Easter Around The World

Easter Around The World

Easter Around The World

Easter is finally upon us and it looks to be a busy weekend here at Marygreen Manor but before we all crack open the chocolate treats, let’s take a little look at how people around the world celebrate the annual festival.

In Seville, Spain, Easter celebrations get taken to the very next level in the form of the Semana Santa festival, loosely translated, Holy Week festival. Lavish floats, decorated with candles as well as religious trinkets, are paraded through the streets of Seville whilst being accompanied by marching bands. All the while, thousands upon thousands of worshippers and tourists turn out to see the spectacular sight that is the Semana Santa. Perhaps what’s most surprising however is the form of clothing that worshippers wear – people dress in very distinctive robes with pointed hoods that closely resemble the KKK. In this instance however, the hoods are known as capirotes and were designed in order to allow the faithful to repent anonymously.

During Easter week in the Philippines, a great number of Catholics will take part in rituals in order to perform religious penance. This usually takes place on Maundy Thursday and consists of barefoot penitents walking through the streets whipping themselves. In San Fernando in particular, visitors line the streets in order to watch the ritual, men are even dressed and “nailed” to wooden crosses, however, due to the nature of it, the Catholic church are said to be very disapproving of the practice.

In Alghero, Easter or “Holy Week” is celebrated in line with very ancient traditions that date all the way back to 1501. Celebrations begin on Good Friday where a statue of Jesus on the cross is carried all the way through the streets and into the main church. He’s then taken down off of the cross and laid into the coffin before being paraded once more through the streets on Easter Sunday.

Now while we do realise that a great deal of different people choose to celebrate Easter in very different ways, we also know that here at Marygreen Manor, we’ll be celebrating it with an awful lot of chocolate. We wish you all an egg-tastic Easter and hope you have a wonderful here in Brentwood.

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