“Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say Ziss Only Once”

Marygreen Manor Hotel

Here at the Marygreen we bring you…Allo Allo!

If we began to describe a local café owner who, all the while trying to remain impartial, had somehow got himself caught between both sides during the war…would you know who we meant? What if we told you this man’s wife was the resident cabaret performer at the café he owned? if you’re still none the wiser then this will definitely jog your memory, “Listen very carefully, I shall say ziss only once.” That’s it, you’ve got it, we’re talking about the hugely famous TV show from the 80’s, Allo Allo! The café owner was of course René Francois Artois played by the comedic great Gorden Kaye and his wife Edith Melba Artois who was brought to life by Carmen Silvera.


Allo Allo! was set during the Second World War and told the story of René Artois. The café he owned was set in Nouvion, a town in which the military had taken over. The military, from the Axis powers had stolen all of the town’s valuable artefacts including original paintings like The Fallen Madonna. There were two main officers known as Colonel Kurt Von Strohm and Captain Hans Geering. Both had decided to keep the paintings for themselves and managed to convince René to hide them in the café. Within the series, Hitler also wanted the paintings and sent Herr Otto Flick from the Gestapo to find them however Flick unexpectedly decided to keep them for himself too. In an attempt to make everyone happy, the paintings end up being duplicated by a professional forger but get mixed up, lost and found once more before being hidden in the cellar of the great Café René.


All the while, the café get’s used as a safe house for two clueless British airmen you’’ll know as Fairfax and Carstairs. René’s then forced to work with the resistance (or face a shooting for having served Germans in his café) to attempt to get the British airmen home. Every single attempt however, fails miserably.


These and many others, including the famous line ‘Good Moaning’ are some of the main gags that run throughout this much loved British television series. Despite its last series airing way back in 1992, this series is still very much enjoyed today and often the reason for people declaring ‘they don’t make TV shows like that anymore’.


With re-runs now enjoyed on BB2, the series and its wonderfully thought out characters are now becoming present once again in our lives and to celebrate, we’re hosting a rather fabulous Allo Allo! tribute night here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. For just £49.50 per person, all friends, occupiers and peasants can join in the fun dedicated to war-torn France with fabulous food and even more fabulous entertainment.


With Madam Edith serenading you for the evening, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped in to the town of Nouvion. As with everything involved with Allo Allo! however it’s nowhere near as simple as that because during the three courses of a la carte dining and side splitting comedy you, the diner, will be put at the heart of the action with a somewhat simple task. Throughout the evening you’ll need to help Edith wrestle the knackwurst and help the resistance rescue the British airmen.


To make it a real night to remember, guests attending this event have access to some of the best rates for accommodation we offer. So if it’s an evening of fun, frolics and fabulous food you want then look no further than our fantastic Allo Allo! tribute night and wake up to a Good Moaning here at the Marygreen Manor.

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