Enjoy Hayman’s Gin Tasting Dinner At The Marygreen Manor


We like to do something different once in a while and while champagne does have a certain je ne sais quoi, it’s been done many a time. It’s for this reason alone that we decided to bring a Gin Tasting evening to the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant on March 18th, but not just any old gin, oh no. The Marygreen Manor will be hosting a Gin Tasting Evening with Hayman’s, the oldest gin distilling family in England with an award winning collection of gins. With a fantastic menu, including a gin infused vinaigrette salad, a gin cured salmon fillet as well as a gin and tonic sorbet; it’s a no brainer. With an array of different gins to try, as well as food from one of the finest kitchens in Essex, we suggest calling now to book in order to avoid disappointment.

For those who have found themselves intrigued but don’t feel they know enough, here’s a little information on one of our favourite spirits to get you up to speed and ready to enjoy some of the finest gin in the country:

  1. It’s got a bit of a fuzzy definition – unlike other spirits; the definition of gin is a little vague. While requisites for other spirits are quite cut and dry i.e. process, location, it’s not the case with gin. Gin is defined simply by flavour, which should predominantly be juniper, and while this one guideline exists, it’s entirely subjective too.
  2. Why gins taste different – in line with it’s somewhat fuzzy definition, the process to create gin is enormously diverse. While gin must have a taste of juniper, the distillers it’s created in are free to add any number of botanicals to achieve their targeted taste such as citrus, nuts and spices.
  3. It was once used to battle Malaria – sailors that once ventured into the Malaria-ridden tropics were given something called quinine. Quinine was found in tonic water and was used to help ward off the parasite but it tasted incredibly bitter. One way to make it taste better was to add gin. As you can imagine, the gin and tonic mix was much more palatable.

Think you’d like to enjoy an evening dedicated to the wonderful drink that is gin? Then contact 01277 225252 or email info@marygreenmanor.co.uk. At just £49.50 per person, it’s too good to miss.

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