Let’s Make Christmas Fun Again With A Pre-Christmas Dinner In Essex

Enjoy Our Pre-Christmas Lunch And Dinner Here At The Marygreen

Enjoy Our Pre-Christmas Lunch And Dinner Here At The Marygreen

November is barely even here but already we’ve had lowered temperatures, wet and windy conditions along with the sudden urge to begin our Christmas shopping. The big day is only seven Mondays away (or so someone on Facebook said) and already we’re beginning to feel the anxiety about buying the perfect present, getting the perfect outfit and arranging for all the family to get together amongst everyone’s other family commitments. By the time December hits, we’re all guaranteed one huge headache but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here at the Marygreen Manor, one of the most popular hotels in Essex, we want to put a stop to all of this festive stress and give you a chance to not only enjoy Christmas day but enjoy the lead up to Christmas itself too. The run up to our favourite holiday of the year is meant to be just as exciting as the big day itself but with so much pressure, it’s no wonder people are turning their backs on fun and frolics, opting to hide away indoors instead.

We propose that for just one day you throw down the shopping bags. Discard the glittery wrapping paper and stop curling that ribbon because this year, you’re going to enjoy a run up to Christmas like no other. This year you’re going to relax and understand just what it feels like to be waited on, hand and foot. How’s that we hear you ask? Well, with Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, you can enjoy the luxury of a pre-Christmas lunch or dinner in the company of your loved ones. Not only will it force you to stop worrying, but it will also give you the opportunity to spend time with those who matter most whilst enjoying some of the finest dining in Essex.

This Christmas, make a difference and give yourself what you deserve straight from our Pre-Christmas Menu. Starting from just £16.95 per person, between the 1st and 24th December, you can enjoy some true delights, exquisitely prepared while you enjoy a tipple from our award winning wine list. Now what could possibly be better than that?

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