Prepare For The Brentwood Half Marathon With The Marygreen Manor!

Get ready for the Brentwood Half Marathon!

Get ready for the Brentwood Half Marathon!

This Sunday will be the Brentwood Half Marathon and while the vast majority will be heading over to watch and cheer on, we know that a great deal of you, and a great deal of our guests here at the Marygreen Manor, will be taking part. It’s for this reason that we thought we’d provide you with the ultimate checklist of what to do and what not to do the day before a race to ensure you have the best run you can have. Follow these top tips and we guarantee you’ll be breaking all of your PB’s:

  1. Carb load – just as you’ve probably been doing before your longer training runs, you should ensure about 65-70% of your calories come from carbs in the days leading up to your run. This doesn’t mean stuffing your face full of potatoes for dinner the night before for the simple reason that too much “loading” can lead to a desperate need to “unload” during your big moment. Eat the same amount of food that you’d normally eat with a few more carbs than an average day.
  2. Avoid foods you aren’t used to – whatever you do, don’t try something new. You don’t want your night before a race to be the night you discover that tikka masala doesn’t agree with you. If you’re planning on eating dinner out, then we suggest you check what sort of food they serve to make sure it’s similar to your usual food. Perhaps consider what you normally eat before a long training run and if they serve it, stick with that.
  3. Keep hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re properly hydrated then your urine will remain light in colour. If you’re looking for something with a little extra kick then you can try a sports drink but it’s best to avoid more than one. You should also avoid alcohol, after all, who wants to run with a hangover anyway?
  4. Don’t overdo it – stay off your feet and relax. You should also be mindful not to spend hours walking around on the day before your race as this could tire you out too early. You may find that sometimes, there are a lot of free food samples being given out. Avoid eating all of these, or any for that matter because a bloated tummy is the last thing you want when running.
  5. If you need to, go for a short run – you won’t lose any of your fitness by resting the day before and for some, this is a good tactic. For those who may suffer from pre-race anxiety, then a short run might do you good. Be sure to keep your thoughts positive and just keep telling yourself that you’re ready and raring to go. Be mindful your “short” run doesn’t turn into a significant workout that’s going to leave you feeling sore the morning of your race.
  6. Trim your toenails – this may sound silly to some, but keeping your toenails neat and short will prevent them from getting caught on the front of your running trainers. This will avoid any bloody or black toenails followed by a year of painstakingly slow regrowth.
  7. Plan your trip to the start line – you should make sure you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get Luckily for guests here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, the start line is just a five minute cab journey away and with the help of our wonderful reception, we can arrange for a cab to pick you up at the time you need it. Give yourself plenty of time too. This will avoid any unnecessary anxiety and stress.
  8. Don’t worry about lack of sleep – sat up all night desperately trying to sleep? Worried a lack of sleep will affect your performance? Don’t stress about it. The vast majority of people don’t sleep well the night before they run a half marathon and just one sleepless night is unlikely to do any serious harm. The adrenaline alone will be enough to help you to the finish line.

While we could continue to offer some fab advice for all you wonderful runners out there, all we’ll say is, have fun! That’s the most important thing after all. If you haven’t yet sorted accommodation for before or after your race, be sure to call us as soon as possible on 01277 225252.

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