Good Moaning Friends, Occupiers and Peasants

Will you be joining in the fun here at the Marygreen Manor?

Will you be joining in the fun here at the Marygreen Manor?

Does nobody hear the cries of a poor old woman!? Well, on 6th November you most certainly will when you join us for one of our most famous events here at the Marygreen Manor. While Allo’ Allo’ was famous for its wit and great one liners, our Tudor Manor house is without doubt most famous for serving the finest cuisine in Essex which makes this night a delicious feast of entertainment and splendor.

Thanks to the, as always, fantastic cast of MoneyPenny Productions, you’ll be treated to some of the best comedic acting in which true Allo’ Allo’ fans will no doubt recognise some of the more famous lines. If you aren’t familiar with the show of the 80s, don’t fret because it doesn’t matter which generation you’re a part of, the Allo’ Allo’ humour seems to float seamlessly between generations.

The Allo’ Allo’ Dinner event will begin at 7:00pm and will finish at approximately 10:30pm during which time you’ll be served the finest quality food in Essex from our very own, award winning, Tudor Restaurant. So the question is friends, occupiers and peasants…will you join us for an evening in war-torn France for a truly authentic take on this amazing show that still remains in so many people’s hearts?

What could be better than a three course meal served side by side with three courses of side splitting entertainment? Join Madam Edith as she “entertains” and help René as he wrestles the knackwurst and ultimately help lead the Resistance to rescue our rather hapless airman.

Our event dinners make the ideal night out for groups of four and more, in fact the more the merrier as you’ll all no doubt find yourself getting more and more involved with the production. What could be better than an evening of quality entertainment and food? Well, perhaps the price at just £49.50 per person. A £25 deposit is required for each person upon booking although we advise booking early in order to avoid disappointment. This fantastic evening of fun and frolics gets booked up quite quickly. If you’d like to find out more then simply contact us on 01277 225252 or email for more information.

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