Mother’s Day Is About More Than Mum…

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As we prepare the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant for a rather busy day tomorrow, we thought we’d take this time to reflect on the most important women in our lives…our wonderful mothers. After all they’ve done for us, carrying us for nine months and, along with our fathers, raising us into the adults we are today, spending one day to tell them just how much we appreciate them isn’t really too much to ask but is your mother the only “mother” figure in your life? We thought not…

For most, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunties, step mothers, wives and even daughters can offer the guidance and love that biological mothers often do. Which is why we feel it’s just as important to express the love and appreciation felt for these women in your life too. Mother’s Day may have mother in the title but a caring aunt or loving grandmother has mother in her heart.

Make them feel extra special this Mother’s Day and bring them for a high quality Mother’s Day Lunch here at the Marygreen Manor. For just £45 per person, you and the special person in your life can enjoy a delicious 3 course meal in the stunning Tudor Restaurant within our exquisite manor house. What better way to tell her just how much you love her and just how she means to you than with luxury service, food and décor? What’s more you could even treat her to a night away from “being mum” by adding on an overnight stay in our luxury accommodation.

Just because you don’t call them “mum” doesn’t mean they haven’t been one to you so make them feel as special as they are by treating them to something extra special this weekend. For all those who’ve already booked and are looking forward to a beautiful meal here at the Marygeen, we look forward to seeing you and from all of us here, we’d like to wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday

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