Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding With The Marygreen Manor

Our Wedding Garden

Marygreen Manor Hotel, Brentwood – The Perfect Wedding Venue for your Special Day

It might be a cold and miserable January but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about the year ahead. Yes, winter nights are dark, cold and long but that just gives you more time to plan your dream summer wedding and here at Marygreen Manor we’ve got an awful lot happening this year. So if you’re planning on being a 2016 summer bride or groom then here are some Marygreen Manor top tips on making that summer wedding of yours a perfect one:

Choose a venue that offers indoor and outdoor areas – this is probably one of the biggest “must do’s” when booking your venue for a summer wedding here in the UK. As we’re all only too familiar with, the weather in our wonderful country is less than reliable and while you may be hoping for a sunshine filled day, that’s not necessarily what you’re going to get. This is why it’s so important to book a venue that offers you not only the wonderful outdoor setting should the weather be on your side, but also a beautiful indoor setting to offer shelter from the inevitable British rain, while still allowing you to have the wonderfully picturesque wedding you were hoping for. Here at Marygreen Manor we can offer you not only the most immaculately looked after gardens, perfect for wedding photos you’ll look back on for years to come but we also happen to offer period feature rooms for you to say your I do’s should the worst happen. This is also particularly great for guests too that may find the outdoors too hot to bear such as pregnant or elderly guests, allowing them to escape the heat.

Serve lots of cool drinks in stylish glasses – whoever said your drinks couldn’t co-ordinate with your wedding colours had never seen a Marygreen Manor wedding. Guests at an outdoor wedding love having ice-cold fresh water brought to them throughout the day, even better when it’s served in stunning glasses. Just throw in a coloured straw to match your wedding colours and you have a fab trademark drink. On top of that of course, here at the Marygreen Manor hotel and restaurant, we have an award winning wine list as well as a fabulous bar that’s guaranteed to quench the thirst of each and every one of your guests.

Ensure lots of natural shade – now this one is always a tough one to find as it takes years of work to achieve something so simple. Ensuring shade under trees and other such foliage isn’t the easiest find, unless you’re planning on marrying here at the Marygreen Manor of course. Our beautifully landscaped gardens are a sight to behold and one that can be remembered forever in your wedding photos. A full time gardener tends to our gardens and as a result, we have not only beautiful natural shade for all of your guests but some rather unforgettable flowers for the backdrop too.

Garden 2

Speaking of flowers, you may need to rethink them – if you are lucky enough to enjoy a little heat on your wedding day then you may want to rethink the flowers in your hair. The individual flowers won’t have a water source and as such, they’ll very quickly wilt. As you can imagine, this is hardly what you want on your big day. Thankfully our gardens are filled with year round flowering plants and in summer, we guarantee you won’t have seen anything like it. So even though you may not have the flowers in your hair as planned, your photos will still be filled to the brim with beautiful blooms.

Here at the Marygreen Manor, we have a number of wedding packages to suit every budget and what’s more, they all offer you the benefits of such an exquisite venue. For more information on the Marygreen Manor wedding packages, simply contact us today.

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