Easter Around The World And Back To Marygreen Again…

easter eggs

Where will you be celebrating Easter?

Here at The Marygreen Manor we know all too well just how important it is to take time out and really relax, especially when we’re given the opportunity to on Bank Holiday weekends. The next one in the diary is indeed a popular one for the vast majority, whether you choose to celebrate the reawakening of Jesus or the mere fact that you have an extra long weekend away from the grind…with a few delicious chocolate eggs thrown in for good measure, it doesn’t matter. What does matter however is just how you choose to celebrate it. Easter is celebrated in a multitude of different ways all around the world so we thought we’d share the most exciting and perhaps more obscure ways of celebration in some of the most exciting destinations, starting with Italy.


While you may not see the Easter bunny hopping around the cobbled streets of Rome if you’re in Italy for Easter, you will undoubtedly find some rather intriguing Italian celebrations to enjoy instead. Easter, or Pasqua as it’s said in Italian, has its fair share of rituals and traditions. Easter is indeed a joyous celebration that encompasses hugely dramatic processions involving 100 live violinists or stunning torch light displays through the hills. Mass is massively popular and held in every church throughout the country however the most popular is undoubtedly mass held by the Pope at Saint Peter’s Basilica. People venture from all four corners of the world to watch this historical event take place.


Over in South America, festivals take place with a mixture of Inca practices, African customs, native religions and Christian beliefs all rolled into one. In Rio de Janeiro the world’s most famous carnival takes place before lent. The population of Brazil spends the majority of the year getting ready for this world-class event making costumes and practicing music and dances as well as making breath taking floats. In Peru more specifically, Easter is celebrated every single day of the Holy Week. People dress their best while parading statues of Jesus through the packed streets enjoying feasts, drinking and dancing. In some areas of South America however, the parade held on Good Friday is a deeply saddening event. With the parade winding through the dark streets early in the morning, you can hear drums beating and church bells ringing in the most solemn manner. Sad songs are sung and candles are carried to brighten the darkness. This upsetting atmosphere is brought to an abrupt end however on Easter Sunday when it’s time to be happy again.

Easter bunny

You might not see the Easter Bunny on the cobbled streets of Rome but you will see some wonderful sights

In South Africa, things are a little different. Contrary to popular belief, Easter Monday actually has very little religious significance anymore but it’s still recognised as a public holiday. This is down to the South African Government deciding to rename Easter Monday as Family Day way back in 1994. This was an attempt to make the day more inclusive of all religions and non-religious people for that matter. Now, South Africa incorporates their Rainbow Nation by dedicating Easter Monday as a day to be spent with family.


Here at the Marygreen Manor we couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to celebrate this Easter than with family and friends, which is why we’re offering such a great deal this coming Easter weekend. In our Bank Holiday package you can enjoy a succulent three-course meal for two from our deluxe Menu Du Jour before relaxing in our stunning rooms for the night. You’ll also be treated to a full English breakfast before you depart. All this for a mere £99 and to make it even more irresistible you can take advantage of this amazing offer for up to three nights over the Easter Weekend if you really want to get away from it all. If you’d like to take advantage of this great deal then call now to avoid disappointment.

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