Try The Brentwood Chamber Of Commerce Business Breakfast This Friday!!

The Marygreen Manor, host  to the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast Meeting

The Marygreen Manor, host to the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast Meeting

Spring is most certainly in the air and here at the Marygreen Manor we’ve found a little sunshine and warmer weather doesn’t just make people happier, it makes them a lot more motivated too. This is especially so for local businesses and there’s nothing we like more than connecting local business owners with other like-minded folk. Thankfully, it’s not an arduous task due to the Brentwood Chamber offering a helping hand by hosting a Business Breakfast right here in the Marygreen Manor. This coming Friday, April 8th to be precise, the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant will be opening their doors from 07:30 – 9:00am for all those wanting to network in the area.

The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce is well known for its business breakfast meetings. They’re a fantastic opportunity for you to meet fellow members in the area as well as network in your local area of Brentwood. The morning begins at 07:30 with a little light and somewhat informal networking until around 08:00. It’s at this point that everyone will be sat down for some more structured networking and a rather delightful full breakfast to fill you up, ready to attack the day.

If you’d like to join us here to help yourself further the expansion of your business and really make yourself known in the area, we suggest you register now. It’s worth knowing however, registration doesn’t officially close until one day before the actual event. Now while many believe this event is for Brentwood Chamber members only, we’re here to tell you that fortunately for you, that’s not the case. These business breakfasts are now open to non-members too, offering you a great insight into just how beneficial they can be. You’ll not only get to see and witness the benefits of the breakfast meetings but you’ll also get to see the benefits of joining Brentwood Chamber of Commerce too. The only difference between members and non-members is the price. While members pay £10, non-members will be asked to pay £15. Considering however, you’ll be treated to a delicious full breakfast, courtesy of our wonderful head chef and kitchen staff here in our Tudor Restaurant, we think it’s a pretty small price to pay and as they say, “You’ve got to speculate to accumulate.”

To register, simply hop on over to the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce website. It couldn’t be easier! We’ll see you bright and breezy Friday morning guys!

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