Planning The Perfect Corporate Christmas Party

christmas baubles

Christmas Parties At The Marygreen Manor

When it comes to the job of planning the office Christmas party, it can often seem like quite the frightening prospect but you’re not alone. Time constraints along with the pressure of wanting to please all of your colleagues can often make it a stressful task. One thing to remember is that when it comes to Christmas, it’s never too early to start planning however, it can become too late. With the beginning of November in sight and the countdown to Christmas officially begun, if you haven’t started organising your office Christmas party then we suggest you start right now.

Now before you begin to stress about this seemingly unattainable task, allow us to first tell you that here at the Marygreen Manor, we can make things a whole lot easier for you. With our private/corporate Christmas parties, we can make the organising of this festive tradition a walk in the park leaving you with just a few last minute preparations although we aren’t saying they’re going to be easy. Let’s take you through it step by step shall we?

  • Set the date – Christmas is a hugely busy period, whether you celebrate it or not so diaries fill up fast for everyone. This means you’re going to need to pencil in a date that’s not only available here at the Marygreen Manor but available amongst you all too. The best way to do this is to set up a group chat via your smart phones or an email chain sending out potential options until a date can be narrowed down. Now remember, you’re not going to please everyone so just opt for the “majority rules” option. Weekends are obviously going to be the most popular but won’t always be available so a weekday shouldn’t be ruled out however do remind the boss (unless that’s you in which case tell yourself…) not to expect a particularly productive team the next day.
  • Decide on a budget – once you have the final number of people attending, you can then decide on your budget. Your budget will always impact the type of party you organise and determine how much food and drink will be made available. Once you’ve found out your budget you can then discuss between everyone which option you’d like to choose. Our private/corporate Christmas parties offer two different options. Option 1 starts from £39.50 per person and includes private room hire, a reception drink, a festive buffet along with a £500 bar tab and a DJ for the evening. Option 2 at £49.50 per person offers once again, private room hire, a reception drink along with the £500 bar tab and DJ however within this option the buffet has been replaced with a 3 course festive dinner catering to all taste buds. Do remember however that the office Christmas party is often more of a thank you to staff and while the budget may cater for the sit down 3 course meal, you may find the buffet environment more informal and jovial for your hard worked staff. You might also want to leave money aside as somewhat of a back up should the bar tab run past your £500 allowance although with our great prices, we find that hard to believe.
  • Organise the transport – last but not least, make things even easier for your staff and organise transportation to and from the event. This will ensure they can really let their hair down and enjoy a drink or two without worrying about how they’re getting home. If that’s a little too difficult due to a number of different home destinations then collecting cab numbers will be enough.
Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas here at the Marygreen Manor

If you’d like more information or would like to book your Christmas party before we’re fully booked, contact us on 01277 225252

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