Hop Aboard The S.S Ocean Wave…

MM 06

Valentine’s Day went in a flash and Mother’s Day flew by, which means Easter is just around the corner and what better way to start the Easter holidays than with an exciting Murder Mystery? On the 25th March, you’re cordially invited aboard the new luxury flagship of the S.S Ocean Wave and it’s considered the hottest ticket of 1925.

On this fab Murder Mystery night, you’ll be under the elite command of the very senior Captain of the line, Horat Mainbrace. On top of this, there’ll also be celebrity chefs, an internationally acclaimed orchestra to honour the presence of the very important Chairman of the Board, Lord Anossis and of course, your good selves. With such luxury and excitement, one could very easily get used to a cosseted life on the ocean wave…having said that, one could also find their experience terminated most suddenly and rather violently too.

To add to the excitement of the night, yourself and your shipmates will also be privy to a rather luxury dining experience courtesy of the Tudor Restaurant. The Murder Mystery Dinner includes a stunning three course meal using only the very finest ingredients. Starters will include a delicious carrot and coriander soup along with splendid smoked salmon and cream cheese or even fans of Gallia melon. The choice is yours. Our selection of main meals has something for everyone from a succulent rump of lamb, a salmon grilled to perfection as well as a wild mushroom risotto. Each course is served with a selection of potatoes and seasonal vegetables too. Last but most certainly not least we have our delicious selection of desserts to enjoy. From a traditional sticky toffee pudding to a crème caramel and even a mango parfait.

This entire evening at the Marygreen Manor comes at the cost of just £49.50 per person with a deposit of £25 required when booking. For more information or to book your place aboard the S.S Ocean Wave, call 01277 225252 or email info@marygreenmanor.co.uk.

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