When your bedroom desk just won’t cut it

Meeting Rooms in Essex

Your bedroom or dining room table might seem like the ideal place for your start up business but what happens when you want to start meeting clients? Working from home all sounds so good at first: overheads are low and virtually no commute, unless you count getting out of bed. Depending on what you do too, actually getting dressed could be regarded as optional but when a client calls for a meeting, suddenly everything changes.

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not you’re willing to go that extra mile and pay for premises? While most start-ups try to avoid spending on so-called luxuries such as meeting rooms deeming it as unnecessary expenditure, this also happens to be a stumbling block for some. There’s keeping your overheads low and then there’s simply cutting corners. While potential clients may be aware you work from home, they might not necessarily find it all too comfortable when they find themselves amongst your dirty washing when negotiating a deal. It’s one thing to create a relaxed atmosphere, it’s another to invite clients in to sit on your dog hair covered sofa or the edge of your bed.

Hiring a meeting room however, doesn’t have to cost the earth and for a little expenditure, you may even gain a lot in terms of your reputation and that of your business too. Here at the Marygreen Manor we offer five different options when it comes to meeting rooms allowing you to pick the one that best suits you in terms of size and facilities. What’s more we also offer a buffet service to keep everyone happy with high quality food and drink. Perhaps the most significant advantage of using Marygreen Manor is its location. Situated close to the A12, M25 and even Brentwood Railway station, you’ll be placing yourself within easy reach of clients up and down the country.

For more information on our conference and meeting rooms available, please feel free to contact us today.

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