Dine In The Privacy Of Your Own…Restaurant?

Dine in privacy here at The Marygreen Manor

Dine in privacy here at The Marygreen Manor

The cries of a new born baby, the public declaration of “I do” or even a milestone birthday all need to be celebrated personally as well as publicly. Mass gatherings with family, friends and long lost loved ones are a must but what about those moments when a little more privacy is required? Or those extra special times when only real closeness will do? Usually a desire for privacy means becoming somewhat house bound, settling for a regular home made feast or the inevitable greasy take away. On this occasion however, it just doesn’t quite cut it so what can you do?


For most the thought of holding a private celebration in a restaurant seems an impossibility with the thought of sharing special moments with a hundred other diners but here at Marygreen Manor we can offer you something a little better. Just as our accommodation, gardens and dining experience borders on the luxury side, so too does our offering when it comes to celebrations. In the beautiful surroundings of the Tudor Restaurant we allow diners to celebrate in style whilst still keeping it completely private.


This Essex based private dining experience allows for parties ranging in size to be accommodated within the bright and airy conservatory to the grand Henry VIII suite. So no matter what number you consider to be intimate, your party will be housed in style allowing you to celebrate your latest addition or even your latest promotion in a discreet yet loving manner. Couple this with the added bonus of an a la carte menu and award winning wine list and it begins to sound quite unbeatable.


Make a toast, give speeches and scream with laughter and joy all away from the prying eyes of nosey neighbouring diners.


If you’re looking for a private dining experience in Essex like no other, then look no further than here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant. With the luxury and service we offer, you’ll need nothing else.

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