The Best Father’s Day In Essex By Far

Father and child

Enjoy a stunning Father’s Day Lunch this June at The Marygreen Manor

We all know that children, more than ever before need a father in their lives, be it by blood or simply love. This has only been emphasised further according to a recent study, which highlighted the vital role that a father figure plays in the formative years of a child’s life. Every single year, our Mothers are focused on and spoilt rotten, as they should be because lets face it, they carried us for those nine pivotal months however all too often our Fathers go unnoticed.


Our Mothers may have carried us but times have certainly changed and the role of our wonderful Dad has moved on from the mere financial provider. Dads, more and more now give us that burly shoulder to cry on, they share the midnight feeds, the tears and tantrums and even the special moments of first words and first steps too. Well in to our teens and beyond, although you might not know it, our Fathers are there watching from afar ensuring we’re safe and are hearts remain in one piece. It’s for these reasons and a million more that we here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant, think it’s time for a change. This year we think it should be the Fathers turn for glory and spoils which is why we’re offering you the opportunity to treat your Father like the King he is with our delicious Father’s Day Lunch.


On Sunday 21st June we’re offering you the opportunity to treat your Father to a sumptuous three-course lunch here in our exquisite Tudor Restaurant. At just £39 per person, the most important man in your life can sample the delights created by our expert head chef Majid. With offerings such as Prawn and Saffron Risotto, Confit Duck Leg and expertly prepared Vanilla Panna Cotta, the taste buds of all around you will be spoilt for choice.


It may seem like a while away but we suggest booking early as each and every year our Father’s Day Lunch becomes even more popular. Put the date in your diary and give Daddy dearest something extra special to look forward to this year.

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