Introducing Joe Fryd And The Bridal Shop!

Joe Fryd

Our weddings here at Marygreen Manor are something we’ve become known for and seeing happy couple after happy couple, only makes us even prouder. The reason we’ve become such a popular wedding venue, we believe, is down to our high quality service, our knowledge and experience surrounding weddings and of course, the fantastic companies we’ve begun working with over the years. When it comes to companies we work with, we ensure that each and every one have the same high standards and same work ethic as ourselves. This ensures a superior quality of service for every bride and groom involved. As such, we couldn’t be prouder to tell you about some of the companies we’ll be working with this year.

When it comes to music, we have the very talented Joe Fryd. Joe has appeared at hundreds of weddings up and down the country as well as numerous within Europe too. Joe’s provided a singing surprise for blushing brides, assisted in the planning and preparation of entire weddings and their entertainment as well as DJ’ing and Toast mastering. He really does provide those extra special moments to give your day a truly magical sparkle. Weddings aren’t Joe’s only forte though, he’s also performed for Heart FM, The Sheridan Park Lane and even the The Hurlingham Club Chelsea! Although he’s also been requested to perform for a number of celebrities, along with his exclusive band the Down-Town Funk, Joe doesn’t kiss and tell so we’ll simply leave that up to you to conclude who the celebrities were!

Of course, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the bride in a bridal dress, which is exactly where the Bridal Shop come in. The Bridal Shop love to take every bride through the all important journey from the moment they enter their shop to the second they begin that all-important walk down the aisle. They offer a dedicated consultant to guide you every step of the way and ensure that your experience is as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. Alongside their exquisite bridal collections, they also offer a stunning selection of beautiful accessories to help complete your dream wedding look.


For more information on our fantastic wedding packages, along with any details regarding the select companies we’re super excited to be working with, simply contact us today.

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