Murder Mystery Nights At Marygreen Manor

Murder Mystery Nights At Marygreen Manor

Murder Mystery Nights At Marygreen Manor

Here at Marygreen Manor we’re known far and wide, not just for our fine dining and luxury accommodation but for our fun filled events too. One of those events just so happens to be our Murder Mystery Parties, which if you hadn’t already guessed, we happen to have very soon. For those who may never have attended a Murder Mystery Party in Essex, we thought we’d give you a basic introduction into one of these rather exciting games.

Murder Mystery Parties are a lot of fun that’s for sure so if you’ve booked yourself onto our next Marygreen Manor Murder Mysery evening then let us tell you, you’re in for a real treat. The basic gist of a murder mystery evening is that, of course, there’s been a murder and you, along with your friends and other guests, have to find out just who committed such a hideous crime. It could be that you’re the suspect or a detective gathering information and piecing the exciting puzzle together. It may even be worth your while to plan out some questions in advance and to do this, we suggest watching a few episodes of Murder She Wrote or even Agatha Christie movies. These are guaranteed to really get you in the mood to start asking your next suspect, “where were you at the time of the murder?” or, “have you got an alibi to verify your whereabouts?” Their answers will no doubt lead you on to more and more questions. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find yourself becoming involved, even if you’ve never attended an evening like as this before.

If you’re lucky enough to play a suspect, then you’ll find you have a slightly more complicated role. Either before the evening begins, or as you enter, you’ll be informed of your position. It will tell you your character, your motives and your instructions on how to play the character. As the evening develops, you’ll find yourself getting questioned by others however, how you answer will be determined by your guide. Now, you don’t have to memorise the information you’re given, just ensure you’re familiar with it.

If you are the killer however, you won’t know it and trust us, it’s much better this way. Regardless if you’re a suspect, a sleuth or an investigator, we guarantee you’re going to have a seriously amazing time and you’ll be talking about it for a long time to come too. Just remember that most important of all, relax and have as much fun as you can.

Here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, our next Murder Mystery Evening is on May 20th and incorporates a murder at St Vernon’s School. It’s set in 1949, 4 years since the war finished yet in a time where rations are still very much in place. St Vernon’s is a boarding school for girls and lies next to a village called Little Striving. With poor grades, the school has little recommendation and would appear to be used more as a dumping ground for the girls who are, slightly higher maintenance in terms of behaviour. The head master has been at the school for a great number of years however recently, he’s begun to act a little vague which has caused a great deal of concern for one of his members of staff, Matron Beatrice Dose. Despite it’s reputation, the school does have a few good staff members in the form of Miss Vita Prout and Mr Nigel Rogers. The caretaker however would appear to be the thorn in everyone’s side. On top of these characters, you’ll also meet a few girls from the school as you work your way through the evening. The question is, can you find the killer before they find you?

Does this sound like a fun evening to you? We thought it would, especially when you take into consideration the delicious three course meal you’ll enjoy with it too. To find out more information on this fab evening, or to book your place, simply contact us today.

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