Merry Christmas From Us All At The Marygreen Manor

Merry Christmas From Us All At The Marygreen Manor

Merry Christmas From Us All At The Marygreen Manor

On Christmas Eve, while the majority of people will be spending their time looking forward to a fun packed day tomorrow, here at the Marygreen Manor, we’re feeling a little nostalgic. As Christmas gets closer, so too does the end of the year and at a time like this, we like to look back and see all that we’ve accomplished. Looking back over the last 12 months has reminded us that not only have we had a fantastic year as a hotel and restaurant, but we’ve also done some rather exciting things within our community too.

As always our Marygreen Manor events have proved as popular as ever, from our Allo’ Allo’ dinners to our Murder Mystery nights and our Father’s Day lunches to our Luther Vandross Tribute Acts. The reason they’re so popular? Well we believe it’s the simple fact that we achieve the perfect mix of quality entertainment and food that’s nothing short of phenomenal. With our award-winning kitchen, thanks to our fabulously talented staff, along with the wonderful surroundings our guests find themselves when visiting the Marygreen Manor, it’s no wonder people come back time and again.

Weddings have also been hugely popular here at Marygreen Manor (as always) and happen to be something we always look back on with fondness. Seeing so many lovely couples say their I do’s will always be something we cherish and as such is something that has made this year what it is.

Last but most certainly not least we’d like to thank our fabulous staff for all their help in achieving such great things for the charity we’ve supported this year, SNAP. Earlier in the year, our staff took part in a local firewalk in order to raise money for this wonderful charity. It certainly wasn’t something you do every day and as such we think this might have to be our favourite moment of the year.

We think you’ll agree that life here at the Marygreen Manor is anything but average! Have a fabulous Christmas everyone and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you.

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