Mother’s Day At The Marygreen Manor


For all those who might not yet have Valentines Day sorted, we apologise but with a little over a month to the day, we think it’s time you start thinking about Mother’s Day. While we all have a lot going on in our lives, we thought it only fair to take a second to truly recognise why it’s important to wind down and recognise such a significant day.

Ask any mother and we guarantee they’ll tell you that it’s not important, as long as their children and family are happy and healthy, they’re happy but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that actually that isn’t the case. Mother’s Day is important to nearly every mother out there and while they might dream of being pampered with hand-made gifts and breakfast in bed, they still won’t tell you. People argue that mothers should be celebrated on a daily basis and while that’s true, it doesn’t leave much in the way of enjoying something a little extra special. That’s before we even mention the fact that there seems to be a complete lack of time in our fast paced lives to stop and really appreciate what’s important which is why, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to stop all the noise, all the frantic diary scheduling and the petty bickering about who’s doing what around the house. Mother’s Day is the time to simply sit back and really appreciate just what an amazing thing our mothers do for us.

Here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant however, we firmly believe that merely saying thank you isn’t enough. With this however, we still realise that jobs can’t be put on hold, life cannot simply stop so to make things easier we’ve created the perfect evening in which to celebrate that special woman in your life. On Sunday 6th March, here at the Marygreen Manor we’ll be hosting a special night for mums with an extra special 3 course Sunday lunch, in our beautiful Tudors Restaurant and at only £45 per person (children under 12 just £23) we think you’ll agree it’s just too good to miss. For more information or to book simply call 01277 225252 or email

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