Halloween In Essex With The Help Of The Marygreen Manor

Halloween in Essex

Halloween in Essex

With Halloween fast approaching, it makes perfect sense to start making plans, whether that consists of going to a scare fest somewhere in our fab county of Essex or even enjoying the age old tradition of trick or treating. If however, you’re visiting as a guest of ours here at Marygreen Manor then you might not be familiar with all that Essex has to offer on the scariest weekend of the year. Here’s our run down of fab Halloween activities to enjoy while you’re staying with us at the Marygreen Manor and seeing all that Essex has to offer.

If you’re in the mood for frightening fairy tales and spooky stories then head to Audley End House and Gardens from Monday 26th October until Friday 30th. Between the hours of 11am and 4pm you’ll need to grab your cloaks and attempt to steady your nerves as you come face to face with the darker side of children’s fairy tales. The rather chilling storytellers will delve deep into the fables of the Brothers Grimm and reveal the real truth behind those bedtime stories you hold so dear.

The Spooky night at Barleylands Farm Park and Craft Village is the perfect setting for families looking to enjoy a little thrill this Halloween. It offers a fun and scary maze, along with the triple decker ghost train, the zombie lazer wars, safe trick or treating and lots more. It’s fun for all ages.

Last but not least we have Essex’s most popular and might we add award winning Halloween experience set within the eerie grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park near Basildon. The Cursed is perhaps the most frightening event imaginable lasting for over an hour during which you’ll walk the grounds through terrifying mazes, screaming the whole way through panic rooms. You’ll encounter live scare makers with only your adrenaline and so-called “friends” by your side although we imagine you’ll soon discover just who’s willing to stick with you during such frightening times. Want to meet some of the most evil creatures around? Then join the largest pop-up Halloween experience in Essex.

If you’re not already booked in to stay here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant but want to be closer to the action then call now on 01277 225 252 to book yourself some safe accommodation, where you can relax and gather your nerves after an evening of fun and frolics in the wonderful county of Essex.

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