Marygreen Manor Walk The Fiery Coals For SNAP Charity!

fire walking

The ultimate challenge befalls the Marygreen Manor Team

The glow of the embers will be mesmerising, hypnotic even. Whilst some of our staff from the The Marygreen Manor will be receiving their preparation talk and training, a team will begin to build the fire. Walkers and watchers alike will stand and peer at what will soon become the walkway to liberty and a sense of personal triumph. Only when the fire has burned down to red-hot embers, smouldering with anger and rage will it be raked and prepared for the soft flesh about to walk atop its glow.


With temperatures measured at around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, this isn’t for the faint hearted. This challenge of strength, determination and mindset is one that’s being undertaken by just some of our staff to help raise money for our chosen charity of 2015, SNAP, Special Needs and Parents. The brave souls taking part in this years Fire walk at the Brentwood Centre will be enduring blistering heat and a challenge of the mind so great that it’s said to be life altering.


SNAP title pic

Introducing our chosen charity of 2015 “SNAP”

With feet bare and hearts racing, this truly is a challenge of a lifetime, which makes it all the more worthwhile of your donations. SNAP, an Essex based charity that offers help and support for parents and carers of children with special needs and disabilities will be the very deserving recipients of all money raised. From us all at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, we ask you to dig deep and give what you can for this rather amazing charity that’s so close to the hearts of all who reside in our wonderful county.


If you’d like to watch some of your favourite faces taking on this mighty task then head down to the Brentwood Centre on May 30th ready for a 7pm start. Viewing admission is absolutely free, which makes it perfect for giving a much bigger donation, don’t you agree? If you’d like to donate now, then simply click on our JustGiving page. Anything that you can spare to help this worthy charity would be hugely appreciated.

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