Christmas Parties in Essex

Santa hat with presents

Plan that party early to avoid the stress and strain!

As surprising as it may be for you to hear, it’s never too early for you to plan the office Christmas party, in fact, if you leave it any later, you’re going to be a little late. At this time of year, we totally understand that Christmas and everything it encompasses couldn’t be further from your mind, however if it’s down to you to organise this years party then we know you’ll be thanking us down the line that we gave you a somewhat early nudge. Whether you want to believe it or not, now is most definitely the time to start making your Christmas party plans.

So why should you start planning so early? Well, there are a great deal of downsides to leaving everything until the last minute when it comes to planning the office party; with the first being the fact that the best venues (Marygreen Manor in particular) will get snapped up way in advance. While you might think it fine to leave booking your Christmas Party in Essex until much later in the year, other companies will be getting ahead of the game leaving you well and truly in the lurch. Avoid the race every year and book the best venue now. It also means you avoid the last-minute panic and stress that’s usually involved with making plans too close to the time. Luckily for you however, our Christmas brochure has finally made an appearance giving you the opportunity to strike while the proverbial iron’s hot.

From our Pre-Christmas Menu and Corporate/Private Christmas Parties, to our Twixmas Breaks and even New Years Eve shenanigans, we’ve got it all happening right here at the Marygeen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. Find out all there is to know on what we have available with the help of our brand new Christmas brochure and keep yourself one (oh ok, maybe five) steps ahead of the game.

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