Introducing Our Chosen Charity Of 2015, SNAP

SNAP title pic

Introducing our chosen charity of 2015 “SNAP”

Here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant we’ve always taken pride in supporting local charities in and around Brentwood. Having previously supported Crossroads Care in Brentwood, our 2014 charity of choice, we’re now very proud to announce our new charity for 2015.


Introducing SNAP, a charity based in Brentwood, Essex that provides a rather unique service. SNAP which stands for Special Needs and Parents, provides support to those who have children and young people in their care with special needs and disabilities. SNAP first began back in 1994 and has been helping to inform, encourage and support families within Essex with their huge range of services aimed at both parents and carers. Nearly 21 years on and this phenomenal charity are now helping well over 1,500 families in the county of Essex. Their services are so valued and important that they now receive well over 200 new families looking for help each and every year.


With such high demand on their much-needed services, SNAP has had to grow rapidly. The huge development in terms of what they’re now able to provide, has meant the continued ability to offer the vital lifeline to parents and carers. Their wide range of services now include face to face sessions, counselling, educational surgeries and even training and seminars for parents and carers eager to learn more. SNAP also provides services for children and young people alike with special needs themselves as well as their siblings during school holidays and even after school sessions too.


Being parents or carers can be a mighty challenge in itself but being a parent or carer to a child with a disability can mean an entirely new set of challenges that must be faced. With the help of SNAP however, it can be made a whole lot easier for both parent/carer and child.


We’re very proud at the Marygreen Manor to support such a fundamental service to the people of Essex and look forward to doing all we can by bringing awareness and helping to raise all-important funds that will sustain the services of our 2015 charity of choice.

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