made for this country, we’re all too aware of just how heated it’s getting out there, especially via social media. It’s for this reason alone that we thought we’d share some fab events coming up to not only take your mind off of something rather serious and all consuming but also lighten the mood and show you that there will always be fun times ahead, whatever the weather with current politics!

Friday 30th September – Ever wondered why only fools and horses work? We’re guessing you’re not the only one. Only Fools And Horses is quite possibly one of the most loved British TV shows out there. We’ve all followed Del Boy, Rodney, Granddad and Uncle Albert on their journey to becoming millionaires and like the majority of the country, spend our time watching rerun after rerun. It’s for this reason we were so excited to have our very own Only Fools And Horses nights here at the Marygeen Manor. There’s nothing about this hilarious tribute that you won’t love. From amazing food and drink to Batman and Robin, blow up dolls, hooky goods and Tony Angelino’s almost infamous performance of “Cwying”.

Friday 14th October – We have our fab Murder Mystery night coming up. These nights are hugely popular and for good reason too. Beginning at 7pm and finishing at 11:30pm, you’ll be treated to a delicious 3 course meal from our very talented chefs here at the Marygreen Manor, all the while, being entertained and involved in a rather treacherous murder mystery. Can you figure out who dared to take the life of the named victim? Have you worked out the possible suspects or heaven’s forbid, are you one of the suspects in question? With beautiful food and laughs guaranteed all evening, we suggest booking this for a group of friends in advance to avoid missing out.

These are just two of a great number of amazing events we have going on this year at the Marygeen Manor. If you’d like to find out more, simply jump online and check out our events page or better yet, call us on 01277 225 252.

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