Celebrate Real Bread Week Here At The Marygreen

Bread tin

Real Bread Week 9th-15th May

The 9th-15th May marks the annual event known as Real Bread Week. Launched back in 2009, this campaign was introduced to help celebrate and support local and independent bread bakers as well as those baking at home in their own kitchens. Considered to be the annual celebration, its main aim is simply to raise awareness and encourage people to get baking. If you aren’t the apron and flour type of person however then fear not, the next best step is to buy or try it locally. Part of the food and farming charity “Sustain”, the Real Bread Campaign looks to raise money through promoting events and enterprises. The money raised goes towards benefiting those living with mental illness through therapeutic, social and employment opportunities as well as celebrating local bakeries, campaigning the Honest Crust Act in which people are supported in their right to make better informed decisions and even offering guidance and networking opportunities for those setting up micro bakeries; but what does this mean for you?


Well, aside from doing your bit and donating via the Sustain website, it’s also the perfect excuse to enjoy some delicious breads yourself and where better to indulge in such delicacies than here at the Marygreen Manor’s award winning kitchen?


Here in our Tudor Restaurant you’ll find our lounge menu to be the perfect option if you’re looking to try some local and freshly made offerings. Each meal begins with a delicious basket of breads that allow you to sample a selection of exquisite flavours. Our lounge menu, which is proving to be hugely popular with our regular guests here at the Marygreen Manor, is available daily and offers a selection of light meals and snacks making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for something light to follow your pursuit of the perfect loaf. If you’d like to enjoy this years Real Bread Week then call us today on 01277 225 252 and book your table here our Tudor Restaurant.

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